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Saturday, July 16

2015 Club Cup Champions


2015 CLUB CUP CHAMPIONS !!!!!  This is the 17th time out of a total of 27 years that MVWC has won the cup.  Finishing second this year was Cobra WC of Buffalo,  Pin2Win was third and Mat Power(Wayne Co.) was fourth


The club's regular  Pratices have concluded.   Additional practices will be held in conjunction with scheduled events. Remaining plans for 2016 include Ontario cup on July  9-10, the VERY POPULAR STATE FAIR EVENT on August 27-28, and Puerto Rico on October 5-12.     Sign-ups for these and the Puerto Rico trip can be made by contacting a Club officer.



A big success with over 450 participants on Saturday for Freestyle and 235 participants for Greco on Sunday.  Next years tournament will be held 2 weeks after the High School Championships as it has been for 30 years


 2016 season  The 34th Year and 2017 for the 35th Year

On Mar 1 at Chittenango Middle School the Club begins it's 34th year.   Practices are from 7:00-8:30 through May. As has been the case for all those years the club teaches and competes in the International Styles,  Greco & Freestyle. The club's clinicians will feature:  TERRY SHOWALTER, RYAN LEBLANC,  BEN NEW,  TOM MULCHY, DEREK BIGFORD, with guest coaches including JIM HALL.    The club, Competition Coach MIKE LETCHER will also lead a staff of volunteer Bronze Level certified coaches.   This year the club is also encouraging former club wrestlers to return to assist at practices, to give our athletes the best experience possible.

For 2017 the Club will look to increase membership.  This will be a special year, 35 YEARS.  It is an AMAZING  accumplishment to make it and survive.   Sons and Daughters of original Club members and past wrestlers, are now members.   We are looking forward to a renewed schedule, with a possible trip to Montreal in early spring.   A new tournament in Rochester is also possible. 

The International program will include a trip to Netherlands for the Utrecht Easter tournament and hosting a  Swedish team in the Summer.  That means more GRECO WRESTLING. 



  PUERTO RICO Results 2015 and plans for 2016

The club ended the 2015 season with a trip to "fun in the  sun" Puerto Rico, for the annual Copa Sparta Wrestling Tournament on Columbus Day weekend.    Again this year the MVWC is combining with Pin2Win to field a team.   The group left on October 7 and returned October 12.   Most of the wrestlers  wrestled 2 days at the tournament, which features true International competition.   A number of USA teams , Canadian Teams and teams from the Central-South America  joined the Puerto Ricans in San Juan for the event.  

The combined team had good resuls with many more wins than loses.   Paricipating from the Club were: Jacob Garrow, Zach Hunt, Austin O'Rielly and David Ciciarelli(who also refereed).    Zach placed 5th and Austin won Gold.  The remaider of the group making up the Pin2Win/MVWC team claimed 2 additonal Golds with Cahal Donavan, Ross McFareland,  4 sivers with Donavan, Jaden Allen,Theo Powers(2), and 3 bronzes with McFarland, Bryce Doane, and Zach Carlson.

In 2016 plans ar to return on October 5 with the tournament held on October 7-8 and return home on October 10.  Cost will be $850.00 approx. The club will be working with Pin2WIN and Fulton Wrestling Club to put a good Section 3 wrestling group together to represent our area in this International Tournament.







On August 29-30 2015 the annual event was held at the NYS Fair.   Saturday AT 7:00 a takedown tournament was held.   Sunday featured Greco wrestling at 10:00 and Freestyle at 2:00.  All wrestling was held at the Sports Activity Center, in front of the Coleseum.  Aout 50 wrestlers competed on Saturday.    On Sunday about 12 additonal wrestlers came in and a very competitive competition was held on Sunday.   A good crowd watched both the Greco and Freestyle sessions.

This year the tradition at the Fair will continue on the First weekend of the Fair  August 27 & 28.  Teams set to compete   MVWC,  Pin 2Win,  Fulton,  Mat Power(Wayne Co),   Curby 3 Style(Troy NY), possible Canadian Team

SChedule for 2016 State Fair Challange:

August 23 & 25  Practice sessions for MVWC wrestlers @ Chittenango High School   6:00-7:30 pm

August 27    Saturday   2:00pm- ???   Registration Weight Check.   6:30  Take down tournament   Sports Activity area

August 28   Sunday   10;00am Greco wrestling,     2:00pm Freestyle wrestling     Sports Activity area 

All wrestlers stay at the Youth Building on Saturday night with Meals provided.   This is a USA Wrestling Sanctioned event.   Info contact Don McGee  315-633-9362, 315-633 5300 or Bob Rose 315-451-3020



MVWC has 2 ALL AMERICANS  in Fargo for the 2015 USA Nationals.

