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We are transitioning over to new website.

Registration info on new website, some other info still here.

Monroe Sports Association (MSA) in Monroe, Ohio. MSA is a youth organization providing a safe, friendly, and recreational environment for boys and girls to participate in baseball and softball. 

Monroe Sports Association

Please ensure you have read registration info below
and/or the FAQ section before sending an email.

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Rainout? see Rain Procedures below.

Coaches - make sure you check Coaches Corner for updates.
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NEW website

posted January 1, 2013

We are transitioning over to new website.

for Registration information goto

***The leaguetoolbox site is the primary site, there will be some information still located here, if info is here it will be linked primary site.

Baseball/Softball Sign-ups

posted January 1, 2013.

MSA has joined the 21st Century!

With our number of kids growing, we had to jump on the technology bandwagon in order to manage everything.

We are excited about the new website and online registration. This will provide you and us(the board) tools for making the season successful.
The first in-person signup we were a little overwhelmed by the turnout and didnt have enough work stations.

So how can you help?

- All signups are online. So If you show up to in-person signups, we are gonna ask that you create an account on the website and register your child(ren).
- If you are a returning player/parent, please go to website and create your account and sign up your player(s). The credit card fees are significantly lower than in the past.
- If you must come to in-person signups for either birth certificate verification or uniform size verification, please start your account and registration online before coming(This will speed things up).

We appreciate your help.

Register Online Now - and avoid getting out in the single digit temperatures.

Thank You,
MSA Board

Rain Procedures

Rain Procedures
Baseball/Softball is played in light rain.
Baseball/Softball is NOT played in the rain on already saturated fields. (we don't want to tear up our fields)
Baseball/Softball is NOT played in downpours or storms.
Baseball/Softball is NOT played in lightning. (see lightning below)
If you're traveling, don't assume it is raining in the place you're going.
Don't assume it is raining on the other side of Monroe.

  • your coach should call you at least 1 hour in advance (2 hours traveling)
  • if no call from coach, call coach
  • if can't get ahold of coach, call assistant coach
  • last resort call Monroe Park at 539-8238. (this number is for coaches)

  • watch weather forcast day before game
  • if rain is predicted, make contact with other coach in advance (especially if you're the away team/traveling), to figure out what their cancel procedures are and what time they will make the call, and its also a good time to make sure the contact information you have is good (30minutes before gametime is bad time to figure out the contact info you have is wrong).
  • if your the home coach, contact field coordinator/president if your planning to play the game (to ensure your not tearing up the fields)
    Wait for "My Coaches Call"
  • Monroe Park at 539-8238. (this number is for coaches)
  • contact other coach at least 2 hours(3 hours traveling) in advance to discuss situation and possibly cancel or to tell them the game is on
  • if canceling the game, call players minimum 1 hour(2 hours traveling) before game
  • if canceling, call other coach to cancel
  • RESCHEDULING - try to do it immediately, the longer you wait the less important it will become.
  • look at Master field schedules to get idea of open field date(s)
    • ***Master field schedule(s) are constantly changing especially if alot of games are getting rained out, so it is suggested that you don't use a printed copy.
    • Girls
      • Teeball - use commissioner (have to coordinate with boys)
      • U8 and up -  Master field schedule (posted in Coaches Corner)
    • Boys
      • Teeball - commissioner will reschedule
      • CP - commissioner will reschedule
      • CBall and up - master field schedule is in process and will be posted, please use commissioner for now.
  • call other coach to reschedule game with date(s) in mind
  • once agreed upon date, then re-check the field schedule in Coaches Corner
    • if trying to re-schedule within the next 2 days of your coordination, contact umpire coordinator to make sure game can be covered
  • use the Reschedule Request form(in Coaches Corner) to communicate the request to the field coordinator and ump coordinator. Ensure that field scheduler and ump coordinator respond back.
  • Coaches are responsible for rescheduling of games!!!
    ***If you have tried unsucessfully to reschedule a game, contact your commissioner for help.
  • Highly recommended to call other coach the day before makeup to ensure they remembered and are still good with it.

Lightning (these are soccer rules, looking for baseball/softball rules)
During game
  • In the event of a storm, play must be stopped and suspended until the danger has passed using the following minimum criteria:
  • A 30-second or less time between the sighting of a lighting flash to the hearing of the associated thunder shall be reason to stop and suspend a game, and
  • play shall not be resumed prior to 30-minutes after the last sighting of lightning or the last sound of thunder heard.