Monday, October 23
General Questions
Does MPRA have soccer?

No, contact Ernie Tipton or visit their web page.

Does MPRA have football/chearleading?

No, for football/chearleading information visit the Monrovia Football League web page.

Does MPRA have wrestling?


What is the youngest age a child can play sports at MPRA?

The minimum age in most sports is 5 but the date is different for each sport.  You will need to check each sport's
information directly.  Volleyball currently has ages 9(?) and up.

What is geographical area encompasses the boundaries for MPRA?

Any child living in the Monrovia Elementary, Harvest Elementary, or Endeavor Elementary school district is eligible to play at MPRA.
Children residing in the Madison Cross Roads school district must play at Bluewater Springs and children who reside in the Madison City Limits (zip 35758)
must play within the Madison City Recreation Department programs.

Can I register on the web?

Currently only registration forms are available on the web in PDF format but
that might be changing soon.

Does having an MPRA park membership still get a $5 discount per child in
MPRA Sports?

Yes.  Remember that yearly memberships renew in January of each year. 
MPRA is now offering a new lifetime membership for $250.

My child is new to MPRA. What will I need to bring?

A copy of birth certificate, proof of residency and payment.

Why are uniforms not included with the

MPRA is an all volunteer organization and are thus responsible for all
expenses that are incurred due to the operations of our sports programs. 
The registration fees are what is necessary to support those expenses.