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Tuesday, July 7
Assessment Dates Are Set For All Age Groups For 2015-2016

"If the four State Championships in our four years of existence aren't enough to peek your interest, then let's do some real talk about the 19 and counting players that have committed and/or signed to play at the next level while obtaining that priceless college degree," quipped Organization Founder and 18A Head Coach Jason Marcum.


All dates have been set for assessments for all Evolution teams (18U-12U).  18U-14U will assess on Sunday, 26 July from 2-5 PM at Waynesville High School.  12U will be quite the different animal this year.  This coming year there will be two 12U teams.  One will be headquartered out of Waynesville and coached by Felisha Richards.  The other will be centered out of Salem and coached by Stanley Crum.  Both 12U teams will assess on 2 August from 2-5 PM.  Richard's 12U team will assess at Waynesville High School, while Crum's will assess at the Salem City Park.


"We are excited about having two 12U teams this year.  We have to foster the girls' future in the sport first and foremost, and then we must foster our own future.  Years from now, many of these younger players will be headlined as signing or committing to colleges just as our older players are now," Marcum said.


Evolution is finishing up a banner year that has seen its team capture two ASA MO State Championships, a Runner Up and a Third Place finish and Nationals still await.  It has also been an epic year on the recruiting front for its players as well.  Three Division I commits, two Division II commits, and several JUCO commits.


"If you would have told me four years ago that we would've had this much success on and off the field, I would've said 'too early', but our players and coaches have busted all expectations out of the building.  We roster quality young ladies that are superb student-athletes.  I am so proud for these kids," Marcum finished.


If you have are interested in assessing, you can contact Coach Marcum at EvolutionFPCoach@yahoo.com or 573-528-7584, and he will be happy to steer you in the right direction.        

State Champs
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Thursday, June 26
2014-2015 Assessment Dates are Set

WAYNESVILLE- Evolution Nation and the Orange and Black Attack will hold assessments on Saturday, 2 August, at the Waynesville High School softball field directly behind the HS at 200 GW Lane (right off of I-44).  16U and 18U will assess from 9:00-11:30.  12U and 14U will assess from 11:30-2:00.  This assessment is for the 2014-2015 season.  Year four will see the bar get raised again.  We are a player's first, forward moving organization!  We have traveled the State, Midwest and South, and our results speak for themselves.  This year, our 16U has been ranked #1 in MO for most of the year and as high as #2 in Nation.  Our 18U and 13U teams have won a State Championship this year.  Our 13U team is currently ranked #1 in MO and #4 in the Nation.  Our 14U has won two 16U tournaments, and our 18U has won tournaments on top of the State crown.  We play BIG GIRL softball, and many of our players will play at the collegiate level.  Come see if you have what it takes to be one of us.  All returning players are required to assess, so there is nothing guaranteed.  Our players work hard and compete for everything they get!  Contact Jason Marcum at EvolutionFPCoach@yahoo.com or 573-528-7584 for more information or check us out on FB for much more info.     

Friday, April 25
Evolution Nation Prepares for Return Trip to Kansas City

WAYNESVILLE- 16U (Marcum), 13U (Loggins) and Evolution Nation will hit the road tonight for a return visit to the greater Kansas City area to compete in Midwest Sports Productions' Worth Challenge at Adair Park and the Frank White Athletic Complex.  Both teams are looking to add to an already successful Spring campaign on the travel circuit.

The season opened with a bang in Rolla at USSSA's Spring Opener.  18U (Crum) won the 18U Open division of the tournament.  16U (Marcum) finished the tournament as the runner up in the 18U Open division.  13U (Loggins) finished as the runner up in the 14U Open division.

Two weeks later, three teams competed in the Strikeout Hunger tournament in Kansas City, while 13U (Loggins) played in St Louis.  Both tournaments were rain shortened, but 16U (Marcum) brought home another runner up trophy even though they had the best record in the tournament, and they had given up the least amount of runs. 

Last week, 18U (Crum) and 14U (Friend) made the short journey to Lebanon to play in USSSA's single elimination, one day Spring Classic.  18U (Crum) was upended in bracket play by Aurora's Dirty Dawgs, a team Coach Crum's team had beaten earlier in the day.  Coach Friend's 14U team crushed two 16U teams from Lebanon and Joplin to claim the 16U Open division championship.

