Monroe Park & Rec 3rd & 4th Grade Boys Basketball League: Game Summaries

Games from Saturday, February 25, 2012
Week 8

                   Ohio Buckeyes 33    North Carolina Tarheels 20
The Buckeyes took control early in this game, scoring 19 points by half-time. Leading the Buckeyes was Tyler Kipp with 10 points and Tefi Agunloye with 9 points. Also scoring for the Buckeyes were Stephen Van Gemert with 4 points and Steven Lee, Temi Agunloye, Hunter Smith, Deric DeAngelis and Daniel Verrastro with 2 points each. The Buckeyes gave a team effort this game, as eight of their nine players scored in this game. Scoring for the Tarheels was Chad Fedeli with 8 points, Evan Smith with 6 points, Griffin Elliot with 4 and Jake Minch with 2 points. Nicholas DeMayo and Sam Focone both played tough defense for the Tarheels.

                      Princeton Tigers 27    Marquette Golden Eagles 6
The hot shooting of Quinn Braddick (14 points) and Nicholas Barrett (9 points) was too much for the Golden Eagles to handle. Also scoring for the Tigers was Ian Jackson with 4 points. Scoring for the Golden Eagles were Jackson Lynch, Rowan Huber and Riley Immel all scoring 2 points each. Throughout the game, Marquette created open shots with their efficient offense but they just couldn't seem to get the ball in the basket this game. However, Quincy Nunn grabbed 5 rebounds and Sawyer Logan had 5 steals for Marquette.

                      UConn Huskies 22    Boston College Eagles 21
Both teams were neck and neck throughout the game, but a last second shot from Ryan Unger gave Uconn the one point lead and victory. Leading the Huskies was Jeffrey Guglielmo with 8 points. Also scoring was Ryan Unger and Zach Giugno with 4 points each. Jordan Beckett, Colin Meropoulos and Dylan D'Angelo all had 2 points each. Scoring for the Eagles was Carson Swift with 8 points, Alexei Hickey with 6, Devin Vollono with 4, Joey DePalma with 2 points and Eric Romansky with a free throw (1 point).

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Games from Saturday, February 18th, 2012
Week 7

                   North Carolina Tarheels 23    Indiana Hoosiers 20
The Tarheels defense prevailed as they eked out a three point win over the fiesty Hoosiers. In the fourth quarter the Tarheels did not allow the Hoosiers to score once, as North Carolina scored four points to take the lead. Scoring for the Tarheels was Chad Fedeli with 8 points, Jeffrey Nugent with 6, Evan Smith with 4, and Griffin Elliot and Jake Minch with 2 points each. Jonathon DiMaria added a foul shot in the first half of the game. Dylan Torok brought his A-game, pouring in 10 points for the Hoosiers. Also scoring for Indiana was Joshua Wittenberg with 4, Garrett Lazor, Josh Mellon and Adam Terasowich all adding 2 points each. Connor Lardi supplied 6 steals for the Hoosiers.

               Princeton Tigers 23    Marquette Golden Eagles 13
By the end of the first half the Tigers had only scored 4 points in total, as opposed to Marquette who had 11. However, Princeton rallied in the second half of the game and held Marquette to one basket in the whole second half. Leading the Tigers was Nicholas Barrett with 9 points. Also scoring was Quinn Braddick with 6, Derek Eisenbach with 4, Briggs Parsell and Michael Halko each adding 2 points. As for the Golden Eagles, Alden Snajder led his team with 7 points. Also scoring was Jackson Lynch, Rowan Huber, and Justin Guinta who all contributed with 2 points each. Quincy Nunn and Philip Hayes both played excellent defense in the tough loss.

