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The MCGSA is a community based, volunteer organization committed to providing a safe, family friendly environment to foster the highest ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork and respect while nurturing each young person physically and emotionally to make them better softball players, good citizens, and prepare them for the challenges of life.

We are primarily a recreational girls fast pitch league, though we work to offer additional opportunities to play tournament and travel team softball.  For more information use the menu to the left for specific topics or read on for some of the latest information.

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Thursday, January 28
Dick's Sporting Goods Appreciation Day 5 March 2016

Mon County Girls Softball Association is happy to announce that on March 5th, Dick’s Sporting Goods will hold a special Appreciation Day for all of our participating players, coaches and their family members. All of our members will receive 20% off their ENTIRE Purchase! So join us for Appreciation Day at Dick’s Sporting Goods as we gear up for the upcoming season. Every season starts at Dick’s Sporting Goods!

 See the attached flyer for more information!

 DSG Appreciation Day Coupon


Monday, February 1
Local softball clinics

Hey everyone,

Both MHS and UHS are offering softball clinics over the next couple of months.

UHS is first up with a clinic on 14 February from 1-3PM at UHS.  This clinic will cover the fundamentals of softball and is open to any ages.  The cost is $2.  You can get more specific information by e-mailing Mindy Parks at

Nest up is MHS which is offering a clinic for girls in K-7 on March 5th. The clinic is in the morning with registration at 8:30AM and the clinic starting at 9AM and running until 12PM. There will also be an additional special hour for catchers and pitchers from 12PM - 1PM. The clinic is planned to be held at the Granville fields but weather may move it inside to MHS.


There is also a flyer for the MHS clinic with some more information.

Have fun!

 MHS Clinic 2016

Wednesday, December 16
2016 spring/summer MCGSA Registrtion is now open!

Hello everyone!

We realize it is only December but it is never TOO early to start thinking about softball. Why are we thinking about softball right now? Well this year we are going to try and get an early jump on registrations particularly with respect to the 12U and 16U age divisions.

In the past we have done evaluations and final registration for those age divisions AFTER the scholastic season has ended. This is usually mid-to late May. At that time, we try to get evaluations in as well as ordering uniforms etc. We do this because the WV Secondary School Activities Commission (WVSSAC) does not allow scholastic softball players to participate in any other softball activities while school ball is under way (about Mar 1 through mid to late May). This situation creates a very tight schedule in which to get everything done and often results in the 12U/16U season running longer than intended.

To deal with this situation, we are trying a different approach this year. We want to focus on getting the 12U and 16U girls registered as early as possible and have player evaluations before the scholastic season starts. So registration is now open for not only those two age groups but all age groups.

We are going to an electronic registration this year so there are no forms to print and fill out. You will have two options. One is to follow the link below and input the appropriate information. The other, similar to last year, is to come to one of our scheduled registration times and sign up then. If you come to the registration event, we will capture your registration data into our database directly. Again, no paper forms. We will do not accept credit charges as it creates issues with costs and other things.

The exact dates of the registration events is still in work but should be available shortly. They will be posted on the website as well as Facebook and via Twitter and

Speaking of costs, registration will increase a small amount again this year, going up $5. So 6U costs will be $40 and all other age groups will be $65. As with last year we will also be having a fundraising event. It will be the same as last year where you will get 5 raffle tickets for $30. You can keep the tickets and hope for a win or you can sell the tickets for $6 apiece and recoup your investment. You are also able to get more tickets to sell if you so desire.

That is about it for now. Based on our numbers from last year we are expecting to have a great season this year for our recreational program as well as hoping to kick off our travel ball program.

Please watch on Facebook, Twitter or the website for more information and updates as we get ready for 2016! Have a great holiday season and let’s look forward to a great New Year! And for all of you players out there we hope you get the bat or glove that you are wishing for!

Use this link, MCGSA 2016 Registration to register.

Tuesday, August 11
League update for fall ball


This post covers some questions that have been asked about MCGSA fall softball.

First off, some apologies for lack of information. There have been several requests asking about fall softball and we have been slow in getting back to all of you.

But the answer is, as an association, we are not creating and managing a fall ball league.

There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that to make this happen we need to start it back in June or so. However, that is also in the middle of many, many things going on and so it tends to slip by and be forgotten.

Two is that historically we have had very few girls sign up to play fall ball. Other activities like soccer and basketball pull them away from softball. Arguing with ourselves, we might say if we started the process early enough, maybe we could hold on to some of those players, but we did not start early enough as noted above.

Three is that once the summer season winds down and the activities in item two kick in, we lose personnel, like coaches etc, to help make the league happen. There are some of you out there that would coach, but past experience again says there are few of you. That leads us to having only a couple of teams that end up playing each other over and over and then complaints about the lack of teams. 

Having said all of that in the past BOPARC has offered a fall ball league. Sometimes with games played on the Granville fields and sometimes with games on fields at White Park (or both). BOPARC is not doing that this year, although the gentleman that ran that league for BOPARC, Gordon Shilling (now retired from BOPARC) is offering something very similar through a different sanctioning body - the National Softball Association (NSA).

The thing with the NSA league is that it is not set up to offer players a chance to play, but set up to offer teams a chance to play. So you need a coach, and that coach needs to contact girls and then the coach submits the paperwork gets the insurance etc etc. It is not set up to ensure that any player that wants to play fall softball gets to play fall softball as our system is set up for spring/summer ball.

Having said all of that, if you are interested in the NSA league, send a message and we will pass along the information.

Lastly, with all of this in mind, if we wanted to try and do fall softball next year, now is a really good time to start planning that effort. If you are an energetic softball driven person that wants to make MCGSA fall softball a reality, then please contact us. There are a number of possibilities that exist on how we can do fall softball and how we can create a fall softball experience for our player base, but we need to start the wheels turning now to best ensure it happens next year. So please contact us and lets get a group of people together and start some planning!

Monday, August 10
MCGSA Election results and pool party

Thank you to everyone that was able to make it to the pool party last night! It was a great night with a lot of fun and some great food! Whoever brought the mac and cheese, it was awesome! And what would a party be without some beans and franks!

While our full season is not quite complete this year, we do want to thank you all again for the great season.

Thank you parents for bringing your daughters to come play with us. We work hard everyday to make their experience playing softball a fun one, a challenging one, a learning one and something that will help them as they grow.

Thanks to all of our volunteers for the hard work they do in helping to keep things running. From getting the fields ready, to maintaining the equipment, to ordering uniforms and so much more. Without the help of these people we would not be where we are.

And thank you players for coming out and having fun learning and playing softball. This is your sport and time to play and have fun so enjoy it!

Also thank you to those special volunteers that offered up their time to run for a position on the board.  We had several people willing to step up and take on the work needed to operate this league as well as several returning incumbents.

So with no further ado, the winners last night are:

  • Director of Coaching - Nikki Nuzum
  • Equipment Coordinator - Tony Reed
  • Concession Stand Manager - Lee Ann Harki
  • Player Agent - Matt Harki
  • Treasurer - Stephanie Lemley
  • President - Ken Costello

Thank you everyone that came to vote (even if you did not stay for the pool party) and thank you again to all of those that volunteered for a position, win or lose, you have shown your willingness to help this association succeed.