"All of or players have worked extremely hard through the Fall and Winter, and the results we have had so far merely quantify that fact.  All of our teams are a work in progress.  We have a long way to go, but we have players that want to achieve greatness.  Their level of focus and drive to continue to work hard and get 1% better every day will dictate how good our teams can be this year.  We believe there is no limit to how high they can fly if they want it bad enough," said Founder and 16U Head Coach Jason Marcum.

Kansas City... here they come!     

Monday, December 16
Evolution Prepares to Open the 2014 Season

     Evolution Nation and the Orange and Black Attack are on the road to the USSSA World Series.  Along the way, their are multiple stops in the KC area, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.  All four teams will open the 2014 season in their own back yard in Rolla, MO at Ber Juan Park.

"We have said for three years now that we will play anyone, anywhere, and at anytime.  Nothing has changed.  We feel that it's imperative to seek out the biggest and brightest stages for our teams and our players to play on and against.  Our ultimate goal is to help our players get to college to attain a quality education with some scholarship money earned in the classroom and on the diamond," Evolution Founder and Executive Director Jason Marcum stated.

     During the Winter months, teams and players have continued to work on their craft indoors, and Marcum believes doing so will pay dividends when the weather warms and the grass turns green.  Marcum attributes the organization's prior successes on its work ethic while others have folded their tent for the Winter.  

"We have a lot of diehard, hungry players that want to get better.  Aside from practices, many attend camps and clinics hosted by Division I, II and NAIA schools.  Repetition is such a huge part of this game, and we want our players to get as much as they can as often as they can.  We have scaled back official practices, and a lot of what we're doing is on a voluntary basis because we have players that participate in school sports over the Winter.  29 March is not waiting for us to be ready.  It's coming whether we're ready or not.  From the way we continue to work, we do not have as much degradation as a lot of other teams out there," Marcum continued.

      In it's third year of operation, Evolution looks to add to its success and visability in the state, region and nation.  Last year, Marcum's 16U held the #1 ranking in Missouri for a vast majority of the year, while being ranked as high as 5th and 8th in the region and nation.

"We always strive for success on and off of the field, and we will always be a players first organization.  College coaches do not come to watch losing teams.  I am looking for a much bigger year out of all four of our teams.  All of our prior teams have brought trophies home, and we aim to continue that.  I feel all four have a legit shot at making a lot of noise on the circuit this year.  We have players in the fold that are undeniably going to play at the next level if they keep working hard and have the desire," said Marcum

      Evolution, akin to its name, has revamped its rosters to load up for a deep run at the ultimate prizes at the USSSA World Series.  The 13U team will play its World Series in Topeka, KS, 14U will play its finale in Lawrence, KS, and the 16U and 18U will travel to the home of Disney World to conclude their season.

"We have several new players in the organization that bring loads of talent with them.  The key for all four teams will be buying into our concept of team success comes first.  Evolution is not for everyone.  We do not keep 'me' players. The concept is hard at times to teach on a travel team, where all of the players are very good.  A lot of them come from smaller schools and towns where they are the star.  That may or may not be the case here.  We believe everyone has a role to play and jobs to do.  Our pitchers have to control the game, hit there spots and not walk batters.  Our hitters have to hit and be disciplined while aggressive at the plate.  Our defense has to make routine plays.  Walks, errors and not hitting is the recipe for a long game, day and weekend.  When these things go in the right direction for us, all four of our teams will be very hard to deal with by our competition," Marcum proclaimed.

      The teams will officially start practicing after the New Year, but they must wait on their Winter athletes to be at full strength.  That is expected to happen the week after Valentine's Day.  In the mean time, while Old Man Winter continues to hover, the coaches and players will make the best out of the proverbial down period.

"We'll be ready to roll in Rolla.  This whole thing is a process and a labor of love.  We won't be anywhere near July ready in March, but we will be well on our way because our players will put in the work they need to." he concluded.  

     For more information or schedules on Mid-MO Evolution, visit their Facebook page at Mid-MO Evolution Fastpitch Softball Orgamozation or on www.midmoevolution.com.      