                  Ohio State Buckeyes 22 UConn Huskies 20
In a close battle the Buckeyes were able to fight off the aggressive Huskies. The high scorer for the Buckeyes was Hunter Smith with 8 points. Also scoring was Tefi Agunloye with 6, Aren Cummings with 4 and Tyler Kipp and Deric DeAngelis with 2 points each. Late in the fourth quarter Tyler Kipp hit a tough jump-shot to give the Buckeyes the lead. Scoring for the Huskies was high scorer Zach Giugno with 8 points. Also scoring was Jordan Beckett and Jeffrey Guglielmo with 4 points each. Colin Meropoulos and David Dilks-Anderson both had 2 points each. Ryan Unger supplied 7 rebounds for the Huskies and Johnny Meyerle had 4 assists.

             Boston College Eagles 27 East Carolina Pirates 12
East Carolina had a tough time matching the intensity of their opponent in this game. Devin Vollono of Boston College was the high scorer with 12 points, 10 of which were in the 2nd half of the game. Also scoring for the Eagles was Carson Swift and Joey DePalma with 4 points each. Jimmy Gillen had 3 points, a basket and a free throw. Eric Romansky and Alexei Hickey had 2 points each. Scoring for the Pirates were Matthew Machan and Sean McCauley with 4 points each, and Kyle O'Leary and Mike Schiebe with 2 points each. Chris Tillotson and Gavin Neumeyer played hard throughout the game. Together they combined for 10 steals and 5 assists.

Stats and article by Zander Plescia

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Games from Saturday, February 11th, 2012
Week 6

                     Ohio State Buckeyes 18   Boston College Eagles 16
In the first game of the day Ohio State overcame a 6 point first half deficit on their way to their 5th win this season. With time ticking down in the fourth quarter Tyler Kipp hit a jump shot to give the Buckeyes the lead and ultimately win the game. Leading the scoring for Ohio State was Tefi Agunloye with 6. Hunter Smith had 4 and Tyler Kipp, Steven Lee, Stephen Van Gemert and Aren Cummings each added a basket. Alexi Hickey led the scoring for Boston College with 7 points. Devin Vollono had 3 points, and Patrick Dineen, Jimmy Gillen and Carson Swift each scored 2 points. Joey DePalma and Owen Schulz both played great defense for Boston College.

                   Indiana Hoosiers 22   Marquette Golden Eagles 13
In their win, The Hoosiers played a consistent game on the offensive end, while Marquette struggled to execute efficiently. Leading the Hoosiers was Garrett Lazor with 8 points. Dylan Torok, Connor Lardi and Joshua Wittenberg each added 4 points and Ryan Feneley added 1 basket. Marquette, who scored 9 of their 13 in the second half were led on the day by the 6 points from Jackson Lynch. Alden Snadjer scored 4 and Jon Zuck added a basket and a free throw for 3 points. Quincy Nunn finished the game with 6 rebounds and Rowan Huber had 5 steals in the hard fought loss.

                   East Carolina Pirates 25   UConn Huskies 18
East Carolina and UConn battled hard and ended up tied at halftime and although UConn took the lead in the 3rd quarter they were held scoreless by the tough Pirate defense in the 4th quarter, awarding them the victory. Christopher Tillotson had the hot hand with 8 points for the Pirates. Nicholas Esposito added 6, Gavin Neumeyer 5, Matthew Maehan 4, and Sean McCauley with a basket for 2 points. The Huskies were led by Zach Giugino and Jeffrey Gugliemo each with 6 points for UConn. Jordan Beckett, Colin Meropoulos, and Ryan Unger with 2 points each. Cameron Wheddon, Alexander Winters, and Dylan D'Angelo all proved to be defensive assets for UConn, yet this wasn't enough to defeat the relentless Pirates.

                         North Carolina Tarheels 24   Princeton Tigers 16
The Tarheels and Tigers played a closely contested game until halftime when the high scorer of the day, Jeffrey Nugent, took over the game for the Tarheels. Nugent had 10 of his 12 points in the second half. Also scoring for North Carolina was Chad Fedeli with 4, Griffin Elliot with 3, Jonathon DiMaria and Ethan Briand with 2 points and Nicholas DeMayo with a free throw for 1 point. Princeton was led by Derek Eisenbach who tallied 9 in the game. Michael Halko and Quinn Braddick each had 2 points and Ian Jackson added 1 free throw for the Tigers. Baden McLaughlin ended with 4 assists and Mateo Perpetuo grabbed 5 rebounds.

