Milton Little League: Divisions

Tuesday, January 17
Tee Ball

Tee ball is for players LL age 5.  Their first year is designed for players to learn base running, batting and fielding.  Players will bat using a tee for the entire season.  T-ball is non-competitive and no scores are kept.  The entire team bats each inning and outs are not counted.  The goal is to teach players the basics of the game while having fun.  Games begin the first week of May and continue through mid June.  There are usually two games per week.  Games start at 6:00PM and should last from 60 to 75 minutes with the first ½ consisting of skills practice.  Team shirts and caps will be provided; however each child will need their own glove.

Tuesday, January 17
Machine Pitch

Machine Pitch is for players LL age 6 & 7.  Players will learn how to hit a machine pitched ball with continued instruction given on running, fielding and batting.  The entire team bats each inning.  This level is intended to build upon the skills learned at the Tee ball level.  The machine is new this year for this level.  Due to inconsistencies with coaches pitching we are moving to machine pitching so the players can learn to hit and help speed up the game and provide more action for fielders.

Tuesday, January 17

Farm League is for players LL age 8 (7 year olds must attend a player evaluation for consideration to move up).  This division is designed to prepare for the transition to minor league but is played on a 50 foot diamond versus a 60 foot.  Machine pitching will be used early in the season while players are being introduced to pitching in practice.  Players will pitch late in the season (pitch count rules apply); base stealing is introduced and beginning instruction with catchers as well as continued focus on fielding.  There is to be absolutely no coach pitch at this level; however coaches will be on the field providing instruction.  Players will also be introduced to game situations with an umpire calling balls and strikes. 

Tuesday, January 17
Minor League

Minor League is for players LL age 9, 10 and 11 (8 year olds must attend a player evaluation and be drafted to move up to this level).  Players will continue to enhance their batting, fielding, pitching and base running skills.  Stealing home is allowed at this level.  There is a 5 run rule per inning and the teams do bat through the entire roster.  Fielding however is subject to substitution rules as per Little League International.  Players age 9 or first year 10 & 11 year olds will need to attend player evaluations on March 11, 2012 for team placement.  Once a player has been placed on a team they remain on that team unless they move up to the major league division at which point they will need to attend the evaluations for the next level.  Players age 10 & 11 have the option of attending the major league evaluations or remain on the minor league team they played in the prior season.  Players who attend player evaluations for major league and are not chosen are placed back on the team they were on previously at the minor level.  Twelve year olds must be placed on major league teams as per Little League International rules but should still attend evaluations.  Pitch count rules apply at this level.  Teams travel during the season to play out of town teams in Fairfax, Georgia and possibly Cambridge as well. Plate and base umpires are used at this level.  Players who are Little League age 11 (as of 4/30/12) and play on a minor league team are not eligible for an All Star Tournament team. 

Tuesday, January 17
Major League

Major League is for players’ age 10, 11 and 12 (10 year olds must attend player evaluations and be drafted to move up to this level).  Players age 12 must play at this level as per Little League International rules.  Players age 10 & 11 have the option to attend the player evaluations on March 11, 2012 for this level.  If a player has already been placed on a major league team they do not have to attend the evaluations.  This level is played as per Little League International rules and is subject to substitution rules for batting and fielding.  Teams do not bat the entire roster and there is no 5 run per inning rule.  Pitch count rules apply at this level.  This division does travel to St. Albans, Swanton, Fairfax, Georgia and possibly Essex Jct., Cambridge and Grand Isle.

Tuesday, January 17
All Star Tournament Teams


All Star tournament teams have a highly competitive season culminating with state and regional tournaments for the 9/10 division and the world tournament for the 11/12 division.   If you have ever watched the Little League World Series this is the beginning of that tournament.  Teams are made up of the best available players to represent the League in a very competitive atmosphere.    Players are nominated by coaches and a tryout is held.  To be eligible, players must have participated in 60% of the regular season games.  Final players for each team cannot be named until after June 15th.  Players are only eligible if their regular season team played at least 12 games and the player must have played 60% of those games.  In addition, a player must provide a birth certificate and three forms of proof of residency to be eligible.  This paperwork must be brought to the tryout to be eligible. 


Since the objective of each team is to win the coach has the responsibility to place players in the position he/she feels the player best fits.  Player may not necessarily play the position he/she played most throughout the regular season.  Guaranteed play time may be a minimum of one at bat and one defensive inning.  Even though tournament teams are competitive we still expect a demonstration of good sportsmanship by players, coaches and managers. 


While this league is extremely competitive, it can also be fun.  It is fun to play at an entirely different level than the regular season.  However, you can expect a time commitment.  Practices are generally held every weeknight and possibly weekends – it will depend on the coach.  Practices begin after June 15th and tournament play usually begins the 1st week of July.  Depending on how well the teams do, the potential is there to be playing through August.  The tournaments are played in the host town and are pool play.  The teams are guaranteed a certain number of games – it depends on how many teams from area towns enter the tournament.  The 11/12 teams have the potential to play through the District, State, Regional and then to Williamsport to the Little League World Series. 


Expect to see a noticeable improvement in skills and abilities in players participating in this season. 

If your child is interested in participating in the tryout for All Stars, please indicate to your coach or on the registration form.