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The Montville Athletic League Inc. better known as the "Broncos" is a non-profit organization, which was founded in 1967. The Broncos’ primary purpose is to provide the children in Montville Township with meaningful and positive experiences through a variety of athletic programs. We desire to instill in the youth of Montville the ideals of good sportsmanship, physical fitness, courage, honesty and loyalty. It is our hope that by so doing, they may grow to understand that these ideals are rewarding in life, not just by winning the game, but also by putting forth their best efforts.


  • Broncos’ is a volunteer organization.
  • Broncos programs currently include football, cheerleading, wrestling, boys and girls basketball.
  • Over 500 children (boys and girls) participate in our athletic programs.
  • Over 50 coaches and assistants volunteer their services and time to our program.
  • The Broncos’ board of directors are volunteer members.
  • The Broncos resources, which are raised thru the cooperative efforts of our sports programs, are pooled together to meet the needs that arise from program to program.
  • Board meetings are generally held on every third Wednesday of the month @ 8:30PM at the Field House on Changebridge Road.

Sunday, October 9
2016 Bronco Wrestling Registration Is NOW OPEN

2016 Bronco Wrestling Registration Is NOW OPEN. CLICK HERE FOR LINK

Also can Register in-person on October 25th 7-8:30pm at Edmunds Barn (91 Passaic Valley Rd., Montville) $175 fee the same in person or online.


Thursday, October 13
Girls Basketball Travel Rosters - 2016-17 - 6th thru 8th grades

The handout link below has the 6th through 8th grade travel rosters for the Girl's Basketball Travel teams. The detail for the 5th grade team will be posted in the coming days.
Handout: Girls Basketball - Travel Rosters

Sunday, March 2
Coach Evaluation Survey Link (click here)