Stats and article by Zander Plescia

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Games from Saturday, February 4th, 2012
Week 5

                            North Carolina Tarheels 21   UConn Huskies 14
In this early morning match-up the Tarheels had 7 of their 8 players score helping them improve their record to 4-1.   Leading North Carolina's offense this week was Jeffrey Nugent with 5 points. Chad Fedeli and Nicholas DeMayo added 2 baskets each for 8 points. Rounding out the scoring were Ethan Briand, Jake Minch, Jonathan DiMaria and Griffin Elliott who each scored 2 points. The Huskies offense came from the second half scoring of Zach Giugno who bucketed 5 shots for 10 points, the leading scorer of this game. Also scoring for UConn were Ryan Unger and Jeffrey Guglielmo with 2 points each. Dylan D'Angelo, Jordan Beckett, and Colin Meropoulos all played tough defense.

                   Boston College Eagles 33   Marquette Golden Eagles 18
Boston College jumped out to an early 12 to 8 lead over Marquette after the first period and never looked back in route to their 3rd victory of the season. Boston College also had 7 of its 8 players score in the contest. Jimmy Gillen led the offense with 8 points in the game, followed by 7 from Alexei Hickey, and 6 from Devin Vollono. Hunter Socci and Eric Romansky had 4 each with Carson Swift and Owen Schulz adding 1 basket each for Boston College. Marquette, who was coming off a big victory the week before, gave their best effort but appeared over-matched. Tallying baskets for the Golden Eagles were Jackson Lynch and Alden Snadjer with 8 points each. Also scoring was Rowan Huber with 1 basket in the game. Quincy Nunn contributed with 6 rebounds and John Zuk had 3 assists.

                   Ohio State Buckeyes 17   Indiana Hoosiers 15
The mid morning match-up between the Buckeyes and Hoosiers was closely contested with the Buckeyes pulling off the victory in overtime behind the clutch basket of Stephen Van Gemert who scored 4 points on the day.   Both teams started out scoring more than half their points before the third quarter. In the second half, both defenses stepped up and limited the opposing team's scoring opportunities. Adding to the Buckeyes offense were Vincent Plescia, Temi Agunloye, Tyler Kipp and Steven Lee with 2 points each. The Hoosiers were led by Jacob Leisawitz with 6, Joshua Wittenberger with 5 and Garrett Lazor and Ryan Feneley with a basket apiece. Josh McMellon helped out the Hoosiers with 7 rebounds and a great block.

                  Princeton Tigers 25   East Carolina Pirates 17
Princeton and East Carolina were powered behind balanced offenses by both squads who each had 7 of their 10 players score. Princeton led only by 2 at the half but opened up the 3rd quarter with a barrage of baskets while their defense stepped up as well, holding the Pirates scoreless in the 3rd, and then cruising to victory. Briggs Parsell led the Tigers attack with 6, Nicholas Barrett scored 5 and Mateo Perpetuo and Derek Eisenbach each had 2 baskets. Adding to the attack were Quinn Braddick, Ian Jackson and Aidan Donnelly with 2 points each. Brendan Dauk ended the game with 5 steals and 3 rebounds for the Tigers. As for the Pirates, Christopher Tillotson netted 4 points, Gavin Neumeyer 3 points and Matthew Machan, Sean McCauley, Nicholas Esposito, Kyle O'Leary and Mike Schiebe all adding a basket.

