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Wednesday, January 2

  "Helping Great Kids Become Great Adults"

HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at
Mill Creek Jr. Baseball League

Starting Sunday January 6th, 2019 All players interested in playing Pony Baseball are invited to the batting barn at 7PM every Sunday for hitting and fielding workouts. Any questions contact Dave Saunders at (330) 518-7361.

There was a meeting of officers & trustees on October 16, 2018 to discuss the growing issue of travel baseball and softball within our league.  Mill Creek Jr. Baseball's constitution states that no player may play for another baseball or softball league or team during the time they are playing for a team in our league.  This will still be enforced and monitored this upcoming year.
   The league has also decided to allow players who want to play travel baseball to do so on certain weekends of our season.  Players will be allowed on Mothers Day Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend and Fathers Day Weekend only. Players are free to play for travel baseball teams before our season starts and after our season ends.
      Mill Creek Jr. Baseball still prides itself on being a Recreational baseball & softball league that is here for all kids regardless of ability. We will continue to make sure that every child plays in every game in a fun and safe enviroment. There will be more information coming soon.  We will be signing up kids once again starting in February. 



. Starting 2019 All Baseball bats must have the
USABAT Stamp to be legal. 

          No Pets Allowed at the fields.
No Alcoholic Beverages at the Facility Please


Effective Jan 1, 2018, all baseball bats used by players 14 years old and under will require the USA bat standard (USABat). For more information, check out our LINKS page.



      Batting Barn Regulations are now in effect.  A complete list of the regulations can be found on the Handouts page. 


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news about the league and cancellations and rainouts. 
@TheREALMCBB  for Twitter 

*Batting Barn keys have been resubmitted due to  computer issues. 
Please try your key to avoid a problem when your team is going to use it.
If there is a problem, contact Dave Saunders at 330-518-7361

League President - Ken Goss 330-207-4100 



  To schedule batting barn contact Kathy Patrone - TEXT 330-333-1016


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Wednesday, July 17
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