Miles City Baseball Association: Welcome

A new indoor facility is in the process of being built and furnished. The name of the building will be RBIS and will be located in between the MCPD and Big Sky Financial Planning Group right off of Main Street. Miles Community College and Miles City Youth Baseball Association will be heavy contributors and users of this facility. An indoor baseball facility will be a monumental instrument for the youth of this community and will spur the continued success of the Pioneers as they transition into DI baseball. We are hoping for a December 1st finish date for RBIS to open. We will also be doing some kind of open house for the public to come and look at the facility and get a feel for what is being offered. Here are a few of those things: • The Pioneer players will provide individual lessons/camps to local MCYBA players on a continuous basis • The Pioneer players will ‘man’ the facility during business hours as work study/community service • MCYBA players will be able to use the facilities free for a limited period followed by a small fee per hour afterwards • The facility will also house the ability to do video analysis of baseball skills • The coaching staff at MCC will do local and regional camps/mini camps throughout the year There is a lot that we still have to do to make this happen and we could use all the help we can get. Whether that help is in kind or monetary makes no difference. We have an enormous opportunity to provide a critical piece to our baseball community in Miles City. We need some help however. If you can donate to this effort, please contact me either by phone or email. 406.874.6169 Thanks to all that already donate either time or money to both programs.

Respectfully, Jeff Brabant MCC/Miles City Mavericks Head Baseball Coach MCYBA President


Mission Statement:

To provide recreation for children 5 to 19 years of age, foster good sportsmanship, and the necessity for team unity while developing the skills specific to the game of baseball.  Competitive levels shall increase by age and league to assure all children have the ability to develop the necessary skills to participate at the highest level attainable.