Monday, August 5
Evolution Announces Two of its 2013-2014 Competitive Teams

August 3, 2013 saw a plethora of collective talent show up to assess and try out for Evolution's 12U-18U competitive teams.  The young ladies poured their hearts out indoors in stifling heat and humidity for three plus hours to earn a coveted spot on the various rosters that Evolution refers to as its "Orange and Black Attack".  When the dust settled, Evolution's coaches had some very tough decisions to make.  Two teams set and locked their rosters.  12U and 14U will host a make-up assessment on 17 August at 3:00pm due to the weather conditions so those coaches can take another look at players that were unable to make the original assessment date due to weather, vacation, etc.  Congratulations to the following young ladies who have been selected for this year's 16U and 13U teams:


Bailey Allen, Taylor Blattel, Jordan Kane, Avery Landers, Mykenzie Livesay, Katelynn Miller, Delayne Patton, Abby Ray, Kayla Reed, Lyndsay Reeves, Lyndsi Vaughan, and Reese Weber


Dani Davis, Makayla Hall, Trista Heavin, Bekah Kirker, Mackenzie Limbach, Morgan Loggins, Chloe Parker, Abigail Posten, Kirsten Strebe, Jordan Thormeyer, and Sierra Voiles

"All of this was made possible by the quality players and parents this organization has had the last two years.  Those groups traveled all over the Midwest and won big ball games, represented themselves and us with the highest degree of class and dignity, and realized the most important facts... that teams came first and everything we do is about our kids and players.  There will never be an exception to those building blocks," said Evolution founder and Executive Director Jason Marcum.

After the organization conducts make-up assessments for the 12U and 14U teams, all players are set to sign contracts on 17 August on Ft Leonard Wood.  The younger groups will continue to work out and prepare for the Fall season.  The older groups will abide by Missouri High School Athletic Association rules and black-out until the high school season is complete.  All teams will play in Fall tournaments and rigorously work-out over the Winter months, but when the snow and ice clears, and the weather warms back up... it's GAME ON!!!

Tentative Schedule:

Fall College Exposure Tournament - older groups only

Various Fall Tournaments - all

Various Spring/Summer Tournaments - all

OKC Challenge NIT - for teams that choose to... Oklahoma City area around the Women's College World Series in May

Pitch For The Cure NIT - early June... in Springdale, AR

Team Camp (facilitated by the Head Coaches of MSU, Drury U and Evangel U) - older groups only

USSSA State Tournament

USSSA World Series in Orlando, FL or National Red, White and Boom in CO      

Tuesday, July 30
2013-2014 Evolution Assessments Will Happen... Rain or Shine!

In light of Mother Nature providing our beautiful area with some much needed rain this week, and possibly this weekend... Evolution assessments for the 2013-2014 season will go on as planned rain or shine.  We have access to indoor facilities where we can accomplish all aspects of the evaluation process minus home to home run times.  The show will go on!  It is imperative that you bring along a pair of comfortable running/gym shoes in the event we have to move indoors.  Year three will find us bigger, stronger and faster as we build on the momentum that our phenomenal young ladies have achieved in our first two years.  It is also imperative that you show up no later than 8:30 am Saturday morning, August 3, so we can show folks where to go if we have to move indoors.  We hope to see you there.  If you have any questions, please contact Coach Marcum at EvolutionFPCoach@yahoo.com.  GAME ON!!!

Tuesday, July 2
Assessment Date is Set for 2013-2014 Evolution Teams

Evolution Nation and the Orange and Black Attack are excited to announce that they have set the date for assessments and selections for Version 3 of their 12U-18U teams for the 2013-2014 travel season.  All aspiring players will conduct workouts/assessments on 3 August 2013 at Ft Leonard Wood's Youth Sports complex from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.  The complex is located directly behind the Main Post Exchange (PX) on Minnesota Ave.

Evolution is a COMPETITIVE fastpitch organization that plays BIG girl ball at BIG girl venues!  In our first two years of existance, we have amassed quite the collection of of "hardware".  This year, all four teams have played National Invitation Tournaments in OK and AR, as well as numerous tournaments around MO.  Next year, we'll evolve again, and it's only going to get bigger and better!  We WILL go to Orlando for the 2014 USSSA World Series... the only other option is Colorado for the end of year Exposure Tournaments there!  We WILL play 8-10 tournaments in and out of state, compete in leagues, attend Exposure Tournaments in the Fall (14U-18U), and we WILL continue to grow off of the momentum from the previous two years.  This year, Coach Marcum's 16U team has been ranked #1 in the state for most of the year, and they have peaked in Regional and National rankings as high as #3.  

