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Park Rules


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November 29, 2012   


MPRA and/or Phillips Park are not responsible for any accident or injuries resulting from unscheduled activities.


Parents or guardians are responsible for the actions of their children and will be required to pay for any damages to Park property attributed to their children.


Rock throwing in the Park is not allowed.


Illegal Photographing to include Electronic Devices:


      *It is against MPRA rules to photograph children under the age of 18 without the written permission of a parent and MPRA.  (This has happened at Phillips Park).  MPRA must be included because the property being photographed in the background belongs to  MPRA.


    * Parents may photograph their own children at any time for their   own use.  Parents may not post any photographic material on any   Internet platform without written permission from MPRA.

    *Team photographs may be taken with written permission of a parent but they may not be posted on any Internet platform or be  printed in any paper without the written permission of MPRA.

Children under 12 are not allowed in the storage building.  Many unsafe items are stored there, such as: lime, fertilizer, diesel fuel, and paints.

Use of Play Ground Equipment:  Children under 5 must have an adult present.  Children under 8 should have an adult present.  Children over 12 should not play on the equipment.


Put your personal trash in the trash dispensers and assist us in keeping this a place where people want to congregate.


Animals (any kind) are not allowed at any time.


Park participants and spectators will not park in the Library Visitor spaces.


Bicycles must be kept in the parking lot and not ridden on the common areas, ball fields, or walkways. Common areas are defined as all areas outside of the official parking lot or ball fields.


Scooters, skate boards, and go-carts are not authorized in the park.


All-terrain (3 or 4 wheel) vehicles are not authorized to be driven on Park property at any time.


Any person operating a motorized vehicle on Park property must have an approved Alabama driver’s license.


Private vehicles should not be driven through or parked in the common areas or walkways.


Service and maintenance vehicles may be driven into the common areas or walkways and parked for brief periods while service is performed.  During scheduled activities, repairs and services should be limited to emergencies only.


No posters, signs, or handbills may be displayed or posted on Park property without prior MPRA Board approval.


Any activity being observed that could result in personal injury or damage to park property, the observer should if  practical, ask the individual(s) to immediately stop the activity.  The event will be reported to an MPRA official and or the sheriff’s department.


Any adult or teenager participating in loud-disruptive behavior or other behavior judged by park officials to be undesirable will be ask to leave the park.  Each event will be reviewed by the MPRA Board and if deemed necessary, further action will be taken.


Park property reported missing or stolen will be reported to the sheriff’s department for possible recovery and prosecution.


MPRA teams have priority over open park use during unscheduled periods.  Every effort must be made to allow individuals access to the fields.  A maximum of 2 hours use on any one day is the rule if persons are waiting to use the area.


During periods of unscheduled activities the “first come-first served” policy will be in effect for use of the park.  Individuals or groups who belong to MPRA may use the facilities without fees with a 2 hour limit if others are waiting to use the same facility.  The rest rooms will not be open for such use unless arrangements have been made through the MPRA Board.


Park materials and equipment will not be taken home for personal use or for use on other private property.


Park members who perform work for the Park cannot be paid other than expenses incurred due to IRS reporting rules.


Outside personnel cannot receive over $100 per year in payment for services, due to IRS reporting rules.  Work done at the Park must be under a contract to perform a specific job and not to work by the hour.


Any individual receiving monetary funds through solicitation, assessment, or voluntary donations, in response to any MPRA activity, will turn the total amount over to the MPRA treasurer.  Cash will not be used to pay for park or team items because accountability cannot be maintained.  It is imperative that separation be maintained between MPRA Funds and personal funds.


Adopted by the MPRA Board of Directors.

(Updated 11/29/2012)




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