1. MPRA Team Sponsor Form

Form is used to provide team and donator information to the Park Treasurer so team purchases can be matched with specific donations for IRS purposes.

MPRA TeamSponsorshipFormr1.pdfMPRA TeamSponsorshipFormr1.pdf

2. MPRA Scholarship Application

Application is required by high school seniors who want to apply for one of the three $1500 scholarships given yearly by MPRA.

MPRA Scholarship ApplicationMPRA Scholarship Application

3. MPRA Invoice/Template

Form used to invoice outside agents.

MPRA Invoice TemplateMPRA Invoice Template

4. MPRA Field Sign Contract

This document is the contract for a NEW park field sign.

Field Sign Contract 10.docField Sign Contract 10.doc

Field Sign Contract 10.PDFField Sign Contract 10.PDF

5. MPRA Donator Form

This form is used to make a donation to the Scholarship Program.

MPRA Donor FormMPRA Donor Form

6. MPRA Brick Sales Contract

Send Contract and check to MPRA Treasurer.

MPRA Brick Sales contractMPRA Brick Sales contract

7. MPRA General Scholarship Fund Announcement

The MPRA Board of Directors has authorized the general public to make donations or special gifts to the General Scholarship Fund. The Board is also encouraging the use of MPRA Scholarship Donations in lieu of flowers to honor the deceased or for special recognition to individuals where money is not a desired consideration

MPRA Scholarship Fund Annoucement 2007MPRA Scholarship Fund Annoucement 2007

8. MPRA General Reimbursement Request

Use to consolidate a group of reimbursable receipts so a formalized invoice can be submitted to the Treasurer. The Treasurer will add the Invoice Number.

MPRA Reimbursement FormMPRA Reimbursement Form

MPRA General Reimbursement Request.pdfMPRA General Reimbursement Request.pdf

9. MPRA Check Request form

Use to request payment to individuals or agents, with each listed seperatly.

10. MPRA Check Request form10. MPRA Check Request form

MPRA Check Request form-r.pdfMPRA Check Request form-r.pdf

10. MPRA Umpire Payment Request form

Used to request payment of umpires for games umpired during the listed period. Each sport will keep track of their invoice numbers.

MPRA Umpire Payment RequestMPRA Umpire Payment Request

11. MPRA Basketball Check Request & Referee Payment form

Used by Basketball to pay Gym Mangers and Referees under one invoice number. Bskb Chair will keep track of invoice numbers.

MPRA Check Request & Umpire Payment formMPRA Check Request & Umpire Payment form

12. MPRA Motion Request Form

Used to formalize a motion to be submitted to the MPRA Board. Two copies should be submitted.

MPRA Motion Request FormMPRA Motion Request Form

MPRA Field Use Policy and Procedures

MPRA Field Use Policy and Procedures

MPRA Field Use Policy and Procedures_201MPRA Field Use Policy and Procedures_201

MPRA Field Use Application_2013_01

MPRA Field use application form

MPRA Field Use Application_2013_01MPRA Field Use Application_2013_01

SHS Camp of Champions Camp Brochure

SHS Camp BrochureSHS Camp Brochure