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Monroe County Boys Basketball
Monroe County Boys Basketball  
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Monroe County Boys Basketball
David Richardson
Fax: 966-4039
Rochester, New York


Thursday, December 8
Welcome to the Monroe County Boys Basketball Web page

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This site is designed to keep coaches, players, parents, administrators, officials, media and fans informed on information and results pertaining to the 2015-2016 Monroe County Public High School Boys Athletic Conference. All 23 schools are members of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA).

Enjoy the site!

David Richardson
Monroe County Boys Basketball Chairman
Site Creator/Manager


2016-2017 Monroe County Boys Basketball JV/Varsity Schedule            


16-17  Official Classifications  


16-17 Sectional Dates 



Scoring Leaders by Division - 2016-2017 Regular Season
This is for informational purposes only!
Click on Scoring Stats link to the right for every player's scoring information during the 16-17 season! 

Thanks to Sam Schrier for his support!

Will Start Mid-December

Division 1 East 

Brandan Gartland, Schroeder - 21.2 ppg

De'Quan Smith, Penfield - 20.5 ppg

Reggie Robinson, R-H - 18.6 ppg 

Dan Masino, Fairport - 16.3 ppg

Shane Fanning, R-H - 15.3 ppg             

Division 2 East 

     Tommy Eastman, HF-L - 24.5 ppg

Josh Mack, Sutherland - 15.4 ppg 

Anthony Ciaccio, Mendon - 14.4 ppg

Zach Stenglein, Irondequoit - 13.6 ppg

Max Colcord, Canandaigua - 13.1 ppg          

   Division 3 West 

     Anthony Lamb, Athena - 30.7 ppg

Malek Williams, Churchville - 21.3 ppg

Antonio Alvarez, Brockport - 17.8 ppg

Jonathan Letta, Hilton - 14.7 ppg

Cameron Turner - 14.2 ppg

Division 4 West 

  Keith McGee, Arcadia - 18.6 ppg

Shakel Lawton, Eastridge - 14.7 ppg

Reggie Clark, Arcadia - 14.1 ppg 

Malachi Chenault, Batavia - 12.9 ppg      

                           Elijah Powell, Olympia - 12.0 ppg                           


16-17 Players of the Week 

Week of December 5th

Division 1 - 

Division 2 - 

Division 3 - 

Division 4 - 

Week of December 13th

Division 1 - Brandan Gartland, Schroeder

Division 2 - Zach Stenglein, Irondequoit

Division 3 - Anthony Lamb, Athena

Division 4 - Ryan Hogan, Batavia   

Week of December 20th

Division 1 - De'Quan Smith, Penfield

Division 2 - Anthony Ciaccio, Mendon

Division 3 - Antonio Alvarez, Brockport

Division 4 - Keith McGee, Arcadia 

Week of December 27th 

Divison 1 - Jacob DiSanto, Victor

Division 2 - Michael Liberti, Brighton

Division 3 - Malek Williams, Churchville

Division 4 - Elijah Powell, Olympia   

Week of January 3rd

Division 1 - Reggie Robinson, R-H

Division 2 - Robbie Doggett, Sutherland

Division 3 - Ryan Gentile, Spencerport

Division 4 - Shakel Lawton, Eastridge 

Week of January 10th

Division 1 - Cam Lynch, Thomas

Division 2 - Jeremy Jacob, Mendon

Division 3 - Trevor Layne, Athena

Division 4 - Malachi Chenault, Batavia   

Week of January 17th

Division 1 - Dan Masino, Fairport

Division 2 - Tommy Eastman, HF-L

Division 3 - Jonathan Letta, Hilton

Division 4 - Joe Pinero, Odyssey 

Week of January 24th

Division 1 - Matt Keenan, Fairport

Division 2 - Ty'Sean Sizer, Irondequoit

Division 3 - Malek Williams, Churchville

Division 4 - Fidel Norris, Arcadia 

Week of January 31st

Division 1 - Brandon Gartland, Schroeder

Division 2 - Josh Mack, Sutherland

Division 3 - Anthony Lamb, Athena

Division 3 - Sean Ayala, Batavia 

Week of February 7th

Division 1 - Brandan Gartland, Schroeder

Division 2 - Kevin Davis, Sutherland

Division 3 - Justin Johnson, Spencerport

Division 4 - Reggie Clark, Arcadia 

15-16 Varsity/JV Rosters 

15-16 Scoring Stats (PDF file)


