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Welcome to the MLU Rage Website!!!
Welcome to the MLU Rage Website!!!  
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MLU Rage
Mike Purcell
220 Harrison Street
Riverside, New Jersey

Welcome the the MLU Rage website!!! The Rage are a U16 girls travel soccer team playing in the South Jersey Girls Soccer League. The Rage are based in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey with home fields located at Laurel Acres Park and Trotters Crossing. The Rage Head Coach is Mike Purcell W/asst. Dave Patino, and Team Manager Marc Richman.


Thursday, September 3
Rage fall season 2009


Week #1     09/13     Away at     Washington Twp SC Thunder                    3:30

Week #2     09/20    Home vs     Highland SC Charge                                  2:15

Week #3     09/27    Home vs     Cherry Hill FC Thunder                               3:30

Week #4     10/04     Away at     Monroe Twp SC Blaze                              12:30  

NO GAMES 10/11

Week #5     10/18     Home vs    Seneca United SC Magic Express           2:15 

Week #6     10/25     Home vs    Cinnaminson SC Strikers                         12:00 

Week #7     11/01     Away at     Florence Twp SC Soccer United              12:30

Week #8     11/08     Away at     Rancocas Valley SC Fear                           2:15 

Week #9     11/15     Home vs    PYAA SC Rascals                                       3:30

times are subject to change due to State Cup scheduling

Sunday, September 30
Coach Mike's Team Website

Sunday, May 20
Memorial day weekend

Another proud weekend for the coaches.


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Tuesday, February 20
Rage takes first in 3v3

Sunday, December 3

There's nothing I could write to match what happened in that game today. It's why players play, and others watch. When you're a watcher, you figure after Marlton's 2nd goal, how can they overcome that. Remember that they have to win; a tie is still 2nd place, a season you don't remember in couple of years. When you're a player, you're just trying to make plays, until the whistle blows. When you're a good team, doing the right things, sometimes things can change very fast. Your confidence builds and you see a cocky opponent start to doubt themselves. But will there be enough time!
There was alot of anger after Marlton's 2nd goal. The RAGE knew that they were playing a pretty good game, putting a nice beating on posts and crossbars and the goal line!
Instead of walking away with a good season, the team decided to make it a great season; one they'll remember for the rest of their lives!
With about 8 minutes left a spark of hope was ignited with a determined effort by Victoria and her mates looking like a rugby attack up the middle. Five minutes later, an exact copy and now I'm thinking it was a heck of a comeback but it still would have been nice to get first place.
Then with about a minute and a half left, the RAGE gets possesion on a handball. I thought Mike helped to make that call, but he says the ref was going to blow the whistle anyway. So now I'm thinking, well we have possesion, let's see what happens.
Now with just under a minute left, the RAGE gets a corner kick, and all of a sudden there's more than enough time to make something happen.
Caroline had taken a few kicks from this position during the game and she had it sized up pretty well. She put her best foot on the ball and it spun in the direction it was bending, into the net! If not, there were 3 or 4 girls right there to knock it in (one of them could have taken credit, but they all said they didn't touch the ball).
This was the proper exclamation point to the amazing story that was this RAGE season!
I hope the girls always carry a piece of this game around with them and remember what they were able to accomplish by simply not giving up.
Congratulations girls! Thanks for a great season. You have all played with maximun heart and effort this year and it's been a pleasure to watch. Of course all this will probably get you is an invitation to play 5 really hard teams in the spring. But for now we'll take a few weeks off! Good luck in your winter sports girls!
Thanks to Ilie for a great season of training. Practices were no-nonsense and she deserves alot of credit for this season. We'll see her again in the spring. She has done player evaluations which have been turned into the league. At some point we'll pick a night to go over them individually with player, parents & coaches.

Tuesday, November 28
Cinnaminson Tournament

Your hard efforts during games, and your attention in practice, and your willingness to do the right things to win have brought you great results. One more to go to complete your best season!
The defensive play of Cassie, Lindsey, and Sydney anchored the team this weekend. All breakaways were squashed by speed and effort. All one on one situations were handled. Trouble was booted away out of bounds. They got no rest, but were essential to the weekend's success.
Casi was outstanding. At the end of the Marlton game, she was expecting a hard time in the post game hand shake with all the trash talking going on. Instead almost every player made sure to tell her what a great game she played.
This team is working on 5 straight shutouts!
The midfield maintained better positioning on Sunday and made run after run, jumping into the offense and getting back on defense. Demi had her best games of the year, playing with speed, making moves, setting up chances, including a huge play getting the ball to Ashley on her beautiful left footed goal. Speaking of Ashley, she made sure to get to every ball in her area. Just putting that first touch on the ball is so important, and she did it time after time. These are the small details that win games.
Mallory played at full speed and effectiveness while capable. The ball seems to follow her around when she's out there so she's never able to get that little rest she needs between runs.
Marissa was one of the middies who helped the RAGE maintain possesion and moved the ball forward. We thank her and miss her play.
Taylor had a great day on Sunday, also making that first touch and making great passes to keep the ball in the offensive zone.
Sara was Miss Tenacious, as she has shown herself to be all year, always anticipating the play, rather than waiting for it to happen. She never stops fighting for possesion.
Liana was awesome, making play after play, controlling the right side of the offense. She put a perfect low downhill shot for a great goal in Sunday's first game.
Leslie & Kelsey played their strongest position games, providing chances by being in that pivot area where they can turn and shoot, or distribute the ball to the sides. They both had good scoring chances and both help maintain possesion, the most important aspect in soccer.
Caroline plays an incredible one on one game, and wins every battle. Her stength and ability are so important to this team's success.
Ally didn't want to go back on defense; afraid to change up the mix that was responsible for the then 3 game straight shut-out streak. She came off the bench to play midfield and played super, including one of the prettiest goals a father could ever see!
Victoria has been the clear anchor on offense this year, and she put pressure on both goalies all day. She finally conected on the huge goal in the second game. All I heard all day from the other coaches was, mark # 11, mark # 11! Well they couldn't!

