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Saturday, June 21
9yo Tournament Pairings and Results - Updated 7/12

This page will be updated frequently throughout the tournament with scores, pitch counts, and highlights.

Game 1 - at Midway (6/28, 10:30am) - Stanton-Newport 13, Canal 0 (4 inn)

Liam O'Conner and Nicholas Williamson combined on a one-hit shutout for Stanton.  SN pitchers - O'Connor 37, Williamson 26; Canal pitchers - Lewis 55, Bennighoff 20

Game 2 - at Capitol (6/28, 10:30am) - Capitol 12, Newark American 2 (4 inn)

Capitol pitchers - Williams 35, Grubb 25; NA pitchers - Simanski 35, Robinson 24, Bedford 32

Game 3 - at Capitol (6/28, 1pm) - Brandywine 15, New Castle 5 (5 inn)

Bwine pitchers - Bitting 30, Frame 55; NC pitchers - Brewster 62, Shahan 46, Tattersal 31

Game 4 - at Midway (6/28, 1pm) - Newark National 33, Midway 0 (4 inn)

Matt Davis pitched a two-hit shutout and had 3 hits and scored 5 runs at the plate.  Raleigh Collins and Dillon Thomas both had 5 RBIs.  NN pitchers - Davis 65+, Midway - Dallas 53, Ferguson 57, Rees 13, Kane 75+

Game 5 - at Midway (6/30, 6:30pm) - Naamans 11, Stanton-Newport 1 (4inn)

Naamans pitchers - Rzucidlo 35, Coughenour 15; SN pitchers - O'Connor 35+, Cirtella 34, Williamson 9

Game 6 - at Capitol (6/30, 5:30pm) - Canal 22, Newark American 9, Newark American eliminated

NA pitchers - Bedford 72, Warden 50, Conkey 19, Harding ?; Canal pitchers - Dickerson 68, Husser 76, Helm 1

Game 9 - at Capitol (6/30, 7:30pm) - Brandywine 11, Capitol 9

 Bwine pitchers - Bitting 75, Bogan 29, Callveng 14; Cap pitchers - Williams 55, Inman 29, Grubb 10

Game 10 - at Midway (7/2, 6:30pm) - Newark National  11, Naamans 0 (5 inn)

NN pitcher - Davis 61; Naamans pitchers - Rzucidlo 69, Coughenour 68

Game 8 - at Capitol (7/2, 6:30pm) - New Castle 9, Canal 6, Canal eliminated

NC pitchers - Brewster 76, Tattersall 23; Canal pitchers - Helm 76, Feeley 49

Game 7 - at Midway (7/3, 6:30pm) - Stanton-Newport 15, Midway 3 (4inn), Midway eliminated

SN pitchers - Brannock 45, Williamson 48; Midway pitchers - Kane 57, Ferguson 1, Kuratle 17 

Happy Fourth of July!!  Enjoy your weekend

Game 11 - at Capitol (7/7, 5:30 pm) - Naamans 16, New Castle 6, New Castle eliminated

Naa pitch count - Rzucidlo 36, Coughenour 40, Carter 34, Bunberger 13;  NC pitch count - Brewster 75, Tattersall 34, Carrion 6

Game 12 - at Capitol (7/7, 7:30pm) - Stanton-Newport 11, Capitol 1, Capitol eliminated

SN pitch count - O'Connor 35, Ciritella 35, Williamson 4; Cap pitch count - Williams 37, Grubb 28, Tjaden 25, Inman 6

Game 13 - at Midway (7/7, 6:30pm) - Newark National 4, Brandywine 3

Bwine pitch count - Bitting 69, Frame 21; NN pitch count - Davis 50, Collins 65

Game 14 - at Midway (7/9, 6:30pm) - Naamans 7, Stanton-Newport 6, SNLL eliminated

Naa pitch count - Rzucidlo 20+, Coughenour 20, Baumberger 50, Carter 31, Creegan 16; SN pitch count - Williamson 20+, Rossiter 75+, O'Connor 20

Game 15 - at Midway (7/10, 6:30pm) - Naamans 17, Brandywine 11, Bwine eliminated

Max Coughenour hit a HR for Naamans.  Naa pitch count - Rzucidlo 76, Coughenour 35+, Creegan 18; Bwine pitch count - Frame 76, Callueng 34,  Smith 24

Game 16 - at Capitol (7/12, 6:30pm) - Championship Game - Newark National 7, Naamans 6

Max Coughenour hit another HR for Naamans.  Matt Davis pitched into the 6th inning for his 3rd win of the tournament.  Rileigh Collins had an RBI triple for an insurance run in the 6th, then earned the save on the mound.  NN pitchers - Davis 75 and Collins;  Naa pitchers - Coughenour 75 and Baumberger 

Saturday, June 21
All-Star Tournament Info - updated 7/22

As usual, Midway fielded 7 teams in District 2 postseason play.  Here's how they did.