Hunter Richard place 7th with Trevor Snow placing 8th in the USA's premier tournament.  Both placed in Greco Roman style  The club was well represented by a number of other MVWC wrestlers in both Greco and Freestyle.   SEE NEWS





                                            2016 NYS Championships 

About 15 wrestlers competed in the NYS Championships  May 14-15.   In the Schoolboy, Cadet and Junior divisions, MVWC had  the least amount in many years. However those that went did well:

Gold Medal:      Austin O'Rielly GR    Lester Labrake FS

Silver: David Beswitch FS, Hunter Richard FS, Travis Harrington FS,  Hunter Potts GR,  Lucas King GR,  Travis Harrington FS

Bronze:  Devin Coleman GR,  Jon Handy GR

5TH    Ian O'Niel GR 



                                         Canada  (Ontario Cup)   RESULTS  2016

July 10, Guelph Ontario--- MVWC WINS  The Ontario Cup Mens division.   Led by 4 Gold Medalists(Logan DeBugue, Grady Alpert, Hunter Richard, and Sam Jones) won the cup with Hunter Potts, Sam Waldron adding silvers and Marshal Bruggeman and EJ Sampo with Bronzes.   The Ontario Cup had wrestlers from throughout Canada competing along with several States represented and a team from Korea.


                               MOHAWK VALLEY INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 



Over 450 wrestlers competed on Saturday in freestyle and 235 competed in Greco on Sunday.  Clubs from Canada, all of NYS, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Pennsylvania competed.  Complete indivdual results can be found on Track Wrestling under MVW Festival.   Pictures are up on




 Check out & join our Mohawk Valley Wrestling Club "Group" on Facebook !



Training in the international styles of Freestyle and Greco, has proven to be a successfull off season program for high school and college wrestlers.  It is a welcome change of pace and adds additional technique and stategies to every wrestlers game.  




March  1           Mohawk  Valley practice(registration)        Chittenango  MS

March               Other Auxilliary sites  TBD begins              TBA

March 12-13      Mohawk Valley   Festival                  Canastota

March 19           

March 26             EASTER

April 2                

April 9                 Adirondack Festival                     Albany  

April 16-17          Buffalo WC Festival                     Niagara Falls 

April 17               Journeymen FS Classic                 Schnectady 


April 29-May 1     Northeast Regionals                      East Stroudsburg PA

May 8                 Section 3 tournament                    Holland Patent

May 13-15            NYS Champioships                        Hudson  Valley

May 21                 NYS Club Cup Tenative                  Chittenango

June 4                 Headlocks on the Hudson               Troy

July2-3                NYS International                        Brockport 

July 9-10              Canada Cup                                     Guelph Ontario

July 17-25             Junior- Cadet Nationals                  Fargo 

August 27-28        State Fair Challange                      Syracuse

October 6-110         Copa Sparta                                Puerto Rico

*These dates are as scheduled now but could be subject to change


                                    >>>>>    International News    <<<<<< 

The 2016 trip is to Sweden.  The team will compete at tin Gothenberg in a 2 day Greco event.   Training will be held prior to the event wit a club in Varberg Sweden . A brief stay in Copenhagen Denmark is also on the agenda 

The 2015 European Trip was  competed in ESTONIA at the Tallinn Open on MARCH 26- APRIL 5.  The Estonian portion of the trip featured a Greco/Freestyle tournament and a multi-nation training camp.   Over 1400 wrestlers wrestled in the 2 day event.   We are also  competed in FINLAND

NEXT YEAR 2017 ----NETHERLANDS ?????  IS Anyone interested???? 



Registration for 2017 is accepted at all practices.    YOU MUST REGISTER  WITH  USA WRESTLING DIRECT FOR YOUR USA CARD BEFORE REGISTERING WITH  THE CLUB.    This is a new policy with USA WRESTLING.   Go to: to register with USA. Club Registration can be done at any Club practice. Registration for 2017 will be accepted in October 2016.   SEE MY SITE NEWS    


The Club's 35th season begins on March ,2017 at Canastota High School, with Tuesday and Thursday practices from 7:00-8:30.   

* During the Club's 35 years, several thousand wrestlers have participated.
* Many have achieved success as High School Champions in Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco. Many members have continued as Collegiate wrestlers, including Junior College, Division I, II, and III.  A number have become All Americans, as well as a Member of the 1996 Olympic team.
* Hundreds of Central New York wrestlers have had the opportunity to travel around the world representing the Club, which is recognized as the most active club, internationally in the United States. The Club has traveled and wrestled in Argentina, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Puerto Rico, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Netherlands, Iceland, Turkey, China, and has the strongest relationship with Canada of any USA Club. 


Mohawk Valley International Wrestling Festival results for 2014-2016 will be listed at:    The 2017 Festival will be held as usual right after the NYS High School Championships in March 2017  

CHECK BOTTOM RESULTS for 2004-2016 tournament placings of team members. Included in order are all tournaments attended, beginning with Super Six and through the New York Championships in all divisions.

CHECK INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVES for information on and stories about MVWC trips in the past years, stories about Puerto Rico, Netherlands, Turkey, and the 2006 trip to China.  For stories about trips to Germany, see Germany.   Also check the PHOTO section for pictures from various events.

Turkey 2013