Marple Newtown Youth Lacrosse: Get Equipment

Saturday, January 7
Where to Get Equipped

We have a great relationship with Competitive Edge Outfitters who are located at:

21 West Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087

They have put together a Starter Package for the Marple Newtown Lacrosse Association which will get you right in the game!

The package includes:

  • Cascade Helmet
  • STX Stinger Shoulder Pads
  • STX Stinger Arm Pads
  • STX Stinger Gloves
  • STX AV8 Stick
  • 1 Lacrosse Ball
  • 1 Mouth Piece

The total package price is $226 off of a retail price of $275.

We strongly recommend that you go in-person for a custom fit session to make sure your son gets the best possible fit with his new equipment.