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Revision 4-5, __________

RED – Revisions suggested by Earnie       
 Black Brackets indicate - Deletion           
GREEN – Approved Motions that were

ssuggested by Reggie to be incorporated into the Bylaws.



           The name of this organization shall be Monrovia Parks & Recreation Association, Inc.

hereafter referred to as MPRA, a private, non-profit, community supported organization.



            The purpose of MPRA shall be to provide [recreation for] advanced athletic training,

under competitive conditions, to youth living in the Monrovia, Harvest, Legacy, and

Endeavor Communities of Madison County, in baseball, softball, basketball, or volleyball.



             Section 1. Membership in the association shall be open to all adults as approved by the

membership committee.  Current members are the legal owners of Phillips Park and MPRA.

Membership is a requirement for management and all administrative leaders. [Voting rights

will be limited to members of the Monrovia, Harvest, Legacy, and Endeavor school districts. ]

            Section 2. All voting members on the Board and on Committees shall have a current

membership (in good standing) with MPRA. MPRA [membership] voting rights are exercised

by one adult member of a family, unless, both have paid dues.  Any person wishing to hold a

position with MPRA, requesting payments or handling funds, must be a member in good

standing with MPRA.

             Section 3. The MPRA Executive Board shall set the [general] annual membership dues.

Dues are renewed on the anniversary of the original payment. The membership committee shall

notify members two months prior to renewal date. Members who renew after the renewal date

shall receive credit as of the anniversary date. The membership committee shall authenticate

the membership list prior to Executive Board approval. Request for resignations will be

submitted in writing to the committee for action. Dues are not refundable.

            Section 4. Coaches shall be limited to the Monrovia, Harvest, Legacy, and Endeavor

School districts. Coaches shall be persons of good community standing, approved by the

responsible Sports Committee and have an approved background check for the current year.

            Section 5. Upon the signed recommendation of one member, seconded by another

member and by a three-fourths vote by ballot at the annual meeting, Honorary Life Membership

may be conferred upon any adult member of MPRA who shall have rendered "Outstanding

Service" as a MPRA Member and Volunteer. An honorary life member shall have none of

the obligations of membership, but shall be entitled to all of the privileges except voting. A

listing of individuals who have been recognized by the MPRA Board shall be included in

Appendix 9.



            Section 1. Participants shall be between the ages of 5 and 18 and reside in the

nearby communities of Monrovia, Harvest, Legacy, or Endeavor with an interest in playing

sports in a competitive environment. These programs will not replace professional training

but will teach the basics and be a lot of fun. Participants who live outside the districts

and were enrolled prior to 1997 may continue to participate in the programs. Siblings of

those already enrolled may continue to participate in the programs. (Is the bold section

still necessary ??)

            Section 2. Participants in the various programs shall be assessed a registration fee to

support the cost of operating the program, a scholarship fee to support the scholarship fund,

and an assessment fee to maintain and improve the facilities. Registration fees will be set

by the Sport Committees and approved by the Executive Board. The Executive Board will set

the scholarship and assessment fees. The responsible Sports Committee in conciliation

with the Executive Board shall handle Hardship cases.



            Section 1. Programs shall be established and maintained based upon participants defined

in Article IV.

            Section 2. Definition: MPRA Program

An effort undertaken by at least 15 adult MPRA members to create a new program involving

youth in some phase of athletics or a related activity under the MPRA umbrella.

            Section 3. Any group desiring to establish a new program/activity using the MPRA

umbrella must submit a written proposal of their desires and have it approved by the Executive

Board before any formal action is undertaken.

             Section 4. The program/activity shall form as a committee to elect a chairperson, vice

chairperson and other officers, with approval of the Board, as deemed necessary for the

first year of operation. The MPRA treasurer will function as the treasurer for any new program,

maintain a separate financial category for the program, and provide a statement at the monthly

Board meeting.

             Section 5. The Program shall assess registration fees to fund the cost of operating the

activity. The committee may obtain a one-time, two-year loan, from MPRA to assist with

the first year of operation.

            Section 6. Program managers may schedule activities with other parks, and/or

communities with the approval of the Executive Board.

             Section 7. The Program shall establish the necessary control of assets, operating

procedures, budget, monthly reports, and other requirements as specified in ARTICLE XI,

Section 8.