We are looking for quality over quantity!  Do you have what it takes to be part of something special... something bigger than yourself?  Are you ready to evolve as a player and a person?  Are you a TEAM player?  We will not keep I players!  It is ALL about the players here!  If you think you have what it takes... Don't sing it... Bring it on 3 August. Anyone that cannot make the 3 August assessment date should contact Coach Marcum at EvolutionFPCoach@yahoo.com for a by exception make up date.  Keep in mind, once high schoolers officially start with their teams (12 August for most), they cannot workout for any other team without violating MSHSAA rules, which jeopardizes their eligibility.  GAME ON!!!     


Monday, May 27
USSSA OKC Challenge

The stage is set... lights, camera... action!  The Oange and Black Attack and Evolution Nation travels to the greater Oklahoma City area to compete in USSSA's OKC Challenge 31 May - 3 June.  Teams from MO, AR, OK, KS, CO, WY, AZ, NE, etc are scheduled to appear in this showcase tournament that runs in conjunction with the NCAA Women's College World Series.  USSSA Pride members and former (and hopefully future) Olympians will be on hand to sign autographs and meet and greets.  Every major college coach in America will be in the area to watch Division 1's elite event to claim the National Championship.  Don't squander your opportunity!  Leave your 100% on the field every day... you never know who's watching!!  GAME ON!!!

Wednesday, May 15
USSSA OKC Challenge Schedule

USSSA has released the 2013 OKC Challenge pool play schedule.  Visit www.usssaokcchallenge.com.  All four teams will play two games on Saturday, two on Sunday and single elimination bracket play starts Monday.  It's survival of the fittest!  On the website you will also find information on the clinics the USSSA Pride team is hosting, as well as Opening Ceremony information.  Coaches will be sending out information as well.  We've had this one circled on the calendar for a long time.  Enjoy lots of softball, pro and Olympic player visits and the Women's College World Series.  GAME ON!!! 

Friday, May 10
The Orange and Black Attack and Evolution Nation Set to Return to USSSA Tournament Action

All four teams of the Orange and Black Attack and Evolution Nation will return to tournament action 18-19 May in USSSA's Schools Out tournament in Bolivar, MO.   The teams were scheduled to play in Springfield this same weekend, but that tournament failed to fill.  There are currently over 20 teams registered, and the tournament director anticipates adding more to the mix.  Hopefully the weather finally cooperates so we can go back to playing some ball in true Spring conditions.  The schedule for Bolivar will be released the middle of next week, so stay tuned. It is much to late to set up hotel blocks, so please secure a room for you and your family today.  The hotels will fill quickly!  GAME ON!!! 

Wednesday, April 24
MSP's Combat Series 16UA Tournament Slate is Set for Evolution (Marcum)

     Mid-West Sports Production's Combat Series 16UA tournament schedule has been released.  Evolution (Marcum) will battle Omaha, Nebraska's Quakes Red at 10:00 a.m Saturday on Field 1 of the Frank White Sports Complex in Lees Summitt, MO.  The team will then go toe to toe with Columbia's Missouri Rattlers at 1:00 p.m. on the same field.  The outcome of these two games will decide bracket play.

"We're excited to step up to the challenge of playing some of the 16UA elites from the region.  This tournament will provide us with a true measuring tool.  We have to elevate our game at every practice and at every tournament we play in regardless of whom we are playing.  As Coach Sue Enquist best said, 'the game doesn't know who's supposed to win'.  As I have said many times, we will play anybody, anywhere, and at any time... period," Marcum said.

     Also participating in this tournament is the defending 16UB (now 16UA) State Champion Diamond Stix Serrone, the current #1 ranked 16UB team in the nation in Power Rankings (Centrail Iowa Hurricanes), a very strong KC Blast team that won the Strike Out Hunger tournament, and several other quality opponents.

"The players in this tournament can flat out get it done, top to bottom.  The coaches are well versed, and it makes for an exciting weekend," Marcum concluded. 

