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Community Pool Call to Action

Hey Pacers! We need your help. We’ve reached the next phase of our efforts to build a community pool which is raising the funds to conduct a feasibility study.

Click on the attached link to go to the Mt. Pleasant Community Foundation for full details and please consider making a donation. 




The Pacers Swim Club has been discontinued

due to lack of swimming facility in the community.

This page will remain open should the program return. 





Text @coachpacer to 989-662-8117

Receive texts alerts via email by emailing a blank email to 

Mt. Pleasant Pacers Swim Club

Welcome to our program!

Pacers is a competitive swim program for ages 6-18.   We are members of the MTSL - Michigan Team Swim League. The club is run entirely by parent volunteers and is funded by membership fees and fund raisers.  We need all of you to make this a successful swim season.

Swim Practice:  Offered 5-6 days per week, times will vary.  Practice is optional.  Please swim as much as you desire.  A detailed practice schedule can be found on the Pacers web site, Pacers Event Calendar or on the Practice Schedule page.  Practice will involve endurance training and stroke improvement.  Practice sessions are supervised by Coach Dave Alsager and other experienced coaching staff.

  • Practice Cancellation Policy: Practice will occur during the posted practice schedule regardless of weather or other conditions.  The only time we will cancel practice is if CMU is closed.  If you are unsure, you are welcome to call the CMU information hotline at 989-774-7500 for details on university closure or program cancellation.  

Swim Meets:   These are optional as well.  For your convenience, we've made it easy to register electronically for swim meets on our Pacers web site, Meet Registration.  Meets are usually held on Saturdays.  The Meet Schedule page has details about the meet (warm up times, afternoon start, etc) as soon as the information is available.  You will notice a small note icon right next to the Game name.  Either mouse over the icon or click it to review additional details.  Registration deadlines will be enforced as a courtesy to the hosting swim team.  Meet locations can be found on the Pacers web site, Where's the Meet?  Click on the compass symbol for turn by turn directions using Yahoo! Maps or by clicking on the location link on the Meet Schedule page.  State qualifying times can also be found on the MTSL Times (State Times) page along with a PDF attachment available for printing.

Dual-Tri meets:   These meets involve two - three teams.  They are informal, smaller and are especially good for beginners.  Swimmers will win ribbons at these meets.  Coaches can help you decide which events your child will do best in.  There is no cost for dual-tri meets.  

Invitational:   These meets are larger, more formal and involve several teams.  Trophies, medals and ribbons are awarded to the top 12 swimmers in each event.  Even beginners can participate in these meets.  The cost for invitationals is $3.00 or $4.00 per event.  The cost is determined by the hosting team.  Relays will be paid for by Pacers. 

What to bring to a swim meet:  Swim suit, goggles, footwear (mandatory), hooded sweatshirt to keep warm between events, two towels.  There are usually concessions available, but bring snacks for your swimmer.  Be sure to bring things to keep younger siblings occupied.  Swim meets are HOT, so dress lightly. 

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