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The Millburn Pool Summer Swim Team is a competitive youth swim team organized by the Millburn Township Department of Recreation for members of the Millburn Community Pool. The team swims in the North Jersey Summer Swim League (NJSSL) which is made up of 20 teams from surrounding towns. The league is organized into four 5-team divisions. Each team swims 8 dual meets against the 4 other teams in their division, typically one home meet and one away meet for each team. At the conclusion of the dual meet schedule in late July each Division holds a Divisional Meet where swimmers from all 5 teams in the division complete together. The top swimmers in each divisional meet advance to the NJSSL Meet of Champions.

Tuesday, July 9
Note: Volunteer Schedule Added to Parents Section

Sunday, July 7
Swim For Food - This Friday July 12

Dear Millburn Swim Team Families,

A big thank you to all the swimmers, parents and coaches who are helping make this a terrific 2013 season! This week we have a wonderful opportunity to show off our best teamwork ever with the 2013 Swim for Food Drive.

In 2012, our generous swim team donated 500 pounds of food during the Swim for Food Drive in a team effort with Berkeley Heights. We helped provide nutritious food for kids who are “food insecure” over the weekends, and we helped restock the dwindling food supplies at the Blessed Sacrament Church Food Pantry in Newark.

We have always been among the top contributors during this opportunity to help those less fortunate than ourselves. One of our coaches summed it up best when saying, “I hope to continue our trend of selfless generosity.” This year, let’s make yet another outstanding show of support for such a worthy cause.

I have attached the flyer that describes this year’s drive and our combined goal of 400 pounds. When you arrive at the Meet on Friday evening, July 12th, here at the Millburn Pool, there should be a bin marked “Millburn” to drop off your non-perishable food donation. Pasta, peanut butter and jelly, mac ‘n’ cheese, canned veggies/fruit, canned fish or tuna are always on the list of needed items.

Thanks in advance for your donations. Go Millburn!

Warmly, Barbara ElShaer

P.S. If you are interested in learning more about Swim for Food, the northern NJ coordinator and fellow NJ swim parent, who has been dedicated to this effort for many years, is Anne Clewell.

Anne Clewell MBA PMP
Swim For Food
Mobile: 908-967-4352



Sunday, July 7
Email from Coach Kelly - 7/7


I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend! We have a meet this Monday night at Florham Park. Warm up will start at 5pm and the swim meet will begin at 6pm. I put the directions on this email. Please make sure to give yourself enough time for the drive over to the pool. Because of the confusion we ran into the last meet due to the accident on 78 you must check in by 5:15. If you are not checked in by 5:15 you will be scratched from the swim meet. I will have a sign in sheet ready at the meet for your children to check off that they are there! If your plans have changed and you cannot make the meet, please email me ASAP.

Our second meet this week is home against Maplewood. I will send out the information about that meet tomorrow. Please let me know ASAP if you cannot make that meet!

Reminder: This Tuesday is picture day. Pictures begin at 3:15 pm before our home meet that night. You can pick up your forms, if you have not already done so, at practice tomorrow morning. Also the team picture will be taking place at promptly 4:00, if you are not there at 4:00 you will miss out on the team picture.

Last but not least, I have only heard from 20 families about the rescheduled meet this Friday July 12th. If I do not hear from you by Monday evening your child will not be entered into the meet. It is very difficult to hunt down each and every family to see if they can attend or not. Please be mindful and just give us a yes or no! Thank you so much! See everyone tomorrow morning at practice!


Thursday, July 4
Email from Coach Kelly - 7/3 Holiday Update

We hope your families all have a fantastic and well deserved 4th of July! Due to the holiday we will not have practice both Thursday and Friday!

Also on the more important side, the meet for Berkeley Heights is NO LONGER July 16th! Sorry for the confusion. Because of the conflict with the seals tryouts, the meet will now be next Friday July 12th at OUR pool at 5:45pm. We must know if your child is swimming in the meet or not by NO LATER then this Friday July 5th!

Finally, the picture forms have come in! Picture day will be July 9th. All swimmers who intend on getting their pictures taken MUST be there at 3:15. All swimmers MUST BE at the pool that day no later then 4:15 for our team picture. You can pick the forms up at the pool in the mail boxes under the swim team board/lost and found area or on Monday during practice.

Have a great July 4th and weekend! See everyone on Monday! :)


Saturday, June 29
Welcome to 2013!

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the Millburn Summer Swim Team website for 2013! I'm a little behind schedule this year in getting the website updated, but Coach Kelly has been doing a phenomenal job of getting information out to everyone. 

Please Remember: This website is managed by a Millburn Swim Parent, who is not affiliated in any way with the team (other than my kids being on the team). While I do my best to keep this site up-to-date, it is not the official word. If anything on this site conflicts with what you have heard from Coach Kelly or her staff, listen to them.

I'll be posting copies of the text from Kelly's emails here as a convenient archive, and I will do my best to get meet results posted promptly.

Thanks, and best wishes for a spectacular 2013 season!

Directions to Away Meets

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