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Wednesday, September 5

Welcome Cheerleaders and Parents


This year we are having some changes and they are as follows:

1. You will have a choice of which cheer you want to do with different registration fees

a - Football Cheer Only

b. Wrestling Cheer Only

c. Combination of Football & Wrestling Cheer

d. Competition Team Cheer- which will come home with the cheerleaders after the season starts for those that may be interested.

2. All cheering will start in August outdoors for all cheerleaders. We will be learning the same cheers as our schools use and the same techinques of stunting. Practices will be Monday,Tuesday and Thursday until school starts and then Tuesday and Thuursday.

        a, Football cheer will run from August to Nov with games being Saturday or Sunday depending on the schedule

        b. Wrestling  cheer will run from August to approx end of Feb an Oct we will move indoors only 1 night a week because you would have time to learn all cheers and stunting during the outdoors months.

        c. We then will have competition teams. This would be a different night then what wrestling cheer will be using so that all girls who want to can take part in this. Depending on the amount of girls we will maybe have two teams and divide them by age so they would not go up against each other at competitions.The only requirement for this team is you come to all practices and they listen to the coaches. There also will be an extra fundraiser to help raise money for the competition fees. Letters will be sent home with the girls on this team and returned if interested or not.

2. Coaches will be needed to come forward as soon as possible so we can all get together with the high school to get clinics in.

3, All cheerleaders no matter what sport you cheer for will particapte in activites together such as clinics, parades or anything else we may do if they chose.These are not mandatory.

4. All football & wrestling cheerleaders will have sizing in June for their uniforms and sneakers and bloomers. Sneakers and( bloomeers if needed). I will have size samples of sneakers at this fitting to size your child. All sneakers must be paid for at the time of sizing for me to place order and every girl will need to purchase. If you need bloomers I will have samples also for you to order at that time. Your skirt,vest, crop top,hair bow, socks, and sneakers and bloomers if needed and ordered will be handed out 1st week of practice in August.This why it also gives me time to get any uniform pieces we will need and all your sneakers in.

5.For cheerleaders doing both sports you may wear your sneakers for both. The only thing is you must have them washed and clean to be using them on the mats for wrestling.

6. We will have pictures for football cheerleading at the time of footballs pictures. And for wrestling cheerleaders will have your pictures after you move indoors and your squads are assigned.If you do both you have the choice of getting both but all girls will be in your team photo

 .Please email me if you are willing to help coach this year to make the Upper Perk Youth Cheering program come to a new high. All cheerleading funding will come from the Mohawks so all reigistration money will be collected by Mohawks.

A flyer will come home in spring from school with your child for sign up dates in person. But you can sign up anytime starting now online on this home page.

 I need to have all coaches lined up now so please email me back as soon as possible if you have not already if you can help coach.

If you have any questions please email me at dbyers12@comcast.net


Tuesday, March 6
U.P. Mohawks Football

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