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Referees Wanted!!!!

The Monroe SAY Soccer program needs individuals that want to help the kids learn the proper way to play the game. Referees are an important part of the game. As the kids start to play the game, they need to learn to play by the rules. The Monroe SAY program prides it’s self on having well trained and responsible referees to officiate the games played at our fields.

You must be at least 12 to be a SAY Referee. You can start at aged 11, but then a parent must attend training with you and ref with you. 

Monroe SAY Soccer is seeking referees for the fall soccer season. Adults and youth age 12 and up are eligible to referee after completing a training course. It’s a great way to learn more about soccer, get some exercise, and earn some money on Saturdays from August 23 until mid-October.

The training course for the fall season will be held Thursday, August 7 from 6-8pm at the Monroe Community Room (basement of the city building) and Saturday, August 9 from 9-Noon at Monroe Crossings Park.

The fee for the course is $15.00. You will need to purchase a referee uniform before your first game consisting of a shirt, shorts, socks, whistle, and referee cards, but we can direct you to some vendors that sell them at a discount. If you took the course in the spring or served as a referee in the spring, then you do not need to repeat the course, but will need to attend a refresher meeting on August 9 at 10:30am at Monroe Crossings Park.

Email Referee Coordinator Brian Harrison at to reserve a spot in the class or with questions. 

Why Soccer is good for Kids

Why Soccer is good for Kids:

The sport of soccer continues to grow in the US as evidenced by the increasing number of kids getting involved in the game and the attendance numbers at MLS soccer games throughout the country. This is a good thing because it provides a great opportunity for all kids, no matter how tall, short, skinny, plump, shy, smart, or whatever, to gain the benefits of being part of a team where anyone can be a super star on any given day.

All sports provide physical and other benefits for those involved in them. But soccer offers much more to help youths develop, interact with others, and just plain enjoy themselves, something kids should do, after all.

One of the greatest things about soccer is that any kid can kick a soccer ball and learn to do it well within a short period of time. There are no special talents required. If a boy or girl can run, he or she can do so with a soccer ball at his or her feet. Any kid can gain basic skills in dribbling, passing, and shooting a soccer ball with minimal time and effort expended. This means that any child that wants to play soccer can do so and be at a level of most of the players on the field.

Kids don’t need to be 7 foot tall leaping gazelles or refrigerator-sized brutes or multi-talented athletes to play on a soccer team and perform at least as well as most of the teammates. Soccer is a pure team sport. No one player, no matter how talented, can win a game on his or her own. Winning a soccer game requires the participation of every one of his teammates out on the pitch. This allows every kid on the team to touch the ball often and contribute to making plays, no matter what his or her skill level is.

This really helps build a child’s self-esteem, which can be seen in the confidence displayed on the field. Something as simple as a good pass or stopping the ball from getting to an opponent can make a kid feel good about him or herself and that makes them perform even better. And they have lots of chances to do this. One good play washes away any and all misses.

We have seen timid boys and girls blossom into assertive soccer players in just a few weeks. All because they got to touch the ball and contribute to the team. And when they win, every kid feels part of that win. And when they lose, they feel proud of having played as well as they could and look forward to the next game when it starts all over. Every kid knows that in the next game he or she will be right out there in the middle of things helping her team win and maybe even score the winning goal or make a winning save.

There is also something about the parents at soccer games. Taking their kids to all the practices and games, getting the after game snacks, cheering the kids on. Also let's not forget that parent who steps up to volunteers to coach, the program could not exist without them!

In addition to those highlighted in this article, soccer provides other benefits for youngsters. Think about all that running and stopping and turning. Great for the lungs, muscles, and the mind. And there are so many more.

If your child is not playing soccer, what are you waiting for? Get your son and daughter out on the soccer field as early as possible. It keeps them out of trouble, builds their confidence, keeps them healthy, and helps them grow the right way.

Keep those soccer skills fresh
There are many opportunities to keep those skills fresh all year long.

Indoor Soccer Leagues:
The Field- Monroe -Passer to CO-ED Adult leagues.
Middletown Tennis & Sports Complex- Middletown - Passer to CO-ED Adult leagues.
The Kingdom - Franklin - Candy and up.
Wall 2 Wall - Mason - Passer and up.

Camps and Training:
Middletown Tennis & Sports Complex- Middletown - offer 4-18yr olds camps for individual or teams.
"A" Soccer Clinic - The Field - 8to13yrs boys/girls (space is limited)- email Tim and Carla Snyder for info.
Wright State University Camps

Team Training:
Team Training - your location - 8to13yrs boys/girls - email Tim and Carla Snyder for info.