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Thursday, June 8
Minors TOC Schedule

Pool A

Pool B

Cubs 1-1 (10 - 20) A's 2-0 (21-10)
Yankees 2-0 (33 -1) Angels 1-1 (29-15)
Red Sox 0-2 (6-28) Giants 0-2 (10-35)
Record (runs for - against) shown in second and 4th columns. 

Game #1/Tuesday, May 30       Cubs-0 vs Yankees-15
Game #2/Wed, May 31            A’s-13 vs Giants-3            
Game #3/Thurs, June 1             Yankees-18 vs Red Sox-1 
Game #4/Friday, June 2            A’s-8 vs Angels -7 
Game #5/Sat, June 3                Cubs-10 vs Red Sox-5
Game #6/Sun, June 4                Giants-7 vs Angels-22

Game # 7/Monday June, 5        Cubs 3 vs Giants 13 (Cubs eliminated)
Game #8/Tuesday June6           Angels 25 vs Red Sox 15 (Red Sox Eliminated)
Game # 9/Wed, June 7             Yankees 13 vs Giants 6 (Giants eliminated) 
Game #10/Thurs, June 8           A's 8 vs Angels 20 (A's eliminated)

Championship Game
Saturday, June 10
Yankees 1 vs. Angels 11

Thursday, February 7
Parent Appreciation Night (Casino Night)

From all reports, the parent appreciation night (casino night) was a resounding success.  Thanks for all the hard work in getting the event organized.

Wednesday, April 16
2nd Half News

We have now entered the second half of the season.  For Majors, scores and standings will now be kept for the purposes of seeding the season ending league Tournament of Champions (TOC).  Every team will make the TOC, but the standings will determine the seedings.  Minors also has a TOC, but the seedings will be a random draw so no standings will be kept.  Majors standings can be viewed by clicking on the Standings link or Majors Standings.  For scores of individual games, go to Majors Scores.

TOC is Here!

Majors and Minors will began their season ending Tournament of Champions (TOC) on  Tuesday May 27th.  The winner of each tournament will advance to the District 33 TOC tournament.  Last year, the Minors Cubs won the District tournament.  The Mets have wrapped up the #1 seed in Majors, while the Indians will be #2.  Pirates and Padres will be the #3 and #4 seeds.  Standings were kept during the second half of the season for seeding purposed.  The Minors will use a pool play format which will guarantee each team at least 3 games. 

Some of the TOC rules are different than regular season.  Games are 6 innings with no time limit (except darkness for the weeknight games).  There will be no run limit per inning in Minors, but there is a 10 run mercy rule after 4 innings.  Thus, if a team is leading by 10 runs or more after 4 or 5 innings, it will be declared over.

Below is the schedule for 2008 MTLL Majors TOC.  Format is double elimination, so you keep playing until you have two loses.  Game 6 is the championship game, but if it is the first loss for the losing team (each team would then have 1 loss), game 7 will be necessary and will be for the title.  The championship team will advance to the District 33 team TOC which begins on Monday, June 9th.

 Game Teams Day  Date Time  Comment 
 #1  Mets 13 - Padres 1 Tuesday   5/27  5:00 PM   #1 vs. #4 
 #2   Indians 6 - Pirates 9 Thursday   5/29  5:00 PM   #2 vs. #3 
 #3  Mets 3 - Pirates 0  Saturday   5/31  11:00 AM  Winner's Final
 #4  Padres 3 - Indians 5 (8 Inn.)  Saturday  5/31  1:30 PM Padres Eliminated
 #5  Pirates 13 - Indians 5  Tuesday  6/3  5:00 PM Indians Eliminated
 #6  Mets 3 - Pirates 9  Thursday  6/5  5:00 PM  Pirates force final game
 #7  Mets 7 - Pirates 4  Friday  6/6  5:00 PM  Championship Game


Schedule for 2008 Minors TOC.  There will be 2 games for each team of pool play.  The pool play results will seed the teams from 1-3 in each pool.  Then they will begin a single elimination round.  The number 1 seed from each pool will get a bye.  #2 from pool A will play #3 from pool B with the winner playing a #1 seed.  The championship game will be on closing day, June 7th.  The winner advances to the District 33 tournament.  The past two years have been bountiful for MTLL Minors TOC teams.  In 2006, the MTLL squad was undefeated in pool play, won 2 games in the single elimination rounds and played in the final.  They played a close game, but lost for a second place finish.  Last year, the Cubs won all the way through to bring home the district flag.

NOTE: The Minors Championship game on 6/7 has been moved to 9:00 AM

 Pool A Pool B 
 Angels 1-1(#2 seed) Red Sox2-0  (# 1 Seed)
 Cubs 2-0 (#1 seed)  A's 1-1 (#2 Seed)
 Orioles 0-2 (#3 seed)  Yankees 0-2 (#3 Seed)

Pool Play Game Results:

 Angels 17 - Orioles 7  (5/27/2008)
 Red Sox 13 - A's 1 (5/28/2008)
 Cubs 13 - Orioles 2 (5/29/2008)
 A's 12 - Yankees 2 (5/30/2008)
 Cubs 12 - Angels 1 (5/31/2008)
 Red Sox 12 - Yankees 1 (6/1/2008)

2nd Week Single Elimination Round
 Mon  6/2 5:00 PM  Angels 11 - Yankees 10  Yankees Eliminated
 Tue  6/3 5:00 PM  A's 5 - Orioles 8 A's Eliminated
 Wed  6/4 5:00 PM   Cubs 11 - Angels 4 Angels Eliminated
 Thurs  6/5 5:00 PM  Red Sox 23 - Orioles 3 Orioles Eliminated
 Sat  6/7 9:00 AM Cubs 16 - Red Sox 4 Championship Game