: Team Sponsor Program

Team Sponsor Progam

Purpose: The purpose of a team sponsor is to assist a team in acquiring the funds to purchase the equipment (and uniforms) necessary for participation in a sporting activity with MPRA.  Certain sports require more expensive uniforms and equipment than others.  It should also be noted that the cost of like-type equipment and uniforms can vary greatly.  It should not be the intent of the team coaches to purchase the most expensive items available but to purchase durable, safe, and useable items.

          A team sponsor may be an individual, a parent, a group of parents or a commercial business.  In any case the sponsor may desire their name be printed on the uniform or a sponsor banner displayed on the dugout during game time.  The type of recognition expected should be established when the donation is given.  If all of the following requirements are meet the MPRA Treasurer will issue a receipt to the donor recognizing the donation as a tax exempt donation and the ($) dollar value involved.  The expense encountered to pay for any sponsor recognition is not deductible.  This should be remembered especially when a banner is involved.

          Please Note: MPRA reserves the right of approval or disapproval of any respective sponsor(s).  If in question, ask.

          If any person or business would like to sponsor a team but does not know how, contact the MPRA Treasurer at 837-6885.

          Key steps you should remember when establishing a sponsorship.

          All team sponsor funds must be channeled through the MPRA Treasurer for accountability and IRS reporting of tax exempt contributions.

1. The coach or his representative should decide the team's equipment (and uniform) needs for the season.

2. Secure your financing. Find sponsor(s) to support this need with check(s) made payable to MPRA.

3. Make a decision of purchasing and reimbursement or acquiring an approved check for payment, either way you will be required to provide a paid, itemized receipt or itemized bill prior to receiving a reimbursement or approved check.

4. Select store(s) where you will purchase the equipment.

5. Complete the Team Sponsor Form by filling in the appropriate blanks down to the LINE.

6. Turn form and funds in to the MPRA Treasurer.  A receipt for IRS Tax purposes will be provided to you, for the Donor(s) and reimbursement or approved check decision procedures established.

7. A sales tax exemption of 4 % is available for your use in Madison County and the city of Huntsville. Tax Act Nr: 96-750 (Copy is available from the Treasurer).  (MPRA pays state tax which is currently 4 %).

8. Excess money will remain in the "Team" account for next year.

9. Funds may only be used to purchase team equipment; unless otherwise authorized by donor in writing.

10. The coach or a representative is responsible for any letters of appreciation and the tax receipts for donor(s).

11MPRA Team Sponsor Form (See Forms & Documents page) has all necessary information and numbers required.