            Section 8. The Program shall schedule activities consistent with the park allocated

resources. If necessary, participant limitations will be implemented to assure a successful

program. The program will identify expansion/reduction needs to the Executive Board.

         Section 9. All participants will be assessed a yearly fee to maintain and improve

the facility. The Executive Board will set the assessment fee.

            Section 10. In the event the Program is not successful, any remaining equipment or

materials will be disposed of with the funds used to clear any debt, than any remaining funds will

be transferred to the MPRA general account.



             Section 1. The officers of MPRA shall be a President, a Vice-president, Secretary, a

Treasurer, and five Directors (one of whom is the immediate past president, if available). These

officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these Bylaws and by parliamentary

authority adopted by MPRA. (This has not been true, see new Article VII, Duties)

            Section 2. The officers shall be elected by ballot to serve for two years or until their

successors are elected and their term of office shall begin at the close of the annual meeting at

which they are elected. The President, Secretary, and [one] two Directors elected in odd

calendar years and the Vice-President, Treasurer, and two Directors elected in even years. A

vacant office may be filled at any meeting by nomination and election.

             Section 3. No Board member shall hold more than one office at a time. If a Board

member fails to maintain active membership in MPRA, they will be ask to immediately up

date their membership, and if not, they will be placed on the inactive list, at which time

they can not vote, and will be treated as a non member.

            Section 4. At the regular meeting held on the second Thursday in March, a Nominating

Committee of three shall be appointed by the Board. It shall be the duty of this committee to

nominate candidates for the offices to be filled at the June general meeting. The nominating

committee shall provide a list of nominees to the membership in May, before the election at the

annual meeting in June. Additional nominations from the floor shall be permitted. Any floor

nomination must have the signed approval of the nominee.


Duties of the Executive Board

            Section 1. President – The presiding officer of the assembly:

                  a. Shall be well versed in parliamentary law and thoroughly familiar with

the bylaws, and rules of the organization.

                  b. Manage the monthly business meeting of the organization in a firm but

accommodating manor, to expedite procedure in every way compatible with the rights of

members, to decide all questions of order, to enforce the rules relating to debate, order,

and decorum, to announce in proper sequence the business of the day, to state and put to

vote all questions that come before the assembly.

                  c. To respond to inquiries of members and parents.

                  d. To authenticate by signature all acts, orders, and legal papers

effecting the organization.

                  e. To monitor all committees in their actions as they follow the bylaws

and rules to determine the effectiveness of their operations.

                  f. To review the annual IRS Tax Return and be familiar with the steps

necessary to develop the return.

                  g. To resolve all unusual events in a timely manor or present such to the

Board for its action.


          Section 2. Vice President – In the absence of the president, serves in his stead.

Resolves assigned issues and serve as committee chair of a committee.


           Section 3. Secretary – The recording officer of the assembly and the custodian

of its records.

                  a. To keep a record of all the proceedings of the assembly.

                  b. To keep on files all committee reports.

                  c. To make the minutes and records available to members and the public

upon request.

                  d. To notify officers, committee members, and delegates of their

election or appointment. To furnish committees with whatever documents are required for

their operation.

                  e. To maintain record book(s) in which the bylaws, motions, standing

rules, and minutes are entered, with any amendments, and to have the current records at

every meeting.

                  f. To prepare, prior to each meeting, an order of business ((Para 40) of

Roberts Rules-p 345,) for use of the presiding officer, showing in their exact order,

under the correct heading, all matters known in advance that are due to come up. To send

out to the membership a notice of each meeting, known as the call, of the meeting.

                  g. In the absence of the secretary, a secretary pro tem shall be elected

to record the information and provide it to the secretary.


           Section 4. Treasurer – The officer entrusted with the custody of the


                  a. To disburse funds under the authority of the assembly or as the

bylaws prescribe.

                  b. To provide a full financial report annually and to provide an interim

financial report at the monthly meeting.

                  c. Financial Accountability – Income and Expenses:

                       (1) Deposit Receipt Book will be used to record receipt of all funds.

The receipt number will be used to record the action in the financial records of Quicken

soft wear.

                       (2) Funds transferred from one person to another will use numbered

receipts. A record of all checks and cash will be made in the MS Access Data Base for

use in depositing the funds and auditing. A deposit slip will be created for each deposit.

