Murrieta National Little League: FAQ's

1. When does the season start?
A. Our 2013 Fall season will begin the 2nd week of September (the week following Labor Day).
2. How many games a week do we play?
A. Majors and above will play two games played during the week.  For the divisions AAA and below there will be 1 game and 1 practice per week. No games will be played on Saturday.
3. When does the season end?
A. The Fall season will end in November.  The exact date is pending completion of registration and making of the schedule.
4. When will I know what day(s) my child will be playing on and their teams schedule?
A. The number of teams is directly related to the final registration numbers in each age group.  Schedules can not be determined until registrations have concluded and teams have been drafted.  Once these two items have taken place it will take a couple of weeks to put together the schedule.  Once it has been completed, it will be provided to your manager and posted on our webpage under 'Schedules'.

5. Where are games played?

A. Most of our games are played at Los Alamos Hills Sports Park. For the Major division and below, some games may be played at Hunt Park.

Los Alamos Hills Sports Park
Hunt Park 
6. When and where are practices scheduled?
A. The practice location is usually the same as the game sites, and can also be held at local school sites.  Extra practices are held at the managers discretion and available field space.
7. If it rains, how will I know if the games have been cancelled?
A. The City of Murrieta determines when fields will be closed due to the weather.  Once MNLL has been notified of field closures we immediately update the website and post it on our Facebook page as well as send an email to all managers. 
8. Does my child have to try out? 
A. Every child aged 7 years and older will be required to attend one of the evaluation dates during the Spring season only!
9. Can I request for my child to be on the same team as his/her friend?
A. We cannot guarantee your child will be on the same team as his or herfriend. We will guarantee that siblings in the same division will be onthe same team.
10. What equipment will the league provide and what shouid I purchase for my son/daughter?
A. The league provides most of the necessary equipment (e.g. Jersey, Team hat, Bats, Catchers Gear, Baseballs, Batting Tees).  You will want to get yoru child his/her own glove.  You may wish to get a helmet for your child, but the league will provide a few for the team.  The team manager will provide you the colors of the team's uniform (i.e. pants, socks, undershirt, belt, ect) that will need to be purchased.

1. How can I volunteer to assist with the Murrieta National Little League?
A.  Please indicate you would like to volunteer on your registration form, or visit the Volunteering page to see what opportunities exist. Any help is appreciated! 
2. What am I expected to do? 
A. You are expected to cheer on your baseball player in a positive andencouraging way. Because this is a volunteer organization, you will be expected to work in the snack bar a few times throughout the season.  Your team mom will work with your team to determine a schedule.  Snack bar duty is the responsibility of the 'home' team.
3. How old does a volunteer have to be to work in the snack bar?
A. Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age, and only one teenager is allowed to work in the snack bar at a time.
4. Is there a fundraiser we must participate in?
A. YES! In order to operate this non-profit organization and to keepregistration fees affordable, you will be required to participate in ourcandy fundraiser. If you’d rather opt out of selling a box of candy, youcan buy-out for $25.00.
5. Are we to provide a sponsor for our team?
A. Yes! Each team will be required to provide at least one sponsor. More information will be given to the Team Parent at the Team Parent Meeting.