15-16 Players of the Week



Varsity Coaches: Please remember to call Mike Dosier, 223-6636 (from Rochester and Monroe County) or 1-888-294-4820, immediately following your game. This call should only include the game, score and perhaps each team's high scorer. A responsible parent, assistant coach, spouse, etc. can make this call! Unless another arrangement is made, the home team should be the one calling in the game and calling the Democrat and Chronicle! Coaches please adhere to this time frame.

JV coaches: Please e-mail me your results to or call/text me at 764-3180. All I need is the game and who won. I appreciate your attention to this matter.

Section V Basketball

Section V Athletics Site 

Click Here for the 2016-2017 Rescheduling Process (Updated 11/30/16) by AD and/or Secretary to reschedule, postpone or cancel a game.

     R-School Scheduling

For the 2014-2015 season, all NYSPHSAA schools, which includes Monroe County, will play 18 games.  Sectional Point average for games through Feb. 14th will be used to determine the seeds for the Sectional Tournament.

Sectional Tournament Seedings Tiebreaker:

1) Total # of Points

2) Overall record 

3) Team with the best winning percentage within their own league.

4) Coin toss  


SEVideo will be available to tape your games throughout the season or make specific player highlight tapes for recruiting purposes.

UPN Channel 18 will feature a game of the week each week throughout the basketball season. The game will be shown on UPN Channel 18 on Saturday evenings at 8 p.m.
Tune in each Saturday from Noon - 1:00 p.m. to WHTK-AM (1280) for the Canandaigua National Bank Inside Section V High School Sports Show hosted by Democrat and Chronicle sportswriter Jeff DiVeronica. The show will conduct recaps and have interviews of coaches and players regarding high school basketball and high school athletics.

Freshman Basketball Format

MOD 'A' Basketball Format

MOD 'B' Basketball Format

12-14 State Rules from Handbook

Scorers, Timers and Shot Clock Manuals 

Send comments to David Richardson Monroe County Chairman

Monroe County Division 1 Varsity Standings 16-17 Season

SCHOOL Division Wins Division Losses Overall Wins Overall Losses Points
Fairport 10


Rush Henrietta


Victor  0 1 0



Monroe County Division 2 Varsity Standings 16-17 Season

SCHOOL Division Wins Division Losses Overall Wins Overall Losses Points
Webster Schroeder

Webster Thomas 0 4

Churchville 0 -11
Greece Arcadia
Spencerport 1 0

Monroe County Division 3 Varsity Standings 16-17 Season

SCHOOL Division Wins Division Losses Overall Wins Overall Losses Points
Greece Athena  0 0 0 0
Canandaigua 1 3 1 10
Pittsford Mendon 1
Pittsford Sutherland


Brockport 2 10

Monroe County Division 4 Varsity Standings 16-17 Season

SCHOOL Division Wins Division Losses Overall Wins Overall Losses Points
Greece Olympia 0 0
Batavia 0 0 -4
Greece Odyssey 4
Eastridge 1 -4 
Honeoye Falls-Lima 0
1 1 -1

Boys Varsity Chairpersons

David Richardson, Chairman - 698-9666 E-mail: David Richardson

John Pelin, Spencerport A.D., Boys Basketball Liason - 349-5171 E-mail: John Pelin

Monroe County Boys Basketball
Monroe County Boys Basketball
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