16U Trophy Pic
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Tuesday, April 23
Evolution Returns From Columbia's April Classic With 1st and 2nd Place Trophies

14U Trophy Pic
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     Columbia - Mid-MO Evolution’s four fastpitch softball teams recently brought first place and runner trophies back to Waynesville after playing in the April Classic tournament in Columbia, MO this past weekend.

     Coach Jason Marcum’s 16U team captured the 16U Open division’s championship after going an impressive 4-0. The team scored 34 runs in those games, and they only surrendered six. Marcum’s team beat the Columbia Rockers’ 16UA team 9-1 in the championship game to claim the title. Jade DeShurley and Marena Coonrod each picked up two wins on the mound.

     “I cannot put into words how proud I am of the way our young ladies played and what lies ahead of them. Our pitchers shut teams down, Katelynn Miller was a brick wall behind the plate, our defense was solid all weekend long, our hitters simply undressed softballs over the course of the tournament, and we executed our up-tempo offense to the point of forcing teams into defensive mistakes that we capitalized on. We are very hard to handle when we show up ready to play like this,” Marcum said.

     Coach Vince Friend’s 14U team finished as the 14U Open division’s runner-up after falling to a scrappy Show Me Desire team in the championship game 6-4. The team finished the tournament with a record of 3-2. Ariel Prater and Chloe Johnson earned pitching victories on the mound. The team scored 29 runs and gave up 18.

     “Coach Friend’s young ladies took a huge step forward this weekend. They are young, talented, and they have a big future in front of them. They are figuring out what it takes to compete and win at this level, and that is important. We look forward to watching the continued forward progress this group is making,” Marcum said.

     Coach Doug Loggins’ 12U team finished the tournament with a 2-2 record. They were controversially beaten 5-4 by Columbia’s Mid-MO Heat team that carries a 30-2 record, and they have not lost to a 12UB team all year. The Heat went on to win the 12U Open division. Loggins’ team scored 40 runs in their four games, while surrendering 28. The team beat the Brookfield Blues 25-8. Jordan Thormeyer and Trista Heavin recorded pitching wins in the circle.

     “We continue to be impressed by this team. Coaches Loggins, Dexter Davis and Stacy Kirker have poured their hearts into this group, and their continued growth is evident. They have been an exciting bunch from day one. They play solid defense, they hit the ball, they aggressively run bases, and their pitchers are getting better every time they play,” Marcum added.

     Coach Brian Parker’s 16U team competed with some quality teams, but finished the tournament 0-3. The team lost a highly contested 1-0 game. Stringing hits together plagued Parker’s team all weekend long.

     “The team is hitting, but teams have to move base runners to push runs across the plate. Fastpitch softball has very much turned into a hitter’s game over the years. We once saw unhittable pitchers, but that is not the case in today’s game,” Marcum said.

     Marcum’s team is currently ranked #1 in the State, #7 in USSSA’s Region 5 and #16 in the Nation in Power Rankings. They will travel to Kansas City this weekend to play in Mid-West Sports Production’s 16UA Combat Series tournament. The top ranked team in the nation and several other highly skilled teams will also be in attendance.

     “We are looking forward to playing the state’s and nation’s best. All four of our teams will play anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. We’ll never back down from a challenge. You can only get better by playing against quality competition,” Marcum concluded.

     Coach Loggins’ 12U team is ranked #10 in the State. Coach Friend’s 14U team is just outside the top 20 in the State. Power Rankings are formulated by a team’s winning percentage, teams beaten winning percentage, teams lost to winning percentage, number of games played, and by number of wins and losses.

Thursday, April 18
***CHANGE*** to April Classic NIT Schedule


Due to wet weather, the schedule has changed for this weekend's April Classic NIT. To make a long story short, there is no warm up game for anyone. We go straight into a 3 game guarantee bracket. The new schedule is as follows:

12U v. Velocity @ 10:00 on the Antimi Red Field

14U v. Ballistics @ 11:30 on the Antimi Green Field

16U(Parker) v. Mid-MO Mayhem @ 1:00 on the Antimi Black Field

16U(Marcum) v. Tanel 360 @ 11:30 on the Antimi Black Field

Business just picked up Evolution Nation!!! GAME ON!!!!

