Milan Youth Soccer Club: High School

The Club is the Booster organization for the Milan High School JV and Varsity Boys and Girls soccer programs.  One of the ways we support the teams is by providing ball retrievers for Varsity games. In order to help the pace of the game continue without delay, our coaches request to have ball retrievers for home Varsity games. They help run down out of bounds balls and missed shots. It is a great experience for youth players or siblings to watch up close and be a part of the game. If you or your child wants to be a ball retriever, s/he will gain free entry to the game as long as s/he arrives early enough to help out. Sign up individually or with a group of friends.

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How the High School supports the Club:

Provide school facility use for off season training and in-season games


How the Club supports the High School:

Provide a cost effective off season travel team with a professional coach (Girls in the Fall and Boys in the Spring)

Provide fundraising opportunities for new uniforms and equipment

Provide professional trainers for preseason work outs and in season practices. 

Organize and run Adult Summer League

Field improvements and equipment such as storage sheds, back posts, goals, nets and balls.