: Approved Motions

Wednesday, February 16
.........................Approved Motion for 2011......................


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Motion Nr.:





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Monday, December 13
........................Approved Motions for 2010...................


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Motion Nr.: 10  -  12  -  01                                 Date:  9 Dec 2010 

Motion:     I make a motion to have the Assessment charge be applied to the Volleyball and Basketball Sports Programs the same as it is to the Baseball and Softball Sports Programs.  That the Treasurer be directed to deduct the proper amount for each program based on the stated number of participants enrolled for the 2010 Programs.  

Presented By:           John Himes    

Seconded By:         Angie Stanley

Discussion:   (Main points of your motion you will present during ).


Vote:       Yes:  -  6           No:  -  0         Abstained:  -  2 

Motion:        PASSED         

After action completed:    Date:   13 Dec 2010



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Motion Nr. :  10  -  0 8  -  0 1                           Date:  12 Aug 2010

MOTION:    (MPRA add an appointed position to the MPRA ByLaws).   MPRASPORTS Web-site Administrator, shall be appointed by the President with approval of the Board, to monitor operation of the mprasports.com web-site. Maintain necessary liaision with eteamz.com master web-site.  To monitor web-site content, commonalty of all web-site pages, legality of content, and information posted is current, Perform necessary training for each new sports chair and other committee appointees and ensure individuals are authorizied the appropriate administrative level password. 

Presented By:                     Earnest Willhite

Seconded By:                     John Himes

Discussion:   This position is currently held by Phil Davis as a voluntary job. This motion does not remove Phil but officially identifies the position. The President would be required to nominate someone (Phil) to fill the position. Formalizing this position is vital to the long time operation of MPRA.

This motion would become Artical IX, Section 13. Current Section 13 would move to Section 15 and current Section 14 would remain as is for better continuity. 

Vote:          Yes:  - 6             No:  -  0               Abstained:  -  2

Motion  -  PASSED 

(Secretary will record PASSED Motions in Yearly Book and post on the Web-Site.

Action Completed on:  13 Dec 2010



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Motion Nr.:  10  -  0 8  -  0 2                          Date:  12 Aug 2010

MOTION:   (MPRA add an appointed position to the MPRA ByLaws). On-Line Registration Program Administrator, shall be appointed by the President with approval of the Board to monitor operation of the SportsSignUp.com On-Line Registration Program. To maintain necessary liaison with SportsSignUp.com, to monitor each individual sport's registration process, ensure each web-site page follows the general format provided, posted information is current, and is responsive to questions and/or complaints. To monitor collection of funds and establish distribution as per the offical report.

Presented By:         Earnest Willhite

Seconded By:         John Himes

Discussion:  This position is currently held by Jerry Seemann as a voluntary job. This motion does not remove Jerry but officially identifies the position. The President would be required to nominate someone (Jerry) to fill the position. Formorlizing this position is vital to the long range operation of MPRA. 

This motion would become Artical IX, Section 14. Current Section 14 would move to Section 15 and current Section 15 would move to Section 16, pending approval of Motion # 1.

Vote:         Yes:   -   6               No:   -   0           Abstained:  -   2                  

Motion:    PASSED 

(Secretary will record PASSED Motions in Yearly Book and post on the Web-Site.

Action Completed on:    13 Dec 2010



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........................Approved Motions for 2009....................



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Motion NR.:  09  -  12  -  01                                                                          11 Dec 2009

Motion:     I make a motion that the MPRA BYLAWS, Article III, Section 4, second sentence, which reads, "Coaches shall be members in good standing of MPRA.", be suspended until a vote can be held during the April 2010 Board Meeting, on removing this sentence from the MPRA BYLAWS.

Motion Presented By:    Earnest T Willhite

Seconded By:    John Himes

Discussion:     Due to various reasons in management of each sports activity, the requirement for each coach to be a MPRA Member  has not been enforced.  Some sports do it and others have not even brought up the subject.  If the MPRA Board is unable to enforce an item in the MPRA BYLAWS, the BYLAWS must be revised to accommodate the practice, or install new board members who will enforce the item.  It has been expressed that it seems like a penalty to ask a person to coach and when they say yes, then make them pay $50 for the privilege.

The final vote must be delayed for 3 months as specified by the BYLAWS.

