Monroe Soccer Association: FAQs


Is my child guaranteed a spot on a team if he/she is signed up by the registration deadline?

Yes.Exception - if we don't have enough players to make up 1 team for 1 division, but we will do everything we can to get them on a team but it might not be an all Monroe team.

We Strongly suggest coming to one of the walk-in registrations to tryon uniforms.

 Shorts typically run big. 3-4 year olds should prder xs size.

Can parents ask to move players up?

Typically no. We evaluate each request. We feel it is better for kids to stay in their own age group. 


When will I know what team my child is on?

We encourage our coaches to call players within the following week of draft (this prevents calls/questions to the organization).
Spring session
  • In-person signup date(s) are 1st couple weeks ofJanuary, online open Jan 1st.
  • draft is middle of Febuary (you should receive call by March 1st)
  • practices start approx middle of March
  • games start 2nd week of April
Fall session
  • In-person signup date(s) in May, online open May 1st.
  • draft is middle of June (you should receive call by July 1st)
  • camp (if offered) is middle of July
  • practices start approx middle of July to 1st of August
  • games start week before Labor Day



Dogs are not allowed at the soccer fields. They are allowed at the park but not near the fields. 

I missed the registration deadline, can I still sign up? How?
Maybe. We are bound by rules stating that after the second week of regular season play the rosters cannot be expanded nor can we replace players who have dropped off of active rosters. Sometimes a division is closed on the registration deadline, due to too many on each team and there wasn't enough players to create another team. More than likely we can accept the registration as long as games haven't started and there is room on a team for them. Having too many on a team is not good for players or coach because each child needs the playing time.

Call the hotline or see your closest board member.

Registration Timing:(all dates are approximations)
  • Spring - Inperson in January
    **** Online registration is up by 1st of Janurary

  • Fall - Inperson starts approximately the 1st of May.
    **** Online registration is up by 15th of April

To know when registration is taking place, look for:
  • Here...the website

  • flyer through school, in your childs daily papers

  • blurb in "Community Roundup" section of Middletown Journal or Pulse Journal

  • flyers at local businesses

  • DO NOT look for yellow sign in front of park, city laws prohibit us from putting it up

  • PLEASE READ-We reserve the right to change dates, our numbers are growing so we are having to start organizing seasons earlier, so signup deadlines might be earlier than they were the previous season(s).

Is my child old enough to play?
Monroe S.A.Y. eligibility is based on your child's age on and July 31 of the year they will play in. Example - for Fall/Spring Season your child must be 3 years of age ON July 31, of the current year to be eligible. 

When do practices start and how long is the season?
Spring session - draft is middle of Febuary, practice starts in the month of March(depending on coach),season starts in early April going for 8 games ending prior to the school(s) summer break.
Fall session - draft is middle of July, practice could start after coach receives his team but most start in the month of August, season starts in late August early September ending in late October with Franchise going into November.

How does the draft work? Download the procedure here
It is a blind draft based on age and experience for each division, thus ensuring for even teams. Divisions are separated by age and experience groups, each group is then distributed (usually coach selecting an folded registration form or computerized) to each coach.

Can I request a specific coach for my child?
No. The rules require that all teams are to be done by blind draw. Exception Candy division in which you can request your child play with another child because it helps them to be more comfortable with the new soccer experience.

If my child had a bad experience with a specific coach, can I request not to have this coach again?
Yes. However, we would like to know the reason why. Please submit this in writing/email prior to the draft.

Can I withdrawal my child?

Yes. Before games start you can get a refund minus $25 fee. No refunds after games start.

My child is new to playing soccer.

What do they need?
  • Shoes - either tennis shoes or cleats, cleats would benefit them because sometimes the morning games there is dew on the ground. Make sure they are NOT baseball/softball cleats because those shoes have an extra cleat on the toe and this will need to be removed before playing. You can pick up used shoes at a used sporting goods shop (especially the small shoes) ie: Play It Again Sports.
  • Shinguards - Any type will will do. The rule only specifies that there be no plastic exposed, so make sure the sock covers the whole shinguard. There are many types to choose from depending on your childs comfort, cost range from $5 to $60.
  • Ball - It is not absolutely necessary to buy a ball, coaches are issued balls with their coaching bag, but it would benefit your child when practicing at home. Size depends on division, ie: Candy is size 3, table is below. Type - there are 2 types of balls: with bladder or without bladder. Without bladder - the cheaper balls (under $10) usually are without bladder, they are good balls but they tend to be lighter, lose air, and won't last as long. With bladder - the more expensive balls ($15 to $80), great balls...make sure you write your childs name in huge letters on it.
  • Shorts - Usually black, but sometimes teams like to be uniform and go with a different color. Fall seasons sometimes they are provided.
  • Shirt - are provided when signing up.

How much time is required?
  • How often they practice? - Before games start, usually 2-3times per week, depending on coach. After games start, usually 1-2times per week.
  • When are the games? - Games are usually on Saturdays, but if rainouts or scheduling crunch happens then expect maybe a mid-week game. Game times are usually in mornings from 9am to 2pm.
  • When are the practices? - During week starting at 5:30pm or 6:30pm, weekends are open. Remember, most of the coaches are full time workers/parents also so they will work it out.

How can I help my child?
  • Plan 5 minutes a day to just kick them ball around with them. 5 minutes will be 5 minutes one day and 30 minutes the next, but if you plan to do the 5 minutes everyday this will increase their skill. Just kicking the ball, nothing special, no tricks, just passing and trapping.
  • Watch the practice and see what skill your child is weak. Then work on that skill with them in your "Plan 5 minutes".
  • Ask the coach what they think your child needs to work on.

Information Table based on Division
*** these are Monroe field sizes, SAY rules only recommend sizes, starting at Passers Width min50/max100yds x Length min80/max130yds.

Division Age B-Day Range Ball
Players Field Size
Goal Size Game





 8/1/(CurYr-4)-7/31/(CurYr - 3)

8/1/(CurYr-5)-7/31/(CurYr - 4)

3 3v3 75x90ft
6ft x 4ft 6ea X 8min Periods
Passer 6-7 8/1/(CurYr-7)-7/31/(CurYr-6) 3 7v7 100x180ft
12ft x 6ft 10min QTRs
Wing 8-9 8/1/(CurYr-9)-7/31/(CurYr-8) 4 9v9 150x250ft
24ft x 8ft 12min QTRs
Striker 10-11 8/1/(CurYr-11)-7/31/(CurYr-10) 4 11v11 186x308ft
24ft x 8ft 15min QTRs
Kicker 12-13 8/1/(CurYr-13)-7/31/(CurYr-10) 5 11v11 186x308ft
24ft x 8ft 15min QTRs
Minor 14-15 8/1/(CurYr-15)-7/31/(CurYr-14) 5 11v11 210x330ft
24ft x 8ft 20min QTRs

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