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2015-2016 Broncos Wrestling
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 2016 Tri-County Youth Wrestling - Championship Tournament Results

 Tri County Records since 1997

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Wrestling requires dedication, commitment, and discipline and provides benefits that are greater than just winning matches.

The Bronco Wrestling Program is not only focused on improving each wrestler’s technique, strength and conditioning, but also their self-discipline, work-ethic, confidence and sportsmanship…all characteristics that help students succeed both on, and off the wrestling mat.

Broncos Wrestling participates in several unique leagues and tournaments that provide wrestlers of all experience levels the opportunity to learn and compete.

The younger children Kindergarten through 4th grade with little or no experience will be separated and will be taught the basics of wrestling and will compete when ready. This well enable your child to get a basic understanding of wrestling, compete when ready and really build a love for the sport. 

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This is our offical web site ( for information about league policies, guidelines, forms, resources, staff and misc league information.  Due to this site's limited schedule notificaiton capabilities and media sharing tools, Our team Schedule, Roster, Photos and Videos will be stored on our New Shutterfly web site (under construction).  Click this link to request access.  Montville Broncos Shutterfly Web Site 

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