Hand written information will be made on the deposit slips to track the receipts for each


                       (3) The MPRA Board and each Sport Committee will designate an

MPRA Member to collect the funds for registration or other purposes and transfer these

funds to the Treasurer. Cash shall be retained at "home" for only a day or weekend.

                       (4) The MPRA Board and each Sport Committee will designate an

MPRA Member to request expenditure of funds to support the authorized activities.

Receipts are required to support all request.

                       (5) All monies expended will be made by check and the check number

used to record the action in Quicken software. Checks must have 2 signatures, since

MPRA requires 2 on every check. Checks - will never be written without providing an

invoice or receipt, MPRA created the Reimbursement Request, or Check Request forms to

assist in this procedure. The number on the instrument will be entered on the "For" line

of the check and the check stub when the check is written.

                       (6) The use of MPRA "cash" in-lieu-of an MPRA check to

make purchases is discouraged and should only be utilized in an emergency. A business

receipt and a MPRA Reimbursement Request will be provided to the treasurer to account

for this expenditure.

                       (7) The treasurer will provide sport committee chairpersons a

monthly financial statement of their account activity and balance.

                       (8) Files will be created for the following:

                             (a) Deposit Listings and receipt materials taken in or

created with names of individuals who made the deposit.

                             (b) Returned Checks for each year, with added number,

for the identification given to each.

                             (c) Deposit Receipts received from Banks.

                             (d) Check Register(s) for each year. (Check Stub Booklets)

                             (e) Bill Payment File by the month.

                  d. The Concessions Committee has received authorization from the

Executive Board to maintain a separate checking account and treasurer. Duties of this

treasurer are enumerated in c. above.


           Section 5. Directors – Sit as members of the Executive Board.

                  a. Director 1 – Monitor executation of Article XI, Section 8 as to the

operation of the Baseball and BabeRuth Committee.

                  b. Director 2 – Monitor executation of Article XI, Section 8 as to the

operation of the Softball Committee.

                  c. Director 3 – Monitor executation of Article XI, Section 8 as to the

operation of the Volleyball Committee.

                  d. Director 4 – Monitor executation of Article XI, Section 8 as to the

operation of the Basketball Committee.

                  e. Director 5 – Previous President – Assist with the overall operation of

the organization by providing guidance to problem areas. Actively search for individuals to

become members of MPRA and serve as a Director or Board member.


The Executive Board

            Section 1. The four Officers of MPRA, the five Directors, the four Chairpersons from

the sports programs and the concession Chairperson shall constitute the Executive Board,

hereafter referred to as the Board.

            Section 2. The Board shall have general supervision of the affairs of MPRA between its

general membership business meetings, fix the hour, date, and place of meetings, and make

recommendations to MPRA, and shall perform such other duties as are specified in these bylaws.

The Board shall be subject to the orders of MPRA, and none of its acts shall conflict with action

taken by MPRA.

            Section 3. Unless otherwise ordered, regular meetings of the Board shall be held on the

second Thursday of each month. Special meetings of the Board may be called by the President,

or upon the written request of three members of the Board.

            Section 4. The chairperson members of the Board selected on a yearly basis shall

consist of: Chairperson for the concession committee, appointed by the Board, and chairpersons

from each of the sports programs offered by MPRA, (baseball/baberuth, softball, basketball,

and volleyball), elected by the respective Sport Committees, and are expected to attend

each monthly MPRA Board meeting.

             Section 5. All other standing committee Chairpersons and special committee

Chairpersons shall attend the monthly Board meeting or, supply a written report of the

committee’s activities to the President for presentation at the meeting.



            Section 1. The General Membership of MPRA shall meet in January and June.

            Section 2. The June meeting shall be for the purpose of electing officers, receiving

reports of officers and committees, and for any other business that may arise. The January

meeting shall be to review operations, plan the new-year, and update committees.

            Section 3. Special meetings of the General Membership may be called by the president

or by the Executive Board, or be called upon the written request of ten members of MPRA to the

Executive Board. The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call. Except in cases of

emergency, at least seven days notice shall be given.

            Section 4. A quorum shall be represented by a majority of the MPRA Board members

being present or, by the number of Board members present and at least an equal number of

MPRA members plus one being present. A recording secretary must be present.