Stats and article by Zander Plescia

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Games from Saturday, January 28th, 2012

                   Marquette Golden Eagles 22   UConn Huskies 15
In this tough match-up the Golden Eagles faced off against the defensive minded Huskies. This was a close game until the second half when the Golden Eagles broke the game open, scoring 12 of their 22 points in the third quarter. Leading the way for Marquette was Sawyer Logan who had 12 points in all. Rowan Huber added 4 and Quincy Nunn, John Zuk and Jackson Lynch each tallied a basket. UConn was led by the 3 batskets from Zach Giugno (6 points). Colin Meropoulos added 4, Cameron Wheddon and Ryan Unger added 2 each and Jordan Beckett chipped in with a free throw and 2 great blocks. Also helping the Huskies was Alexander Winters who picked up 4 steals.

                East Carolina Pirates 26   Indiana Hoosiers 23
East Carolina, behind the steady hand of Chris Tillotson who scored 12 in the victory, rallied in the second half to beat the previously undefeated Indiana Hoosiers. Nicholas Esposito added 8 points, Sean McCauley added 4 and Matthew Machan added 2 for the Pirates. For the Hoosiers, Jacob Leisawitz started strong with 8 first half points but was held in check in the second half. Six additional Hoosiers scored including Dylan Torok with 4, Josh McMellon with 1 basket and a free throw for 3 points and Adam Terosowich, Ryan Feneley, Connor Lardi and Joshua Wittenberg adding 2 each. Joshua Wittenberg also had 5 assists

                     Ohio State Buckeyes 35   Princeton Tigers 10
There was no stopping the high powered offense of the Buckeyes, who led by 18-6 at halftime over the Tigers. The Buckeyes used a balanced scoring attack, with 7 players scoring. They were led by Aren Cummings who scored 10, behind him was Tefi Agunloye and Tyler Kipp each adding 8 points. Also scoring for the Buckeyes were Steven Lee with 3, Deric DeAngelis, Temi Agunloye, and Hunter Smith with 2 each. Vincent Plescia grabbed 4 rebounds and played tough defense to assist his team in the win. For Princeton, despite trying to slow down Ohio, they were not able to conceal them from the basket. Scoring for the Tigers were Nicholas Barrett with 4 points, Mateo Perpetuo, Briggs Parsell and Ian Jackson all with 2 points each. Quinn Braddick and Brendan Dauk each contributed with 5 rebounds.

                   North Carolina Tarheels 26   Boston College Eagles 20
The North Carolina Tarheels rallied late to pull off the upset against the typically high scoring Boston College Eagles. Evan Smith and Jeffrey Nugent led the way in the victory with 8 points each. Griffin Elliott added 2 baskets and Chad Fedeli, Jonathon DiMaria and Nicholas DeMayo each added 1 basket. The Eagles, who have been averaging over 30 points per game we led by Alexei Hickey who scored 6 points, followed by Carson Swift, Jimmy Gillen and Devin Vollono who each added 4 points. Patrick Dineen also contributed 2 points, while Owen Schulz had 4 steals and 3 rebounds in the closely contested game.

Stats and article by Zander Plescia

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Games from Saturday January 14, 2012
Week 3

                   Indiana Hoosiers 23    Princeton Tigers 20
The undefeated Indiana Hoosiers, led by the 6 points and 2 blocks of Joshua Wittenberg, won a closely contested game. Jacob Leisawitz, Josh McMellon, and Connor Lardi contributed with 4 each, while Ryan Feneley and Dylan Torok each added 2 points. The Princeton Tigers were led by the game high scorer Nicholas Barrett who poured in 5 baskets for 10 points. Briggs Parsell and Derek Eisenbach added 4 while Ian Jackson added 2 points in a great effort. Also chipping in was Quinn Braddick who had 4 steals and Mateo Perpetuo who pulled down 5 rebounds.

                   East Carolina Pirates 20   Ohio State Buckeyes 16
East Carolina managed to pull out the victory with a late 4th quarter rally. Chris Tillotson and Gavin Neumeyer provided 12 of the 20 Pirate points with 6 each in the contest. Nicolas Esposito scored 4, while Thomas Insalaco and Matthew Machan each scored 2. The Buckeyes balanced attack was led this week by Stephen Van Gemert and Temi Agunloye who each scored 4 points. Vincent Plescia, Deric DeAngelis, Hunter Smith and Aren Cummings all contributed with 2 points. Tefi Agunloye grabbed 6 rebounds and made 3 steals in the tough loss.