Sunday, September 10
Rage vs. Lumberton

Finally! We have been very close to beating this team many times in the past, but were never able to break through until today, with a nail biting 2-1 win. The girls took advantage of a few opportunities, and then hung in until the end, gasping for air.
In the end, the game belonged to Casi, who made many game saving saves, and protected her tired team. The coaches and players will have to come up with a rotation on defense. We'll need at least one player to help out back there. Lindsey and Cassie played the entire game at full speed and toughness. Lindsey had to take over covering their # 21, and did great. Cassie's speed is just what this team needs. Caroline took a head butt early in the game, but then came back to solidify the defense. Ally carried the ball very well and ended back as sweeper by the game's end.
The coaches tried to mix things up with positioning, but early on they could see the girls weren't comfortable and soon Mallory and Demi were back at midfield and Victoria was playing up and Ally was back at sweeper.
It was great to see Mallory doing the "train" thing again with a couple nice runs with the ball. Liana played with her usual energy and made some great runs to keep possesion, especially late in the game when we needed the energy.
Leslie came off the bench to spark the team with a very active and strong first half, which resulted in a very important first goal of the season (as an old Eagles coach once said, "All she does is score [goals]").
Sydney is going to be an important player for us, and we pretty much wiped her out today.
All the girls coming off the bench played great. Taylor and Kelsey were very involved in the play, and played great.
Sara had a strong first game. She marked her players instictively on defense, and won many battles offensively. She had a great body trap of a goalie kick to keep possesion under control.
Ashley was in the goalie's face all day and will undoubtedly score many goals this season. Victoria's tenacity, speed, and patience allowed her to stay with that ball until she had enough control to place it in the net.

Now all the above accolades being made, this team can and will play a whole lot better then today. In practice Thursday they made alot of good passes, switched fields alot, and played to keep possesion. The girls need to learn a little more patience in a game to make these right decisions. And girls, you've played teams in tournaments that were much better than this team. You can also create many more opportunities if you lighten up a little on your thru-balls so one of our forwards can get it before the goalie.


For those of you who would like to "GET BETTER" over the winter months, Try some of these:
Kick a ball against a wall: See how many times you can pass back to yourself faster and faster using both legs. Set objects up against the wall as targets and see how accurate you are.
Shooting drills: Go to a field,set up cones, or clothing and make your own goals
Dribble: set up cones
Pick a move that you have seen and practice it until you have mastered it.
Have a pass,headballs, and trapping with a friend.
Do sprints in your yard or at a track

If you do all of these , you WILL be a better player next season. Remember, if your bored, grab a ball. Tonee

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Rage Takes 2nd On The Beach

The Rage performed like a team on a mission.Ally,Ashley,Caroline,Casi,Chelsi,Lyndsie,and Victoria left it all on the beach with a performance that Marc and I have never seen from The Rage. The amount of passion shown over the weekend was amazing. Caroline was soooo passionate about the championship game that we left her in the whole game and the other team knew she was there. You don't want to be on the opposing team with her coming at you the whole game. Casi played well in goal (ate a little dirt) Ashley wasn't about to be denied any balls in her area, Victoria out manuevered many players but I wasn't convinced she wanted to win (just kidding)Lindsie played her heart out, stopping run after run to frustrate all the strikers, Ally and Chelsi Played defense,midfield, and offense (where ever they were needed).
This whole weekend was worth watching our kids bond as a team and as friends on the boardwalk rides, the waterpark or just having breakfast at Snow Whites.
Thanks Parents for helping out, Thanks girls for making us proud, But most of all, Thank You Marc for putting it all together.

South Jersey Girls Soccer League

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Click this link and select Division V at the left side of the SJGSL website for Rage, U10G league standings.

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Check here for the latest Rage news. See important dates and information below!!!

New Jersey Youth Soccer

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NJ Youth Forum
New Jersey Youth Soccer Forum

Visit the New Jersey Online Youth Soccer Forum for the latest controversial discussions about youth soccer in New Jersey. Is anyone talking about the Rage???

Welcome to the MLU Rage Website!!!
Welcome to the MLU Rage Website!!!
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