Park Facility Information

Cosmo Antimi Complex

1615 Business Loop 70 West

Columbia, Mo 65202

It's time for the Sea of Orange and Black to crash down on COMO!  GAME ON!!! 

Team Marcum Trophy Pic
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Thursday, April 18
Mid-MO Evolution (Marcum) Finishes Second at Strike Out Hunger

Mid-MO Evolution, Waynesville and St Roberts’ only competitive fastpitch softball organization, opened their spring schedules at Adair Park in Independence, MO in Mid-West Sports Production’s Strike Out Hunger tournament this past weekend. This marked the first tournament of the Spring/Summer season for all four teams. The last time any of the teams played was the weekend before Thanksgiving in Bentonville, AR. Evolution is comprised of four different teams of 12 and under through 16 and under local and area fastpitch players from Waynesville, St Robert, Ft Leonard Wood, Rolla, Lebanon, Stoutland, Plato, Houston, Salem, Cabool, St James and Norwood.

“Overall, I am very pleased with the way all our players from all four teams came out after a long, cold winter and got after it against solid competition. They competed all weekend long, and they battled until the games were over,” said coach and organization director Jason Marcum.

Marcum’s 16U team finished second in their age group to a very solid KC Blast team. The championship game went into three international tie-breakers before the Blast eked out the victory to end the tournament. “Jade DeShurley and Marena Coonrod really threw the ball well for their first time out this Spring. A lot of players at this age level are not used to seeing the speed and off-speed pitches they have in their arsenal. We executed our up-tempo offense flawlessly most of the weekend, and our defense was solid. Our hitters came to the plate in attack mode. The Blast was just the better team when the smoke cleared in this particular tournament. We’ll see them again. One of the best feel good stories was our organization donated the second largest amount of food items for the tournament’s food drive,” Marcum said.

Evolution’s other 16U team is coached by Brian Parker, the 14U team is coached by Vince Friend, and the 12U team is coached by Doug Loggins. All four teams will be traveling to Columbia, MO this weekend for the April Classic National Invitation Tournament. The teams will also be competing in several in-state tournaments, as well as the USSSSA OKC Challenge in the greater Oklahoma City area, the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Pitch for the Cure tournament in the Springdale, AR area, the younger teams will play league play in Rolla or Lebanon, and the older teams will attend team camp in Springfield, which is facilitated by the coaches from Missouri State University, Drury University and Evangel University. The teams will wrap their 2013 seasons up in the USSSA State Tournament 5-7 July, and they will play either Nationals or Worlds at various locations.

“We have scheduled some premier venues for our players to play in, and they are excited about it. At the end of the season we will send better players back to their high school teams, and the younger players will greatly benefit from playing against better competition all summer long,” Marcum concluded.

Wednesday, April 10
Strikeout Hunger Schedule is Set

     The time has come... the wait is over... it's time for the Sea of Orange and Black, Evolution Nation, to descend on Indpendence for MSP's Strikeout Hunger tournament 13-14 April.  The schedule for pool play is:


Sat 4/13/2013 9:30 AM Hartman Park Fld 2 [MO] mid-mo evolution (loggins) VS. [MO] Twisters

Sat 4/13/2013 11:00 AM Hartman Park Fld 2 [MO] Smithville Sting 01 VS. [MO] mid-mo evolution (loggins)


Sat 4/13/2013 8:00 AM Adair Park Fld 4 [MO] Smithville Sting 99 VS. [MO] mid-mo evolution (friend)

Sat 4/13/2013 9:30 AM Adair Park Fld 4 [MO] mid-mo evolution (friend) VS. [MO] Canes


Sat 4/13/2013 2:00 PM Adair Park Fld 6 [MO] mid-mo evolution (parker) VS. [MO] Smithville Sting-Red

Sat 4/13/2013 3:30 PM Adair Park Fld 5 [MO] mid-mo evolution (parker) VS. [MO] KC Fusion


Sat 4/13/2013 2:00 PM Adair Park Fld 5 [MO] KC Fusion VS. [MO] mid-mo evolution (marcum)

Sat 4/13/2013 3:30 PM Adair Park Fld 6 [MO] mid-mo evolution (marcum) VS. [MO] Smithville Sting-Red

The address to both parks is:

Adair Park 4400 Lees Summit Road Independence, MO 64055

Hartman Park 700 SW Old Pryor Rd Lees Summit, MO 64081

Let's paint Independence Orange and Black!  GAME ON!!!

