Milan Youth Soccer Club: Storm Academy

The Storm Academy is offered for U7 to U13 girl and boy players registered in the Developmental program.  The Storm Academy allows players who want to play in a more focused and structured environment to improve their skills.  It is an excellent introduction for players to play at a more advanced stage and acts as a stepping stone to the Travel program.

The Storm Academy allows players to gain a strong understanding of the fundamentals of the game under the guidance of professional coaching, while focusing on:

- Mastery of the ball

- 1v1 situations

- Small group play

Players who are interested in the Storm Academy are evaluated on their basic soccer knowledge, skills and most importantly their motivation and interest in the game. The Storm Academy is designed for players who are developing a strong interest in the game and want to improve their skills.

There is an Open Evaluation Session at the beginning of each Develpopmental season for players interested in the Storm Academy. The professional coaches evaluate the players and the club informs the players regarding their selection for the Storm Academy.

Storm Academy training is held at Vern Campbell field on Friday evenings for an hour, starting the second week of the Developmental program and runs through the end of the season. Storm Academy training is in addition to the player's Developmental team schedule.