                   North Carolina Tarheels 27   Marquette Golden Eagles 15
        The Tarheels cruised to victory behind Jeffrey Nugent's 14 point effort. Nicholas DeMayo and Evan Smith added 4, while Chad Fedeli hit a jump shot and one foul shot (3 points) and Griffin Elliot scored 2 points. Jonathon DiMaria, Jake Minch, and Samuel Focone all played tough defense for North Carolina. As for Marquette, Matthew Hull led his team with 5 points. Ryan Immel added 4, and Saywer Logan, Jackson Lynch and Alden Snadjer contributed with a basket each for 6 of the Golden Eagles points. John Zuk and Rowan Huber each had three steals, while Quincy Nunn contributed with 4 rebounds
                   Boston College Eagles 34   UConn Huskies 20
        Boston College had 9 of their 10 players score as they rolled to a double digit win over the Huskies. Patrick Dineen and Carson Swift had 6 each. Alexei Hickey, Alexander Levy, Joey DePalma and Jimmy Gillen each had 4 points, while Eric Romansky and Devin Vollono both made 1 basket. The Huskies were led by Jordan Beckett who ended the game with 6 points and 6 steals. Jeffrey Gugliemo and Colin Meropoulos added 4 each while Alexander Winters, Zach Giugno and Ryan Unger also contributed with 2 points. David Dilks-Anderson and Dylan D'Angelo both played great defense for the Huskies, but it wasn't enough to stop the relentless scoring ability of Boston College.

Stats and article by Zander Plescia

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Games from Saturday January 7, 2012
Week 2

                     East Carolina Pirates 22    Marquette Golden Eagles 16
        Chris Tillotson scored the game high of 8 points in East Carolina's hard earned win. As for the rest of the Pirates, Sean McCauley, Nicholas Esposito, and Thomas Insalaco all scored 4 points apiece, while Gavin Neumeyer and Mike Schiebe both made one foul shot. Dominick Sample and Joseph Ambrosini both played hardnosed defense for East Carolina. For Marquette, Alden Snajder, Rowan Huber, and Sawyer Logan all scored 4 points. Quincy Nunn and Justin Guinta also scored 2 points each. Jackson Lynch played great defense for the Golden Eagles, coming up with 6 steals, however East Carolina still prevailed.

                   Ohio State Buckeyes 28   North Carolina Tarheels 19
        Ohio State played an all around solid game as they were led offensively by Aren Cummings who had a double-double with 16 points and 10 rebounds. Tefi Agunloye contributed with 4 points, while Tyler Kipp, Hunter Smith, Vincent Plescia, and Deric DeAngelis all had a basket (2 points) each. Daniel Verrastro grabbed 5 rebounds and Steven Lee had 4 steals. Jeffrey Nugent led the Tarheels with 8 points. Also scoring for North Carolina was Griffin Elliot with 4, Evan Smith with 3, and Chad Fedeli and Ethan Briand with 2 points each. Chad Fedeli also had 4 assists and Nicholas DeMayo pulled down 5 rebounds.

                        Indiana Hoosiers 34   UConn Huskies 13
        The speedy offense of the Indiana Hoosiers helped them to defeat the Huskies in this game. Jacob Leisawitz had the game high of 12 points. Dylan Torok and Garrett Lazor each had 6 and Joshua Wittenberg had 4 points. Connor Lardi, Sean Gaynor, and Adam Terasowich all made a jump shot (2 points each). For UConn, Jeffrey Guglielmo scored 4 points while Jordan Beckett, Ryan Unger, David Dilks-Anderson and Zach Giugno all had 2 points. Also contributing was Alexander Winters who made a foul shot and had 3 assists, and Colin Meropoulos who grabbed 6 rebounds and stole the ball 5 times.

