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The Millburn Pool Summer Swim Team is a competitive youth swim team organized by the Millburn Township Department of Recreation for members of the Millburn Community Pool. The team swims in the North Jersey Summer Swim League (NJSSL) which is made up of 20 teams from surrounding towns. The league is organized into four 5-team divisions. Each team swims 8 dual meets against the 4 other teams in their division, typically one home meet and one away meet for each team. At the conclusion of the dual meet schedule in late July each Division holds a Divisional Meet where swimmers from all 5 teams in the division complete together. The top swimmers in each divisional meet advance to the NJSSL Meet of Champions.

Wednesday, July 6
Welcome to the 2016 Season

Hi All,

Welcome to the 2016 Summer Swim Team Season! I've been a little slow getting rolling this year but I have had unprecedented cooperation from the coach and will have updates on all the meet results shortly. I hope that you will find this site useful and informative. I will keep posting information as I receive it and do my best to keep up as the season progresses. 

I'll also attempt to keep things up to date on the Team Facebook Page although I admit freely that my Facebook game is not necessarily strong.

Millburn Swim Dad  

Directions to Away Meets

Click on the highlighted meet text below for upcoming meets (e.g., "Millburn @ Summit") for directions from the Millburn Pool to the away meet. Click on the location (e.g. "Summit Pool") to see the location in Google Maps.

Click on the highlighted meet text for completed meets to see complete meet results.