Mill Creek Jr. Baseball: Welcome

Wednesday, May 4

Thursday May 5 Kramer 3 is Cancelled
These Games will be Played Monday May 9 at Same Times 
Rainout Games from Sunday May 1 will be Played Saturday May 14
Games will be 11:00 am, 12:30 pm, 2:00 pm
If your game was at 12:30 you will play at 11:00
Follow accordingly 
"Helping Great Kids Become Great Adults"

No Alcoholic Beverages at the Facility 
Please don't bring pets to the field



Today, Feb, 23, Bill Helsel cleaned the entire barn of seeds, papers, etc.

It is the responsibility of each manager to maintain the barn when their team is using it.

DO NOT give your key to others to use unsupervised, 

The barn will be checked each morning and if it is not clean, the last team in, the night before, will lose priveledges.

If you see it is dirty, clean it, The president of the league should not have to clean up after you. 

If this continues to be a problem the barn will be shut down, all keys will be turned off. 



  To schedule batting barn contact Kathy Patrone - TEXT 330-333-1016


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Wednesday, July 17
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