Monday, April 8
Strike Out Hunger Game Week Notes

Evolution Nation,

It is GAME WEEK... can you tell I'm excited?! We had good scrimmages on Saturday and got some much needed game speed dirt work in! You have not seen anything on email from me lately because apparently Yahoo thinks I'm sending Spam out because my distro list is SO big due to having four teams now. So until I get it figured out, I'll have to make big posts on here. With that said, schedules for this weekend will appear NLT lunchtime Wednesday. As soon as I see them, I will blast them out, but you can also check here: http://www.playmsp.com/Fastpitch/TournamentInfo/TournamentDetails.aspx?EventID=2144748162 Four games guaranteed and double elimination in bracket play is awesome! I am looking for a BIG weekend from all four teams! It is imperative you have your player on site, dressed and ready to go one hour prior to game time. Individual coaches may send out further guidance to their team, but my team is on site one hour prior and ready to go.

PLEASE refrain from coming over to watch them warm up. Pick you out a nice location to sit and let the coaches have them. We don't need 15 "coaches" hovering around the players as they physically and mentally lock in to go to battle. The same goes for boyfriends, other family, etc. We will make sure they have plenty of time to visit as time permits between games. Please bring adequate amounts of water, Gatorade, etc with you. They are pricey at the concession stands. We are trying to get some from Pepsi in Rolla, but it will not be enough to sustain four teams for the entire weekend. We will divide up what they give us, if anything. At no time do our players need to be drinking soda, energy drinks, etc. I would implore you to have them start pounding water and light juices and sports drinks throughout game week (and really always). Chocolate milk is a great recovery beverage believe it or not... You will see a marked improvement from a well hydrated player... energy level, performance, etc. Carbs such as spaghetti, lasagna, etc are just the ticket to fuel their bodies this week. I don't even play, and I have my routine down with the same things. As the weather starts to heat up more and more as we go, proper diet will make you or break you!

Please make sure ALL players pack BOTH uniforms and accessories. Each player has two uniforms, an orange belt, orange socks, their own helmet, etc. I carry extra black pants, but those are for major tears, blowouts, etc. They are loaned out... not given. Extra socks, sliding shorts, sleeves, etc. are always a good idea. Unless your team has worked out something different, we ONLY wear plain black sleeves and orange socks. Returning players can wear their orange stirrups, but they need to wear white socks under them. Players in mismatched uniforms looks tacky and unorganized. The exception is any pickup players a coach utilizes. Then it is what it is. Please do not bleach the white button down jerseys... the tackle twill will fade, and the top will look bad. Color safe bleach, Oxy-clean or like items work just fine.

Lastly, Dustin Hunter often carries his Big Green Egg with us and cooks burgers, hotdogs, etc on the road. We ask you for $10 per family (or whatever is on your heart) if you eat off of his grill. It will save you money at concession stands, fast food, etc, and his products are much better than anything you'll get on the fly!

It's been a long, cold winter and wait to get this show on the road! Let's uncage these players and have a blast! This tourney is excepting canned goods, boxed mac and cheese, etc as part of a food drive. They will certainly take items off of your hands to combat hunger. Looking forward to seeing you all when we're not on the field! GAME ON!!!


Coach Marcum

http://www.midmoevolution.com/ or find us on Facebook at Mid-MO Evolution Fastpitch Softball Organization

Saturday, March 23
Evolution's Spring/Summer Tournament Schedule is Reset

      This is the latest and greatest snapshot of our 2013 travel season.  All events are posted in our FB events link.  All four teams anxiously await Spring's late arrival, so we continue to work out, practice, attend camps and clinics, and continue to improve everyday.  The slate has been set for tournament play.  We are looking for BIG things out of all of our teams this year.  We will play ANYONE, ANYWHERE and ANYTIME!