                        Boston College Eagles 43   Princeton Tigers 15
        Their disciplined ability to work the ball and only take good shots is what allowed Boston College to put the ball in the basket in such a copious manner. Carson Swift led the Eagles with 13 points, while Alexander Levy contributed with 6. Jimmy Gillen, Devin Vollono, Eric Romansky, Joey DePalma, Hunter Socci, and Alexei Hickey all had 4 points. On Princeton's squad, Mateo Perpetuo had 6 points while Nicholas Barrett, Quinn Braddick, Derek Eisenbach, and Brendan McLaughlin all scored 2 points. Also, Aidan Donnelly made a free throw (1 point). Ian Jackson played great defense, picking up 4 steals, and Briggs Parsell ended the game with 5 rebounds.

Stats and Article by Zander Plescia

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Games from Saturday December 17, 2011
Week 1

                           UConn Huskies 25    Princeton Tigers 12
        UConn's fast-paced style of play was too much for Princeton to handle, as they prevailed in the first game of the season. Jeff Guglielmo was the leading scorer in this game, supplying 10 points for UConn. Also scoring for the Huskies was Jordan Beckett with 5, Colin Meropoulos with 4, and David Dilks-Anderson, Zach Giugno and Alexander Winters with 2 points each. Ryan Unger was also a key factor in UConn's win by grabbing 7 rebounds. As for Princeton, Nicholas Barrett, Derek Eisenbach, Quinn Braddick, Mateo Perpetuo, Briggs Parsell, and Aidan Donnelly all scored 2 points for a combined 12. 10 of these 12 points occurred in the second half in Princeton's attempted comeback. Michael Halko, Ian Jackson, and Brendan Dauk all played tough defense, but unfortunately it wasn't enough to surpass UConn's scoring ability.

                   Indiana Hoosiers 32    Boston College Eagles 27
        Dylan Torok put up 11 points for Indiana to help them win in a closely contested game. Josh McMellon scored 6 points, Joshua Wittenberger had 5 and Garrett Lazor and Connor Lardi each had 4 points for Indiana. For Boston College, Carson Swift had the game high of 13 points. Also scoring was Jimmy Gillen with 6, Alexei Hickey with 4, and Devin Vollono and Joey DePalma with 2 points each. Alexander Levy, Owen Schulz, and Eric Romansky all played great defense for the Eagles, coming up with timely steals, while Adam Terasowich of Indiana pulled down 6 rebounds.

                North Carolina Tarheels 24    East Carolina Pirates 9
        The Pirates had a tough game against the Tarheels, as their lock down defense led by Jake Minch, with 4 steals, brought them the victory. Scoring for Tarheels with 8 points each were Jeffrey Nugent, and Griffin Elliot. Also scoring was Ethan Briand with 6, and Jonathan DiMaria with 2 points. For the Pirates, Chris Tillotson, Sean McCauley, Thomas Insalaco, and Kyle O'Leary all scored a basket (2 points each). Gavin Neumeyer also contributed with a free throw and excellent ball pressure on the defensive end of the court, coming up with 6 steals.

                  Ohio State Buckeyes 37   Marquette Golden Eagles 18
        The Buckeyes offense seemed unstoppable throughout the game. Aren Cummings had the game high of 12 points, while Tyler Kipp had 7, and Stephen Van Gemert, Steven Lee, Temi Agunloye, and Deric DeAngelis all scored 4 points. Hunter Smith also supplied a solid Jump shot, giving him 2 points. Tefi Agunloye and Vincent Plescia posed threats on the defensive end as they combined for 12 rebounds (6 each). Vincent also had 3 assists. For the Marquette Golden Eagles, Jackson Lynch and Rowan Huber had 6 points each while Sawyer Logan, Alden Snadjer, and John Zuk all had 2 points each. Justin Guinta had 4 assists for the Golden Eagles and Quincy Nunn finished the game with 5 rebounds.

Stats and article by Zander Plescia

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