Marlton Softball: Indoor Winter Home

Our Marlton Winter Softball Home is 13,000 square feet and is equipped with four batting tunnels, pitching machines, three dedicated pitching areas as well as a full infield.

Pitching Area and Hitting Tunnels #1 and #2

Dedicated three lane pitching area with each lane marked with 35, 40 and 43 feet pitching markings as well as batters boxes and home plates marked with preferred pitching target areas.   Also pictured are Hitting Tunnels #1 & #2 each equipped with pitching machines.

Full Indoor Infield

Overhead view of regulation size infield with base distances marked for all age groups.

Additonal View of Pitching Area and Infield

Retractable Hitting Tunnels

Two retractable hitting tunnels  #3 and #4 can be retracted to allow for additional fielding practice areas.