Wednesday, April 1
Club Territory Boundaries

Montco Baseball Territory Rules

1.  Physically Adjoining Territory Exemptions - No territory  exemption is required for up to two (2) players per team if those players are coming from a physically adjoining territory.  For more than two (2) players, or a player from a non-adjoining territory, Board approval is required.  The exception to this rule is all players qualifying under item 2 below.

2.  Players officially rostered on a team's final 2008 Montco Roster and all players receiving waivers prior to 6/1/2008 are grandfathered and have permanent territory  exemptions on that team's roster for the balance of their Montco careers unless they fail to make that teams roster in any  future year.  If a team has two (2) or more players grandfathered, exempted, or waivered that live outside of that team's territory they would require Board approved exemptions to add any new players that reside outside of their territory.

3.  All players outside a teams territory, whether grandfathered or not, shall be clearly  designated on that teams roster every year.

4.  All players given territory  exemptions by approval of the Board, automatically retain that status on that team from year to year unless they  fail to make that team's roster in any future year.

Montco Club Territory Boundaries

Abington        Abington Twp., Abington School District, Glenside & Wyncote.
Ambler         Ambler Borough, Wisshicken School District. Lower Gwynedd Twp., Whitpain Twp.
Chestnut Hill   Area within a 3 mile radius of Hartwell Lane and Ardleigh Street, Phila. PA.
Fox Rok        Area within a 3 mile radius of 649 Rhawn Street, Phila. PA.
Horsham        Horsham Township & Hatboro Horsham School District.
Liberty Bell    Area within a 3 mile radius of Red Lion & Calera Roads, Phila. PA. & Zip code (19115)
Montgomery    Montgomery Township.
Roslyn          Abington Twp., Abington School District, Glenside & Wyncote.
Somerton       Area within a 3 mile radius of Red Lion & Calera Roads, Phila. PA. & Zip code (19115)
Southampton    Areas with a 3 mile radius of Rt. 232 & Rt. 132, excluding Lower Moreland & Bryn
                 Athyn Borough.
Upper Dublin    Upper Dublin Township.
Warminster     Warminster Township and Zip code (18974).