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FYI - If you downloaded application for Fall Ball before 3:00 PM on Tuesday - 8/04/15 - you may have an outdated application!!  Age Determination Dates have been updated - so they are in line with 2016 season for all age brackets.  Thanks for your patience!!!

FYI - When you download items from the Handout Section - the download sometimes hides behind your open application. 

Morningside Little League Announces Fall Baseball

-Non-Sanctioned - Open to Siouxland Area

Playing on Sundays - Beginning Sunday 9/13/15 thru 10/11/15! 

Players born on or after 1/01/2006 - Aug. 31, 2016 Determines League Age

Players born prior to 1/01/2006 - April 30, 2016 Determines League Age 

Ages 9-10 (Majors type games)

Ages 11-12-13 (50/70 type games) 

Details are found on the Fall Ball Application.                           Application Deadline - 8/26/15.                                                   Download from the Handout Section at the Left of this page!            Fill it Out and Email it Back!  Time to Play Some More Baseball!!! 

Fall Baseball for High School Age Players (Including 8th Graders) is hosted @ Strikers also!  Information for signing up for that division can be found at


Check out our Facebook Page to see the Like Pages of Sponsors that Support Morningside Little League!!!!  Thanks to ALL!!!


Congratulations to Iowa District Six All-Star Champions!!!   

Morningside American Seniors - State Results - 0 Wins/2 Losses 

Sgt. Bluff 50/70 Intermediates-Iowa StateChampions!!!  

   State Results-4 Wins/1 Loss 

Regional Results in Kalamazoo, Michigan - 2 Wins/2 Losses

Minnesota Advances to the World Series as the 50/70 Intermediate Central Region Champion! 

Headid LL - 11/12's - State Results - 5 Wins/2 Losses

Headid LL plays in the Iowa State Championship Game-8/2/15 @ 3:30 PM!!!!! 

Morningside LL Nationals - 10/11's - State Results - 1 Win/2 Losses

Headid LL - 9/10's - State Results - 3 Wins/4 Losses -  




"A" BRACKET - 1ST PLACE - Sioux City Brick - Headid LL

"A" BRACKET - 2ND PLACE - Billion Automotive - M'side LL 

"B" BRACKET - 1ST PLACE - Wheelock/Bursick Dentistry - M'side LL

 "B" BRACKET - 2ND PLACE - Siouxland Window Works -  M'side LL  





FOR INFORMATION:  Phone:  255-7782—For contact #’s. 

We will return your call ASAP!


Morningside Little League Batting Cages: will be open by RESERVATION ONLY, (weather permitting-meaning temperatures above 15 degrees and park accessability). 

Call 712-255-7782 and listen for the contact number for the cage bldg.

Please keep in mind that fees are necessary to cover the costs incurred with the cage building.  Morningside Little League is responsible for all heating costs, building maintenance, insurance, baseballs, etc.

Rates:  $15 per hour per cage - maximum of 3 hitters per cage.

$70 per hour if you wish to reserve the entire cage building & have more than 12 players on your team.

To make it feasible to open the building, there needs to be at least 2 cages reserved.  




Morningside is located in Sioux City, IA. Sioux City is located at the junction of South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa and is bordered by the scenic Missouri River. 

Tuesday, November 22
Morningside Little League

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