Vote:               Yes:    1                  No:   7                   Abst:      0




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Motion Nr.:         09  -  12  -  02                                                         11 Dec 2009 

Motion:      I make a motion that "effective with the 2010 new season, all MPRA Sports Coaches and their Primary Assistant Coach be required to have an acceptable background check before being allowed to coach or assist with coaching any MPRA Team."  The approved background check will last for 3 years, (the current and 2 more years.)  Any person wishing to coach for a forth year will require a new background check.  The Assistant Coach background check will also last for 3 years.  Any additional "secondary assistants" will NOT have to receive a background check, but, these assistants cannot be left "in charge" of any practice session or sports game.  If a secondary assistant desires, he or she may request a background check be made.

All background checks will be filed in a continuous record, maintained from year to year.  Any negative checks or unacceptable  checks will also be filed in a Confidential record separate from the active file.  This record will be made available to the MPRA Board by a majority vote of the board.

Background checks will be paid-for  by the requesting individual prior to actual submission for the check.

Motion Presented By:    Earnest T Willhite

Seconded By:    Dwight Lowdermilk

Discussion:     Logic makes it necessary that we add the Primary Assistant Coach to the list.  Some assistants have more control than the assigned coach.

If we remove the membership as a requirement to coach, it is only proper that coaches now pay for the background check.

Vote:           Yes:  -  8              No:  -  0              Abstained:  -  0

Motion:    PASSED 




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Motion Nr.:    09  -  12  03                                                                          11 Dec 2009

Motion:      I make a motion that "Legacy Elementary School" be added to BYLAWS Article II , and Article III, Section 4, to update our areas of coverage.

Motion Presented By:    Earnest T Willhite

Seconded:      John Himes

Discussion:     The addition is required in order to keep the BYLAWS current with our practices and in case someone makes an objection to others in some areas not being allowed to participate.  If we are not current with the BYLAWS it can be said that it doesn't matter.

Vote:           8                No:       0               Abstained:        0 

Motion:    PASSED



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.......................Approved Motions for 2008.....................



Motion Nr.:     08  -  01  -  01                               Dated:     10 Jan 2008

Motion:        To restrict use of the MPRA Office Building to official MPRA Functions.  Priority being MPRA Board Meetings, other boord meetings, league meetings, team meetings, coachs meetings or MPRA/umpire meetings.  All registration functions can take place in the office building.

Motion Presented By: John Himes

Seconded By:  Angie Stanley 

Vote:           Yes:    9                No:    0             Abst:    0




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Motion Nr:    08  -  04  -  01                                        Dated:    10 Apr 2008

Motion:        Team Sponsor funds remaining in an account after the close of the second year be turned over to the Scholarship Fund.  The amount of money involved is very small but it sits there without any claim of ownership.  This motion would allow the treasurer to clear the record.


Motion Presented By:   Earnie Willhite

Seconded By:   (Name:   )


Vote:        Yes:    6            No:    0             Abst:    0




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Motion Nr:    08  -  07  -  01                                                        3 July 08

Motion:        I make a motion that, according to Articale III, Section 5, of the MPRA BYLAWS, Willie Wallace be made an Honorary Life Time Member of The Monrovia Parks and Rereation Association, Inc.  I further request that special dispensation be granted to Mr. Wallace so he can vote on all MPRA matters.


Motion Presented by: Earnie Willhite

Seconded By:  Dwight Lowdermilk


Vote:            Yes:    7            No:    0            Abst:    0




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Motion Nr:

.......................Approved Motions for 2007......................


Motion Nr.  07 - 11 - 1                                   Date:  10 Nov 2007


Motion:           I make a motion that MPRA no longer allow it’s equipment, motorized or mechanical, to be borrowed by any outside organization, group, or individual.  This would also forbid renting out the equipment or swooping-out for other work.  It would also forbid park members to personally borrow something belonging to MPRA and using it for their own benefit at home or other location.


Motion Presented By:    Earnest  Willhite


 Seconded By:    Dwight Lowdermilk 


Discussion:  In the past, each time a piece of equipment has been loaned-out we have experienced problems.

            a.  The equipment would not be returned in a reasonable amount of time, we would be told   1 week and it would be gone until we called and ask for it back.  Even than, it may take an extra long amount of time to get it back.

            b.  One organization or person would borrow it and than loan or let another take over the equipment.  We would not know who had it or who was responsible for it

            c.  Someone would get the equipment themselves or have someone with a key get it out for them.  About half of the time we did not know when it went or who got it --- it was gone.

            d.  The equipment would come back broken and we would not know about the problem.  The condition of the equipment was not known when it went out and they would say it was that way when they got it.

We loan a “4400 John Deere ($15,000), a 1230 Ford ($5,000), Top Dresser ($7,500)” without a word of responsibility.  Do you think you or anyone else can borrow $27,500 of equipment without signing a note of responsibility and a deposit of over $1000.



Vote:            Yes:     7              No:   0             Abstained:    0





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