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John Himes

Vice President

Angie Stanley




   Jennifer Gordon 



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Jerry Seemann

Miguel Velez





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(Automatic Board Members, ABM




Darrell Brown 

Cal Ripken Baseball /BabeRuth

Victor Pritchett 


Angie Stanley


   Miguel Velez


Leslie Hurst



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 Where:  MPRA Headquarters Building.

When:  2nd Thursday of each month at 7 PM.
Who:  Anyone may attend and ask questions, when recognizied.
  ** Only current MPRA members may vote.
"Any Guest wishing to speak on a subject must imform the President at least 7 days in advance of the scheduled meeting of the subject and desired amount of time." 


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Saturday, October 4
Organizational Directory
John C.Himes
Vice President
Angela Stanley
                  Secretary                                                                               Treasurer                                    Jennifer Gordon                                                                    Earnie Willhite                            
             Offical Board                
John C.Himes                     Angela Stanley               Jennifer Gordon
Earnest Willhite                  Jerry Seemann               *Becky Deason
*Darrell Brown                    *Leslie Hurst                *Michael Stokes
 * Automatic Board Position
Committee Members 
Baseball                       Softball                        Concession                    Volleyball                     Basketball
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      *OPEN                  *Becky Deason                *Angela Stanley                *Leslie Hurst             *Darrell Brown  
Jerry Seemann                 Marge Dahl                Jennifer Gordon               Trae Black                 Brian Mellberg  
John Himes                   Miguel Velez                  Paula Tune                   Monica Patrida             Danny Walker
Donnie Darby                  Phillip Perry                                                           Lillie Cross               Tim Reynolds
Victor Pritchett                Hank Wynn                                                        Russ Lakin                  Al Raby         
   Scott Litrell                 Joey Brome                                                           Tom Sheil                   Allen Bramlett
  Mike Ritchman                 David Owens                                                          Dana Shell               Kimon Washington
 Rick Henderson                Will McRee                                                                                             Jeff Mayes     
     Bert Kemp                     Ronald Watkins                                                                                         Jason  Russell
   Todd Mason                  Scott Stuckey                                                                                             Sonny Burch
       Tom Massey                  Jimmie Hardiman
      John Schmidt        
   Derron Washington
      Tommy Hogue
    Brandon Pressnell
      Thad Stripling
    Mike Willbanks
   Audit & Finance                 Fields, Grounds, &                             Scholarship                            Membership &
       Committee                 Maintenance Committee                          Committee                             Public Relations
                                                                                                      Tandy Shumate                            
    Earnie Willhite                  Earnie Willhite  
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Saturday, October 4
New Complex



       Monrovia Parks and Recreation Association purchased 9 acres of land in 2006 and later add .5 acres to increase our capabilities for Baseball & Softball.  This area is separate from Phillips Park and requires a name of it's own.  The Park Board feels it necessary to leave the naming right open until someone or organization makes it known that they would like to purchase this right.   Since this name will live on for an indefinite period of time we feel it should be worth many thousands of dollars to make this decision.   Board members and MPRA parents should spread this information far and wide in hopes someone with interest will step forward with a NAME and full support.  In order to complete the 4 ball fields with lights and a concession stand we will probable spent around $500,000.   You can see that we will need several major donators in order to get this facility totally finished.

Complex Layout: MPRA Ball Park-C Copy.jpg

28 September 2014,              

 Building Committee Actions:

The Building Committee has been active this past year.   Several items have been completed since we started.  We plan to have 2 ball fields ready for use next spring. The sprinkler systems have been installed on field 1 and 3, sod has been laid with some minor work left.  Field 1 still needs a load of sand and some brick dust. Field 3 needs some touchup work, leveling and some brick dust.  Fields 1 and 3 will be ready for use starting 1 Feb 2015.

Fields 2 and 4 will have the sprinkler sytems installed beginning 5 Oct 2014. Sod is planned for spring of 2015 and with a 45 day wait for establishment of the roots we hope to declair them ready for use.

A drainage pipe has been installed by District 4 beginning at the street inflow from Lorie's Landing just outside of the outfield fence line around field 1 to a drainage box leading to a large pipe going down the bank to the Monrovia Community Center property drain.  This pipe will eleminate most of the excess drainage that has caused the washing across field 1.  We need to thank Phil Vandiver of District 4 for the drainage pipe around the outfield and the installation.  Phil also plans to install surface drains running east and west from the backstop areas to the outer premiter of the fields.  A small drainage ditch will be dug around the outfield fence line of field 3.  Again, Thanks to Phil and District 4 workers.

 We have also added a surface drain system to both field 1 and 3 infield areas to eleminate the pooling of water which had been causing problems.

Alabama's Mountains, Rivers, and Valleys Resource Conversation and Development Council Grant: The $10,000 grant secured by State Senator Tom Butler was used to help install the 4 main backstops. The work on the backstops was completed the last week of August, 2007.  The paper work to certify completing the requirements of the grant has been submitted and approved.  If you have not stopped by to take a look at the new fields, please do. They are quite impressive.

10 January 2012

Individuals Can Help:

The New Complex will continue to be under construction for some time.  There will be plenty of time for individuals and organizations to make donations to support this development. It would be nice if someone could step up and make a donation to cover the total construction cost of the new facility.   A donation of that magnitude is not likely.  What we can hope for are donations of a few hundred $ to as much at $20,000.   The sooner we get substantial participation from people who want to see the project moving along, the sooner the facility will be completed.  The following is a list of items that an individual could pick from in order to make a donation.  A brass plaque will be placed on the item in honor of the donor(s).  Park Bench(s), (6',8' L) Table(s), (6',8' L,Handicap) Park Bench/Table Combination(s) Playground Equipment, (Select items from Catalog) Ball Field Fence(s) Storage Building, (10' x 20'-Steel) Batting Cage(s), Bleacher(s)(3 row 15' L)( #, 1 -- 16 )

10 January 2012

                                                    Wall of Honor (Bricks):

A plan is underway to sell bricks for a wall of honor to help finance the cost of the CONCESSION BUILDING.  The building will have a second floor that will house the score boxes and hospitality room.  The facility is designed to allow MPRA to hold major tournaments.   The building will contain most of the facilities available in our current concession building but with larger restrooms.  The bricks will be placed on the surface of the building that faces the parking lot.  All of our buildings are constructed with rough face blocks. The side of the building that faces the parking lot will be built with smooth face blocks that will allow installing the brick over the smooth surface.  The brick will be placed from the 2' level to the 7' level, thereby allowing the public to read all engravings.  No bricks will be installed until the building is completed, allowing for maximum brick sales.   Bricks sold after the completion date will have to go above or below the initial band of bricks sold. Bricks may be purchased using the MPRA Brick Sales Contract. (Note: You may purchase any number of bricks to satisfy your need).  

Number of Bricks Sold:  1

See Handouts: MPRA Brick Sales Contract

Brick Size: 3.75" X 7.75"

Cost: $100

Number of Charactors: 50 (2 lines)  


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