: Membership

Annual Memberships

          Annual, Regular MPRA memberships are NOW $25 per year.

This money is used to pay for capital improvements to the New Complex such as new ballfields, new field equipment, and concession building.  "The regular membership must be renewed each year."  All Sports Committee Members must be MPRA Regular or Life Time members.


a.  $5 discount for each family participant in a MPRA sport during the year.
b.  Authorized to vote at MPRA Board meetings (one vote per family).
c.  Hold board positions on the MPRA Board, if elected.
d.  As a non-profit organization, the $25 membership fee is tax deductible.
e.  Become part owner in an organization valued at over $1,500,000.

The following is a look back in history:


In 1993 when MPRA was initially chartered, prior to becoming a non-profit organization, the term Charter Member was used.  The term Charter Member was used in an effort to encourage people to sign-up at $100 each to generate funds, to support MPRA activities in the first year of operation.   We have a plaque listing the names of the 203 Charter Members.  No other benefit was given to Charter Members. 


Even more important was the 43 individuals who signed promissory notes of up to $3,924.84 as co-signers for the bank loan MPRA used to build the first 4 ball fields, add lights, and concession building.  The loan was paid off in 2001.


All deserve our gratitude and a big thank-you for their unselfish acts.




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Monday, August 15
...................................Lifetime Memberships...............................
          Lifetime Member
Lifetime memberships are available for purchase.  For a one time fee of $250, a family can become a lifetime member of MPRA.  This money is used to pay for capital improvements for the New Complex and general budget such as new ball fields, new field equipment, and concession building expenses.


a. $5 discount for each family participant in a MPRA sport each year.
b. Authorized to vote at MPRA Board meetings (one vote per family).
c. One free admission to any MPRA sponsored event (i.e. End of season tournaments, Baseball District/State/Regional tournaments). This will not include District basketball tournaments.
d. A credit card style membership card.
e. As a non-profit organization, the $250 membership fee is tax deductible.
f.  Become part owner in an organization valued at over $1,500,000. 




  1.   Earnest Willhite           2.  Angela Stanley          3.  Tom Massey     

     4.  Timmy Clemmons        5.  Tom Kelly                  6.  Gregory Lankford

     7.  Richard Wietlake         8.  Dwight Lowdermilk     9.  James Clegg        

    10. John Himes                   11.  Reginald Cobb          12.  David Collins       

   13.  Joe Bob Whitt              14.  Dewane Shumate     15.  Phil Snell           

   16.  Phillip Edwards         17.  David Penfield          18.  Victor Pritchett

   19.  Michael Richman         20.  David Everly            21.  Jerry Seemann 

   22.  Glen West                  23.  Donnie Darby           24.  Randell Slaten  

25.  Katherine Stram         26.  Willie Wallace          27.  Jann Eich     

      28.  Dan Gehring               29.  Slaten Fagan             30.  Mike Livingston  

      31.  Melissa Warman          32.  David Thomas           33.  Kimon Washington

    34.  Ronnie Hawkins



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Monday, August 15
MPRA Regular Membership


MPRA Regular Membership - 2013










Adams Marcus   Haley Joseph   Pressnell Brandon  
Berger Felton   Hall Scott   Raby James  
Best Zachery   Hammond Kevin   Reasner Randall  
Bradford Billy   Henderson Richard   Ringel Scott  
Bradford Carole   Hildestad Randall   Rorick Ryan  
Broome Joey   Hochmuth Damian   Ryan Christrine  
Brown Darrell   Holloway James   Schmidt John  
Burns Ronald   James Chris   Sivley Michael  
Burns Brad   Johnson Bret   Stogner Jason  
Cheatham Donald   Kelly Shawn   Stokes Mike  
Cross Lillie   Kemp Herbert   Stripling Thad  
Crosson William   Key Valerie   Thompson Christine  
Davis Elbert   Littrell Scott   Toon Jerry  
Doll John   Madaras Kerry   Tucker Matthew  
Dorsey Zanetta   Mason Richard   Veal Dustin  

Dunn II


  Mathews Jeff   Velez Edgardo  


Jeff   Matteo Angie   Wade Maxwell  
Ethridge Ralph   Mayes Jeff   Waite Scott  
Farr Scott Tracey McWhorter Larry   Walker Donald  
Forbes William   Meadows Michael   Watson  Keith   
Franks Teresa Kevin Metzger Nathan   Watson  Michael  
Fuller Eric     Moody  Gregg    White  Andrew  
Gann James   Moss Kevin   Williams David  
Garcia Ines   Place Joseph   Wilson  Neal  
Garner Jim   Pettus Amerrit    Blade Victor  
Gonterman Greg   Poe  David        

77 Regular Members















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