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Friday, April 29

     Thanks to everyone, our first fundraiser was a success. To all the coaches of the KC Bulldogs, KC Ravens, Huskies, and the Wyandotte County Panthers, and Board members, GREAT JOB. We had a few bumps in the road, but over all, our communties supported us to make this a success. So we just want to thank everyone who supported MO-KAN with their donation and hope we can look forward to doing it again.  We also like to thank Steve Hunt for donating the use of his reception hall at 8001 Paseo. Be on the Look Out, our next fundraisers is coming soon. If think you can fish, this fundraiser might be for you. Stay tune, more details about dates and locations will be finalized soon.  Again, thanks to everyone.

Ed Sims

President of Mo-Kan