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Monday, July 7

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WFFL Information for the upcoming Season. 

  Morgan Recreation 2014 Football Season Information Sheet. Please read carefully!

Please keep this sheet for the entire season for important dates and information!

1-Birth Certificates:  A copy of your birth certificate is required from ALL players. We have one on file

if you played last year. Due by July 26, 2014.

2-Physicals: All participants must have a physical examination from a physician within six months of the start of the season.  Physicals must have a urine sample tested.  Physicals need to be submitted by July 26, 2014. 

3-Proof of Residence: All new residents must bring a proof of residence such as a utility bill, gas bill, power bill or medical bill. Any bill with your name and address on the bill would be acceptable. 

4-Equipment Rental:   $50 deposit is due this day! Equipment will be distributed on SATURDAY July 26, 2014. PLEASE COME AT SCHEDULED TIME TO AVOID CONFUSION! NO equipment will be handed out without all required forms. (Birth certificate, physical (must have urine tested), and equipment deposit (staple a separate check to form).

9:00am Midget age 13                                   10:30am Pee Wee age 11

 9:30am Jr. Mite  age 7-8                                11:00am Jr. Pee Wee age 10

 10:00am Jr. Midget  age 12                         12:00pm Mitey Mites age 9

If you cannot make it on the 26th to pick up equipment. We will distribute equipment for the first week of conditioning from 5-6pm each evening. 

  • Game jerseys will be issued before the first league game.

  • Players will provide their own practice jersey.

  • All equipment issued is the property of Morgan Recreation and must be returned promptly at the end of the season or you will be billed for replacement costs, which total $270 plus $50 deposit.

  • Any special pads or braces beyond those required to play will be provided by the player.

  • Lost or damage to equipment other than the normal use will be replaced at the player’s expense.

  • There is a $50 deposit on the equipment.  Pants and Helmets need to be returned CLEANED AND SCRUBBED.  Most household cleaning chemicals will damage the plastic; Use only dish soap, fantastic, or a Mr. Clean magic eraser for cleaning and removal of marks. You are not allowed to put anything including stickers on your helmet!!!!!

  • Equipment is issued only for the season; any equipment used past the due date will be charged a rental fee.  Any equipment that is turned in dirty will be charged a cleaning fee of $10.

    5- Season begins: July 28, 2014 all players meet at the Wilkinson Recreation Center at 6:00pm on July 28th unless personally contacted by a coach. Drafts will be conducted sometime after the first day of conditioning.

    6-Practice:  Practices are scheduled by the volunteering coaching staff. Times and locations are TBD 

    7-Games: All home games are played at the Morgan High School football field or at the Middle School

    Field. Games will be played on Saturdays with the first game on August 16, 2014

    8-Equipment Return:  All equipment must be returned clean to the Wilkinson complex on the following days and times: DO NOT SEND EQUIPMENT WITH YOUR COACH! Deposits will be returned.

    Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014             5 PM – 7 PM

                            Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014           5 PM – 7 PM

                            Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014             5 PM – 7 PM

                            Thursday, Oct 23, 2014            5 PM – 7 PM

    Equipment that is not clean will be subject to a $10 cleaning fee.  Equipment not turned in by Thursday, October 23rd will forfeit the $50 deposit (unless involved in additional playoff games).  Equipment not turned in by Thursday, October 23, 2013 will be charged a $270 plus deposit equipment replacement fee.

    9-Sportsmanship: All coaches, players, and parents will be required to sign a contract for good sportsmanship and will be expected to uphold this agreement.


    Saturday July 26th:  Equipment will be distributed. See time schedule above.

    Monday, July 28:  Five-Day Conditioning Starts All players meet at the Wilkinson Complex unless personally contacted by a coach. Drafts will take place on the 2nd or 3rd day of conditioning.

    Monday, Aug 4: Full Pads Practice.

    Wednesday, Aug 15: 2011 Schedules available at

    Saturday, Aug 16:  First League Game

    Saturday September 27: Last League Game

    Saturdays October 4, 14, 18 : Playoffs

    Saturday October 25: Mini-Bowl

    October 14, 16, 21, 23 : EQUIPMENT RETURNS 5-7 PM WILKINSON CENTER.

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