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  • Welcome to Monte Vista Little League Website.

    Monte Vista is located at the southwest corner of Jackman and Kingtree - West of 10th St. West and south of Ave. I. Our league boundaries are East to Division St. - North to Ave. E - West to 5th St. W. - North to Ave. A - West to 120th St. W. - South to Ave. J and East to Division St. (see League Boundaries tab above for map)

You must live within this area to play at Monte Vista or if you played at Monte Vista last year and moved, you may still play at Monte Vista with a waiver. 

Don't forget to bring a proof of residency:

  • Valid CA Drivers License of a parent of guardian where the player resides
  • Utility Bill (may only use one of these... ex: sce, gas, att, trash)
  • Bank or Financial Statement
  • Official School Document
  • Medical Document
  • Insurance Document
  • Auto Registration
  • Government Issued Document
  • Pay Stub showing parent or guardian address


Montevista & Park View Little League would like to invite those interested in being a general member and/or board member to our first meeting Oct 12th @6pm. (43901 15th st west. Camille's) This is for the combining of MV and PV.


Would you like to keep up on all the updated rules and information regarding little league baseball? If so, click the link below:                             



EXPERIENCE:  None needed.  On the job training.

JOB LOCATION:  From your home and a few meetings and activities per month.

DUTIES:  Supervise programs and activities.  Participate in meetings and community activities and other duties as volunteered.

SKILLS REQUIRED:  Leadership abilities, communication skills, friendly disposition, some administration skills, team player, decision maker.

SALARY:  The deep satisfaction of knowing YOU are making a positive difference in the lives of the children in your community.

Don't Be afraid to get involved

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Monte Vista Little League, we welcome you to our program if you are new in 2013: we welcome you back if you are returning. Monte Vista Little League is not really much different from any other youth sports program in our great community. Our purpose, like the others, is to provide a safe, organized program for youth in the City of Lancaster, with the specific objectives of implanting firmly in the youth of Lancaster the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, courage, and respect for authority. As volunteers in the community, we sincerely wish for you to join us in our efforts to assist these youth in this, their final stage of development before becoming a teenager. We work very hard, sometimes harder than we should because we may not have enough volunteers to help. That’s why we need you, and that is why our youth, your youth, need you! They are children, and they will soon be adults, but they will always need you to be there for them. I urge you to get involved, as an umpire, as a coach, as a team parent, or as a spectator who is positively interested in your son or daughter’s development in these crucial years. Don’t just take them to the game and leave…participate and enjoy! Go out and play catch with your “almost adult” because you will never regret it. Better yet, they will never forget it! Please join us in 2013 for a great year. Like any church or school or any other social institution, we are not a building, or a field, but we are the people who care about making our community better.

Come and get to know us, and enjoy Monte Vista Little League!

Little League pledge

Little League Pledge                                                baseball is a game


Don't forget to check out our District 51 website for other information located at


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Thursday, October 9
2012 Board Positions Set

Board positions for the 2012 season have been set in place. See the Board tab above for further details. Would you like to join the board? We can always use the help, remember we are all volunteers and the more people we have the better the experience your child will have. If you are interested please contact Tony Parisi.