The 8yo tournament team played in a double-elimination tournament with 5 other teams at Newark National.  Newark National advanced to a North vs. South championship game at Midway on July 18 where they lost to Brandywine.  The team was managed by Sam Paoli, assisted by Brent Spencer and Paul O'Connor.  Members of the team were: Dylan Crawford, Roman Guile, Joshua Kamenitzer, Tyrus Kamenitzer, Ryan Lawville, Ma tt O'Connor, Massimo Paoli, Aiden Richards, Jason Rutkowski, Andrew Shields, Jacob Spencer, and Dominick Tweed. The team won it's opener but lost the next two. 

The 9yo tournament team played in a double-elimination tournament co-hosted by Midway and Capitol.  The team was managed by Neal Kane, assisted by Roger Yeager and Jim Coll.  Members of the team were: Brendan Hoffman, Jeffrey Hammond, Sean Holotanko, Nick Dallas, Colton Ferguson, Five Kuratle, Josh Treml, Parker Ryan, Nathaniel Gysling, Joey Parks, Nate Long, Jack Kane, and Jack Rees. The team lost both of its games.

The 10yo tournament team played in a double-elimination tournament co-hosted by Naamans and Canal.  The winner of this tournament can advance to state and regional competition.  The team was managed by Tim Reinert, assisted by Joe Malinowski and David DiDomenico.  Members of the team are: Thomas Berry, David DiDomenico, Fran Filpo, JoJo Malinowski, Matthew Metzler, Armani Ramirez, Tyler Reinert, Anthony Russo, Devin Smith, Soren Smith, Andrew Strattman, and Evan Tenney. The Tens finished 2-2 and in 5th place. Canal won the tournament.

The 11-12 yo Brandywine Invitational team played in a round robin tournament at Brandywine.  They were guaranteed 4 games with the top 4 teams advancing to single elimination playoffs.  The team was managed by Neal McGinnes.  Members of the team were:  Nicky Barry, Micah Cochran, Jacob Hudson, John Kepley, Colin Lawville, Brendan McKewen, Max Ramirez, Daniel Shields, Zachary Sklodowski, Tommy Thiemann, Joey Tweed, Anthony Umeroglu, and Justin Wilcox.  The team finished 2-2 and didn't qualify for playoffs.

The 11-12yo Major All-Stars played in a double-elimination tournament.  The championship game will be held at Midway on July 19.  Winner will advance to state and regional tournaments, and maybe even the World Series like Newark National did last year.  The team was managed by Jack Agnew, assisted by Vince Pasquarella and Bill Haywood.  Members of the team were: Matthew Cardona, Jacob Carisch, Patrick Crawford, Mike Fedorkowicz, Vincent Garyantes, Tanner Haywood, Logan Lawhorne, Brandon Murphy, Dominick Pasquarella, Dylan Rees, Dominic Tew, Shane Wenrich, and Thomas Whitaker. The team won their opener, but lost the next two.

The 13-14yo Junior All-Stars played in a double-elimination tournament.  Winner can advance thru state and regional tournament to the World Series.  The team was managed by Ken Dowd.  Members of the team were: Daniel Brown, Ethan Citro, Alex Dowd, Brenden Haywood, Chris Kirwin, Matt McGuirk, Tim Metzler, Vincent Pasquarella, Matt Pierce, Ross Preston, Mitchell Riley, Dustin Tenney, and Matt Willard.  The team won it's first two games but lost the next two, including a 4-3 extra inning loss in the winners bracket final.  The team finished 3rd.

 The 15-16yo Senior All-Stars played in a double-elimination tournament.  Winner can advance thru state and regional tournament to the World Series.  The team was managed by Tom Berta, assisted by Chadd Wolfe and Chris Allen.  Members of the team were: Kevin Allen, Max Barry, Ben Cancino, Lou DiChiara, Bradley Godfrey, Sean Jubb, Ed Kulesza, Chase Lawhorne, Kyle Montanez, Kevin Russo, and Gage Wolfe.  The team lost both of its games.

Besides the 9yo tournament, Midway will hosted the 8yo championship game, 11-12yo Major All-Star championship game, and the Junior All-Star Championship Game.  Plus, 3 other games.

Friday, May 9
Pitch, Hit, & Run Results
Boys Division – 7 & 8 year olds
Massimo Paoli – All-Around Champion
Chase Wisniewski – Pitch Champion
Massimo Paoli – Hit Champion
Massimo Paoli – Run Champion
Boys Division – 9 & 10 year olds
Tommy Berry – All-Around Champion
Tommy Berry – Pitch Champion
Tommy Berry – Hit Champion
Five Kuratle – Run Champion
Boys Division – 11 & 12 year olds
Joey Tweed – All-Around Champion
Joey Rappa – Pitch Champion
Joey Tweed – Hit Champion
Ashton Rosado/Mitch Love – Run Co-Champions
Boys Division – 13 & 14 year olds
Zach Love – All-Around Champion
Zach Love – Pitch Champion
Zach Love – Hit Champion
Zach Love – Run
Girls Division – 9 & 10 year olds
Natalie Berry – All-Around Champion
Natalie Berry – Pitch Champion
Natalie Berry – Hit Champion
Natalie Berry – Run Champion
Girls Division – 11 & 12 year olds
AJ Kuratle – All-Around Champion
AJ Kuratle – Pitch Champion
Britney Willard – Hit Champion
AJ Kuratle – Run Champion
These players will continue on to the next level at Frawley Stadium on Saturday, May 24, 2014.
Congratulations to all of the winners! 

