Montalvo Little League: Welcome

Montalvo Little League >> 1929 1/2 Johnson Dr., Ventura, CA >> 805.642.5676
Mailing address: PO Box 5027, Ventura, 93005


Montalvo Little League Boundaries ... Prior to registering with MLL, MAKE SURE you reside within our boundaries. Our boundaries are Petit Ave to the east, Hwy 126 to the north, Victoria Ave to the west and Olivas Park Drive to the south.


January 6th and 10th - Regular Registration Events
All players must be registered online and then come by the league either Tuesday, Jan. 6th from 6:30-8:30 p.m. or Saturday, Jan. 10th from 9am-1pm to drop off required forms.

How to Register for the 2015 Season
Register your player's info online and elect to either pay by credit card online or "check" in-person. (Online registration is required this year ... those without access to a computer can come to the league and register online at an electronic kiosk)

2. Attend a registration event (Dec 6th, Jan 6th or Jan 10th) and bring:

  • Three (3) Proofs of Residency (see attachment below)
  • Volunteer Deposit of $100
  • Medical Release Form
  • Volunteer Application (these forms are available to print out after the online registration process is completed)
  • and first-time players need to bring a Birth Certificate

3. While registering online, select whether to participate in the league's annual fundraiser.  Participating in the fundraiser will save you $30 off your registration fee.  Pick up your candy bars during the registration event  (read more below)

How Much Does It Cost?
The cost to the league for a child to play is more than $300 per year yet our registration fees are $130 ($105 for t-ball). The “gap” is made up by our annual fundraiser, business sponsorships, and the volunteer work of our league parents and board of directors.

Here’s how registration fees work:

OPTION 1 - Choose to sell candy bars and pay the league $190 ($165 for t-ball). You will receive a 60-count box of World’s Finest Chocolate, sell it for $1/bar and keep the money. Your out-of-pocket expense is $130 ($105 for t-ball) because you will get $60 back once all the candy bars are sold.

OPTION 2 – Choose not to sell candy bars and “buy out” of the fundraiser for $30. Pay the league $160 ($135 for t-ball). This fulfills your fundraiser obligation.

Registration and fundraiser are due at sign-ups and fundraiser information is subject to change.

Why do we have registration fees and a fundraiser?
The fundraiser request comes straight from Little League International. As a local league, we are asked to host a fundraiser to give our players the opportunity to learn about responsibility, volunteerism, and entrepreneurship. We try to make it simple for our families by being upfront and handling the fundraiser activity and registration all at one time (as mentioned above, families can opt-out from the fundraiser).

Volunteer Deposit
When you attend one of the in-person registration events (Jan 6 or Jan 10) you will provide a check for $100 per player made out to Montalvo Little League. MLL will hold that check and either send it back to you or shred it at the end of the season (based on your preference) once you complete your parent volunteer responsibility. The league cannot operate or exist without each parent’s participation. Those unable to participate can pay for the league to shoulder their volunteer duties. Volunteer duties include two snack bar shifts and one of the following roles … scorekeeper, team parent, coach, field prep. More than 90% of Volunteer Deposit checks are shredded/returned at the end of the season – your check will not be deposited if you participate and communicate with your Team Manager/Team Mom. If you fulfill only a portion of your responsibility (for example, miss one snack bar shift, but attend the other shift and complete your field prep duties) a portion of your deposit will be used and you will be refunded the remainder.

Refund Policy 
A 50% refund of the registration fee will be provided if requested prior to the Team Draft event in mid-January, and no refund on registration after the draft takes place. There is no refund on the Fundraiser participation.


Little League released a new age chart for 2015.  It only affects players age 9 and younger.  Moving forward, your "league age" is whatever age you will be during the calendar year of the current season.  So, for the 2015 Season, if you turn age 8 anytime in 2015, you are "league age 8".  Even if you are 7 during the season and don't turn 8 until December 2015, you are still considered an 8-year-old.  For this reason, Montalvo is creating a "Minor B" division to help new "8 year olds" transition from Tee-Ball to Minor A (many of last year's "6 year olds" will be considered "8 year olds" this year):

  • T-Ball - 4/5 year olds
  • Farm - 6/7 year olds (machine pitch)
  • Minor B - 8 year olds and "young" 9 year olds (machine, then coach, then player pitch)
  • Minor A - 9/10 year olds
  • Majors - 11/12 year olds
  • Intermediate 50/70 - 13 year olds (if we have enough registrants)
  • Junior - 14 year olds
  • Senior - 15 year olds

Handout: Proofs of Residency