            Section 5. MPRA Members may attend any meeting and vote on any issue. Interested

visitors may attend any meeting, ask questions if recognized by the presiding officer, but may

not vote on any issue. Visitors may make presentations if a request to the president, to include

the subject, is made 7 days prior to the meeting date.

            Section 6. MPRA Board meetings are crucial to the successful operation of the

active programs and the two Parks. If a Board member misses 3 consecutive meetings and

does not have appropriate reasons, he or she, shall be ask if they intend to start

participating or should they be placed on the inactive Board list, in which case, he or she,

cannot vote and steps will be taken to formally remove the individual from the Board.



            Section 1. The MPRA Office Building can only be used for official MPRA Functions.

Priority being the MPRA Board meetings, committee meetings, league meetings, team

meetings, coaches meetings, or MPRA umpire/referee meetings. All registration functions

can take place in the office building. Monthly committee meetings must be scheduled

through the President. Other onetime meetings should be arranged at least 1 week in

advance to prevent overlap.

            Section 2. At the completion of each meeting at the Office the attendees shall

cleanup their trash, empty the trash containers, and generally clean the area. As a non-

organization MPRA does not have employees to clean the facility.

            Section 3. Equipment, motorized or mechanical, belonging to MPRA may not be

loaned out to outside organizations, groups, or individuals. This would forbid renting out

equipment or swooping-out for other work. This would also forbid park members to

personally borrow something belonging to MPRA and using it for their own benefit at home

or other locations.

            Section 4. When approved by the MPRA Board, an MPRA member may use

specific items to work on a job that will benefit a specific MPRA program.



            Section 1. The major function of each standing committee is defined in Sections 2

through 12. The Committees shall develop general guidelines of their objectives, financial plans,

and operating procedures, which shall be submitted to the Board for approval. All standing

Committees must take minutes of their meetings and monthly provide them to the

Secretary for permanent filing.

         Section 2. A Finance and Audit Committee, composed of the Treasurer, and up to

four other members shall be appointed by the President with approval of the Board. It

shall be the duty of this committee to prepare a budget for the fiscal year and to submit

it to the MPRA Board at its regular meeting in July. The Finance Committee may from

time to time submit amendments to the budget for the current fiscal year, which may be

adopted by a majority vote of the Board. At the close of the calendar year, audit the

Treasurer’s accounts and report the results to the MPRA General Membership meeting in


            Section 3. A Concessions Committee (with power): Composed of up to five members

appointed by the President with the approval of the Board, to organize and operate the MPRA

Concession facilities during all scheduled activities at Phillips Park. The committee shall be

responsible for scheduling volunteer workers, ordering and acquiring supplies, security of the

funds derived, prompt transfer of funds to the MPRA general account, provide a monthly

financial report to the Board, and maintain a healthy and hygienic work facility. The

Concession Treasurer shall follow the Financial Accountability SOP 2012-1.

            Section 4. A Scholarship Committee (with power): Composed of up to three members

appointed by the President with the approval of the Board, shall manage the MPRA Scholarship

Program to be administered to eligible students who have participated in MPRA sports.

Advertise the program, distribute and collect the application forms, verify eligibility of each

applicant, empanel a neutral evaluation committee to judge the applications, collect the results

and notify the winners.

            Section 5. A Maintenance, Fields, and Grounds Committee (with power): Composed

of up to eight members shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the

Board, to oversee and maintain the infrastructure and mechanical equipment, to define,

implement, and manage the continued improvement and maintenance of the fields and

beautification of Phillips Park and the Recreational Walking Trail.

            Section 6. A Public Relations and Membership Committee: Composed of up to five

members shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board, to keep the

community apprised of MPRA actives and accomplishments, to encourage MPRA

membership, maintain the official membership rolls, and to notify members two months

prior to the expiration of membership.

            Section 7. A Parliamentarian: Shall be appointed by the President with the approval of

the Board. The Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the primary guide used to resolve any dispute.

The Secretary can fill the position when no one else feels qualified.

            Section 8. A Sports Committee (with power): for each active sports program sponsored

by MPRA, composed of up to 20 individuals signed up to support the sports program during the

next season, Each Committee shall elect a Committee Chair from among its active members at

least 2 months prior to the start of the next season, with the approval of the Board.

