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Tue 11/25 star Monthly Board Meeting 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM PUBLIC WORKS BUILDING Middletown DE 19709

MOT Little League Established 1955


Date and Time: Tuesday October 28, 2014 , 7pm

Location: Middletown Public Works Building


( please see our complete bylaws under the handout section )

Section 3. Annual Election and Term of Office- The Board Members will, by majority vote, elect the President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Baseball, Vice President of Softball, Vice President of T-ball and Instructional Baseball, Treasurer, Secretary and Player Agent. All elections of Directors and Officers shall be by majority vote of all members present or by absentee ballot.

Section 5. Meetings, Notice and Quorum- Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held immediately following the annual election and on such days thereafter as shall be determined by the Board. Only members of the Board of Directors, however may make motions and vote at the meetings.

Section 7. Attendance-All Board of Directors and Officers shall be required to attend a minimum of seventy-five percent (75%) of scheduled Regular Board meetings to be eligible to remain on the Board the following year. Note: If any Director or Officer is unable to attend a regular meeting, he/she must contact the Secretary or President in advance of the meeting so that a determination can be made regarding whether the absence will be considered excused. Excused absences will count towards fulfillment obligation.
Eligibility-Any person who has had a background check is considered a member of M.O.T. Little League. Any person who is sincerely interested in active participation to further the objective of M.O.T. Little League may submit form for background check to become a member.
Regular Members- Any person actively interested in furthering the objective of the M.O.T. Little League may become a regular member upon payment of annual dues (if required) and undergoing background check. All memberships expire and must be renewed at the annual meeting. Regular members interested in running for an “Elected” office or a board seat must have attended a minimum of five (5) general meetings during the past membership period.

** IT has been a great year!, Thank you to all the volunteers, parents, players and sponsors of our Little League, 

Sincerely, MOT Little League Board of Directors **

** Call for 2015 Volunteers, please get involved, our volunteers are the reason for our success!!!" **


From Our Safety Officer : Our Lightning Policy:

If the lightning is within 15 miles, the game needs to be stopped and everyone sent to their car. The new lightning detectors are A/C powered and have battery backup. They have mile intervals set up from 0-3, 3-8, 8-20, and 20-30 miles. If the detector picks up lightning in the 8-20 range, people should treat it like 15 miles or less and get off the fields. The Concession Stand has the lightning detectors and coaches, umpires, league officials, and the stand workers should concern themselves when unsettled weather is possible. If the concession workers see lightning detected in the 8-20 mile range, then they will notify umpires or coaches on the field. If the lightning detector is not available, then it is up to the umpires to make the determination to get off the field. Everyone should be assuming that the lightning is 15 miles or less. However, seeing lightning does not mean that it is 15 miles away or less. The game cannot resume for 30 minutes from the last lightning strike without the detector or 30 minutes from the last strike in the 8-20 range with the detector. If you hear thunder, then it should be treated as if lightning is within 15 miles.

Safety is the most important thing. When in doubt, get off the fields and head to the cars.

Background Checks Required for Volunteers: 

Little league requires all volunteers to have a backgroundcheck completed and approved to be on the field.  This goes for all Managers, Coaches, Parents, Umpires and Board Members.  You will only be given a lanyard when you are approved.  Remember safety first when it comes to our children!  NO BACKGROUND CHECK MEANS YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE FIELDS!

New for 2014:
The MOTLL boundary is different than the Appoquinimink School District boundary.  Our current boundary extends from Middletown, Odessa and Townsend (MOT) to south side of the canal and west to Warwick, MD.  Players living north of the canal or outside of MOT or Warwick area, are not within our league boundary.  However, Little League International has modified Residency Eligibility for the 2014 season and beyond. If you are a student attending school (public or private), in which the address of the school resides in our little league boundaries and can provide the necessary documentation, dated before October 1, 2013,  you are eligible to play in MOTLL. Our boundary to the west remains the same and will stop west of Warwick, Md.  Any questions, please contact the player agent at 
Contact Us:
To contact a board member or your league coordinator please click on the 2014 Board Members page on the left hand side ~ contact them by emailing or phoning them directly.  Please remember the MOTLL Board is a group of dedicated volunteers for our children ~ we will get back to you at their earliest opportunity.  We are always looking for additional help - Please volunteer your time today! Join the fun and volunteer today!  Also various sponsorship opportunities are available in support of our local businesses, please see our 2014 sponsorship letter in the Handouts & Forms page 
PO BOX 215
Middletown, DE  19709



INCLEMENT WEATHER BOX will have up to date weather closing information as well as MOT Little League Facebook Page - Fall Ball Begins Soon!   

In this box when it is raining, is about to ...or even has been raining -- you can find the latest, breaking news Weather Information on our league's decision to cancel games, due to inclement weather. Game time decisions will be made when necessary.  You can also contact your Manager or Coordinators directly to find out the status of the fields.  Don't forget sign up for to get the latest BREAKING NEWS via Text or Email - don't be Left out ~ save gas ~ save time!   To turn off rained out - reply STOP to the text message.