Thursday, October 9
2015 Board of Directors

Pat Crawford, President (4th year on the Board)
John Tirrell, Executive Vice President (50th year on the Board)
Jackie Berta, Secretary/Fund Raising (7th year on the Board)
Dave McCallister, Treasurer (21st year on the Board)
Mickey Bundy, Equipment Mgr (13th year on the Board)

Brian Ratasiewicz, VP Jrs/Srs (2nd year on the Board)
Tom Berta, VP Majors, (7th year on the Board)

Doug Brown, VP Minors (5th year on the Board)
Jim Coll, VP Jr. Minors,  (2nd year on the Board)   

Brent Spencer, VP T-Ball (3rd year on Board)

Neal Kane, Sponsors and Advertising (5th year on the Board)
Todd Metzler, Field Scheduler (6th year on Board)  

Joe Malinowski, Safety Officer (1st year on Board)  

Ed Cardona, Auxiliary President (7th year on Board) 

Chris Allen, Player Agent/Umpire-in-chief (9th year on the Board)
Jack Edmiston - Information Officer (32nd year on the Board)
Joe Pierce (10th year on the Board) 
Jay Balaguer (11th year on the Board)
Francine Dowd (5th year on the Board) 

Friday, January 10
Information about the 2014 season

Opening Day Ceremonies - April 12

T-Ball - 4yo and  5yo must play T-Ball.  6yo with a year of t-ball experience can try out to play Coach Pitch.  T-Ball starts with a clinic on March 15.  Games or practices are twice a week, usually one weeknight and one Saturday.  

Jr Minors (coach pitch) - for ages 6-9.  Coaches pitch to the players for most of the season.  Kids will pitch some late in season.  Player evaluation sessions are on March 8.  This division also has games or practices twice a week, usually one weeknight and one Saturday.

Minors (kids pitch) - 7s, 8s, and 9s can play in this division if selected.  10s and 11s who don't make Majors also play in this division.  Kids pitch for the first time and there are some rules that keep the games manageable (continuous batting order, limited runs per inning, limited steals of home, 4 OFers, etc.).  This division interleagues with Capitol Little League.  Player evaluation session for 7-9yo on March 8.  For 10-11 yo on March 1-2.

Majors - this division is for top 10yo and 11yo, plus all 12 yo.  Very competitive division that interleagues with Capitol and Newark American Little Leagues.  Tryouts on March 1-2 for players not already on a Major team. 

Juniors - introduction to the full-sized field (90' base paths, 60'6" pitchers mound) for 13-14yo.  Interleagues with many other Little Leagues.  Season starts in late April to minimize conflicts with CYM and high school play.  No player evaluation sessions planned

Seniors - 15 and 16yo division.  Also interleagues with many other Little Leagues and starts in late April.  No player evaluation sessions planned

At the end of the regular season, all-star teams are picked for 8yo, 9yo, 10yo, 11-12yo, 13-14yo, and 15-16yo.  These teams compete in double-elimination district tourneys against all-star teams from other leagues.  10yo and older teams can advance beyond the district level.  There is also an 11-12yo 'B' team that plays in the Brandywine Invitational Tourney each year.    These teams are selected by the managers (though the Major division players vote for the 11-12yo team).

Midway History
      Midway was founded in 1965. The league operated on a number of school and parkland fields before consolidating at the current Forest Oak/YMCA complex. John Tirrell, who is still a board member and key person in the league, was one of the founders in 1965.
      Despite being one of the smallest leagues in Delaware's District II, Midway has had many strong all-star teams, especially between 1989 and 2001. Here is a rundown of the top all-star teams in Midway history:
1. The 1996 Senior All-Stars won the District II title, the Delaware State Championship, the Eastern Regional Championship, and finished 3rd in the World Series in Kissimmee, Fla.
2. The 2001 Major All-Stars won the District II title the hard way, winning 7 straight games in the losers bracket, then won the Delaware State Championship, and went 2-2 in the Mid-Atlantic Regionals in Bristol, CT.
3. The 1989 Senior All-Stars won the District II title, the Delaware State Championship, and came in 2nd in the Mid-Atlantic Regionals.
4. The 1994 Junior All-Stars won the District II title and came in second in the Mid-Atlantic Regional.
5. The 1993 Major All-Stars won the District II title but lost in the state finals.
6. The 1995 Junior All-Stars won the District II title but lost in the state finals.
7. Midway won District II 10 year old titles in 1991, 1992, and 2007.
8. Midway won the District II 9 year old title in 1998.
9. Midway won the Brandywine Invitational for 11-12 year olds and the Midway Invitational for 13-14yo in 2001.
10. Midway won the Canal Invitational for 13-14 year olds in 2004.

    Midway has never had a player reach the Major Leagues, but has had several play in the Minor leagues. It also has one player in the NHL (Mark Eaton who won a Stanley Cup in 2009 when he played for the Penguins).