        The Four Sports Committees; Baseball/BabeRuth, Softball, Basketball, and

Volleyball shall be responsible for:

                   a. Establishing an annual budget

                   b. Registration of participants through SportsSignUp and manual registration as

needed, security of funds, and transfer of funds to the MPRA Treasurer

                   c. Ordering, and acquiring, and maintaining the equipment

                  d. Preparation and maintenance of the playing facilities

                  e. Scheduling activities and tournaments

                  f. Maintaining necessary records, to also include SportsSignUp records.

                  g. Maintaining a healthy and wholesome atmosphere through fair play, good

sportsmanship, and congenial fellowship.

                  h. Ensure each coach and primary assistant coach have an approved background

check, (KidSafe program), and are approved by the responsible Sports Committee. The

background check will be paid for by the requesting individual when the request is made.

            Section 9. A MPRASPORTS Web Site Administrator: Shall be appointed by the

President with approval of the Board, to monitor operation of the mprasports.com web

site. Maintain necessary liaison with eteamz.com master web site administrator. To

monitor web site content, commonalty of all web site pages, legality of content, and

information posted is current. Perform necessary training for each new sports chair and

other committee appointees and ensure individuals are authorized the appropriate

administrative level password.

            Section 10. On-Line Registration Program Administrator: Shall be appointed by the

President with approval of the Board to monitor operation of the SportsSignUp.com On-

Line Registration Program. To maintain necessary liaison with SportsSignUp.com, to

monitor each individual sport’s registration process, ensure each web-site page follows the

general format provided, posted information is current, and is responsive to questions

and/or complaints. To monitor collection of funds and establish distribution as per the

official SportsSignUp report.

            Section 11. A KidSafe Program Administrator: Shall be appointed by the President with

approval of the Board, to maintain all necessary records of the passed and failed applications,

coordinate with the Sports Chairs to ensure no unapproved person is allowed to coach, and to

update the SportsSignUp KidSafe Program data as necessary.

                [Section _6._ Planning Committee]  "Eliminated "

            Section 12. Such other committees, standing or special, shall be appointed by the

President with approval of the Board, as MPRA or the Board shall from time to time deems

necessary to carry on out the work of MPRA. The President shall be ex-officio member of all

committees except the Nominating Committee.


Parliamentary Authority

          The rules contained in the Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern MPRA in all cases to

which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any

special rules of order MPRA may adopt.

                                                          ARTICLE XIII

Appendix of Approved Rules (Motions) by Year

            Section 1. The MPRA Board approves motions during the calendar year to

cause specific actions to take place. A majority of these motions involve a specific

purpose and when completed become mute. A few of these motions involve daily operations

and shall be incorporated into the Bylaws at the next update.

            Section 2. All approved Motions during the year shall be put into a labeled

permanent binder. At the end of the year they will be reviewed and all those deemed

temporary should be discarded. The remaining motions shall be reviewed by the Board to

determine which ones to incorporate into the Bylaws and which ones to be added, as

Rules, to the "Appendix" with the "year number sequence".


Amendment of Bylaws

          These bylaws may be amended at the general meetings of MPRA by a two-thirds vote,

provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing at least three months prior to a

general meeting.

Definitions: Robert’s Rules of Order

          A Committee is a body elected or appointed by an assembly or board to consider,

investigate, than report, or take action if authorized. When a committee is appointed "with

power," it is authorized to take all action necessary to carry out the instructions as outlined in

their guidelines. Committees are normally defined as "standing or special." In either case, the

term of office must be established in the bylaws or in the nomination to establish the committee.

In the case of standing committees, it is best to spread the terms of office over a period of

years to prevent a total turnover of personnel unless this is a desired feature. A committee can

appoint a subcommittee consisting of members from the full committee.

Internal Revenue Service has ruled that committees or subcommittees "with power" are required

to keep minutes or written records of all meeting and actions.

A Board is elected by the assembly and has authority to act and only report to the assembly at

its regular meeting of actions taken since the last meeting.  A board can appoint special

committees without authority from within the assembly.  A Board does not normally empower or

create a subordinate board.

Revision 4 & 5

Approved at the Board Meeting __________

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Handout: 13. MPRA BYLAWS

Saturday, November 9
Bylaws, versions 4 & 5