: Field Rental

Spring Reservations

MPRA will be taking field reservations on Fridays for the following week (Mon.-Sun):

Wilson Field is Available every evening with two time slots and additinal times on Saturday and Sunday.

Please see below calendar for available and reserved time slots. 

Field reservation requests should be emailed to:  fieldrental.mpra@gmail.com

You will recieve confirmation of your requests along with assigned times by Saturday evening

Please send your first, second, and third preferences for times.   All requesting teams will receive one time slot before any team receives two. Depending on the demand, we will schedule you for as much field time as possible. 

Additional request may be made during the week for additional pracitce times if available.  Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

Current rates are as follows*:

(2hr max) - basic no lights  =  $10 per hour / per field (no field prep)

(2hr max) - with lights if available  =  $15 per hour / per field (no field prep) 

All paperwork must be completed and $100 deposit received prior to requesting field times.  Please see below links for rental agreement form and additional policy and procedures document.

Payment must be made the day before your practice slot. 

Teams may invite other teams to scrimmage in your reserved slot.  The incoming team will have to complete the Field Rental Agreement form and provide proof of insurance.  Rental fees will stay the same and at least one of the teams must have paid the $100 deposit. 

Online payment for Deposit and Field reservation fees are now being completed with Sports Sign-up.  Please follow the link and register your team and then you will be able to register for the deposit and/or field payments:



Saturday, January 19
Field use application
To reserve a field for practice please fill out, scan, and email the field use application form to:  fieldrental.mpra@gmail.com
Handout: MPRA Field Use Application_2013_01

Policies and Procedures

MPRA allows for the rental of their fields in accordance with the approved policies and procedures.

Please review and do not hesitate to email with any questions. 



Handout: MPRA Field Use Policy and Procedures

Saturday, January 19