Monroe Park & Rec 3rd & 4th Grade Boys Basketball League: Gym / League Rules


Gym Rules

Players need to be at the gym 15 minutes prior to game time.
Games may start before the scheduled time.

Players should report no earlier than 5 minutes prior to practice time.

Players may not attend other team's practices.
Players can be dropped off and left with the coach.
Non-Playing children under the age of 16 may never be left unattended at practices or games.

Players or non-players may not bring their own basketballs.

Anyone caught on the “Climbing Wall” will be sent home. This is enforced!

Do not sit on mats.

No coffee, soda, water bottles, gatorade or food allowed in the gym.

There is a no smoking policy on all school property.

Young children must sit with their parents.
There is no playing in the hallway.   
League & Game Rules

We play 4 six-minute quarters of start/stop time.

The rim height is 8 feet.
The foul line is 13 1/2 feet.

All players must play a minimum of half a game (12 minutes)

Play is stopped at the 3 minute mark of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th quarters for substitutes.
All players must play in all 4 quarters.
At the 3 minute mark all remaining players on the bench must enter the game and play the entire last 3 minutes of the quarter. (exception being illnes, injury, disciplinary, or foul trouble)

Every player will get to start at least 3 games.
The starting line-up is changed in Game 6.

The Referees or League Director will send off players from the court for exhibiting poor sportsmanship or disrespect.

Full court pressing is not allowed. Players may only defend on their defensive half of the court. Exception – The team trailing may press in the last 10 seconds of the game. This prevents a team from running out the clock.

The game and overtime periods are started with a jump ball.

The Alternate Possession Rule is then in effect.

There are no 3-point shots.

Teams get two 45 second time-outs per half.

In case of a tie we play a 2-minute overtime period. Teams get an extra time-out per overtime period. If tied after the 1st overtime period we play a "sudden victory" period. First team to score 2 points wins.

Violations include:
traveling, over & back-also called backcourt, illegal dribble-also called double dribble, lane, free throw & boundary

Time violations:   
3 seconds in the lane

5 seconds to release the ball when in bounding or closely guarded.

10 seconds to get the ball from the back court into the front court and the player must release a foul shot before 10 seconds

Fouls include:

Personal – hitting, tripping, holding,
            blocking, charging and pushing

Intentional- fouling a player on purpose

Flagrant- A serious foul involving
          intended violent conduct
          the player is ejected
          and faces a possible suspension

Technical– bad sportsmanship or delaying tactics

A player is disqualified after his 5th foul.

The League does not keep standings.
There is no end of season tournament.
There is no League Champion.

At the end of the season a player on each team will be honored for exhibiting outstanding sportsmanship.

A head coach is also selected for Good Sportsmanship being exhibited by the team and his/her coaching staff.


All players increase their skill level.
All players make a Friend.
All players have Fun!



Remember, where your child practices and plays games is like the classroom – respect the classroom.

Never cheer another child's mistakes. Examples: double dribbling, traveling, and throwing a ball out of bounds.

Remember, making mistakes is part of the learning process – don’t criticize.

Focus on fun and participation rather than winning or losing.

Ask your child if they had fun. Then ask why or why not.
Get interested in your child’s sports.

Learn the rules of your child’s sport.

Make every effort to get your child to practice on time.

Reinforce the coach’s instruction when practicing with your child at home.

Remember, positive reinforcement is the key to improvement.

Let the coach know if your child will be missing practice or a game.

Pick your child up promptly after practices and games.

***Never attempt to specifically COACH your child from the spectator seats. This is very distracting to other parents, players, and coaches. Your advice might be in direct conflict with that of the coach. You can say general phrases like: “rebound blue” or “box out yellow”. Make only positive, encouraging comments to the players on both teams.

***If you have a concern with the coach, discuss your concern away from the players and especially away from your child.

***Respect all players, coaches and officials.

***Control your emotions.

Failure to comply with the above triple asterisked rules may result in a parent(s), sibling, or other spectator (the offender) being asked to leave the gym.