MN FutureStars: MN FutureStars Rules

Tuesday, May 17

MN FutureStars Rules

The National High school federation rules and regulations will apply to all tournament games.

Team check in: everyone must check-in before they play their first game, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Playing Rules:

  1. Game balls for divisions 4th grade through 6th grade competitions shall use 28.5 basketballs. Regulation official full-sized basketballs will be used in all other divisions.
  2. Each team is responsible for their warm-up and game balls and/or any other items brought to the game. The tournament representatives are not responsible for lost items.
  3. All games will be played in two halves. Grades 4th and 5th will play two 14 minute halves. Grade 6th through 8th will play 16 minute halves.
  4. Five minutes will be given for pre-game warm-ups. Halftime shall be no longer than 3 minutes. 
  5. Overtime period will be 2 minutes. The third overtime will end in sudden death. Except championship games if there is a third overtime 2 minutes will be added.
  6. (3) time-outs and (1) 30 second time-out will be allowed to each team. One (1) additional time-out per team will be awarded for each overtime period. There will be no carry-over of time-outs from regulation to overtime periods.
  7. 20 points + leads will result in continuous clock running, unless loosing team can get the score back within 10 points. Then it will be stop time until the end of the game.
  8. A player will be disqualified after committing a 5th personal foul (technical fouls are included) for all grade brackets.
  9. The one and one bonus will start at 7 fouls. The 10th team foul will result in a double bonus.
  10. Two (2) technical fouls during a game on any player, coach or team representative will result in their disqualification for the rest of the game.

***Wristbands must be warn on the wrist or ankle at all times. We will not allow anyone into the venue without the wristband on their wrist or ankle without paying.***

Coaches wristbands-coaches will be limited to three (3) per team. No coach will be allowed on the bench without wristband.


Tie-breaker for Pool Play

  1. Head to Head
  2. Point differential....maximum 15 points (forfeits are scored at 15-0) point differential calculation is based solely on the game between tied teams. In the event of a three way tie for first, point differential will be used to establish the pool winner. The head to head game between the remaining two teams will determine the runner-up position.
  3. Defensive point system-if three teams remain tied after the above tie-breakers, the team with the lowest total points allowed will advance. The remaning teams will revert back to the tie-breaker rule #1.