March 22-24: MSP Preseason NIT in Independence, MO ***CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER***

April 6:  Team Photos and Scrimmages 

April 12-14: Strikeout Hunger (Double Points) in Independence, MO

April 20-21: April Classic NIT in Columbia, MO

April 26-28:  COMBAT Series in Independence, MO ***16U(Marcum) ONLY*** 

May 4-5: May Madness in Columbia, MO ***12U, 14U and 16U(Parker) ONLY***

May 18-19: 4th Annual USSSA Spring Fling in Springfield, MO

May 31-3 June:  USSSA OKC Challenge in OKC, OK

June 7-9: Susan G. Komen Pitch for the Cure in Springdale, AR

June 10-11:  Team Camp ***16U Teams ONLY*** 

June 20-23: Ozark Classic NIT in Branson, MO

July 5-7: USSSA State in Independence, MO

July ???: World Series or Nationals in TBD


We are looking to add a replacement tournament for the cancelled MSP Pre-Season NIT.  This list does include Summer League for the younger groups yet!



Sunday, December 9
State of Evolution Address

The weather has finally forced the Orange and Black Attack indoors for the winter.  All teams are welcome to continue participating in our Open Gym every Thursday night from 6-8pm at the old Waynesville Middle School.  We have been having very good turnouts.  Our aim at Open Gym is to master the basics and build off of previous weeks.  There is a lot of hitting, a lot of pitchers pitching and fielders fielding and throwing.  How many of our competitors have folded their tent and shut it down until Spring?  We'll see come March!  Both 16Us are practicing in the same gym from 1-3pm. 14U and 12U have the gym from 3-5pm.  Coaches generally show up an hour early and are willing to stay late for extra instruction.

As we near the travel season, all four teams have already been registered and paid for two showcase events.  We will take Evolution Nation to Oklahoma City, OK for USSSA's OKC Challenge 31 May-3 June.  This event runs in conjunction with the NCAA's Women's College World Series and the National Pro Fastpitch Spring Training.  We have also entered USSSA's Susan G. Komen Pitch for the Cure tournament in Springdale, AR 7-9 June.  USSSA will publish its full slate of tournaments in the coming weeks.  We aim to open our travel season the second or third weekend in March... weather dependent.  We're shooting for multiple stops in Columbia and Kansas City, where our major challengers are and where the college coaches and the talent goes to.  USSSA State is hosted in Kansas City as well, and we'll be there.  Lastly, we are still hoping to raise enough funds to go to Orlando, FL to play in THE USSSA World Series in mid-July.  

In closing, all of our coaches are more than excited about our teams this year.  We have phenomenal young ladies as players and extraordinary parents.  If you know business owners that are youth friendly, we would be more than grateful to add them on as sponsors.  Business is about to pick up, and we get great pleasure out of our business!  Hold on tight, the train has left the station, and it's going to BIG places!  We'll see you on the high ground!  GAME ON!!!      


Thursday, October 25
Team Parker and Team Loggins Set For Battle

Evolution is set to send out two members of the Orange and Black Attack next weekend to battle some of Missouri's finest.  Team Parker (16U) will venture to Bolivar, MO on 3 November for a one day tournament against two members of the Midwest Nationals organization and a couple of other teams in the USSSA Pre-Thanksgiving Tournament.  Team Loggins (12U) will travel to Independence, MO 2-4 November for the USSSA Tom Turkey Tournament hosted by Midwest Sports Production at Adair Park.  Other teams that are scheduled to appear include the Cool Cats of Lee's Summit, Crimson & Blue, MO Revolution, Columbia Rockers and the Northland Cougars. Good luck to both teams!        

Wednesday, October 3
Evolution Prepares to Release the Apex Predators

After weeks of practice and preparation for the 2012-2013 season, Evolution will release the younger Apex Predators this weekend at the Killian Complex in Springfield for Octoberfast.  Coaches Crum and Friend open their season against Reckless (12U, Field 1 at 8:30 am) and PBSG Diamonds (14U, Field 2 at 11:00 am).  We are looking for BIG things out of these younger teams this year as we expand our program.  They will not disappoint!  Calling all members of Evolution Nation, the Sea of Orange and Black, to come out and support our Orange and Black Attack in their efforts to bring home the big trophy! 

The following day (7 Oct), the older groups will be conducting a bake sale fundraiser at the St Robert Wal-Mart.  Tell your buddies, tell your pals!  Team Marcum will be on site from 8-12, and Team Parker will be on site from 12-4.  Hope to see you there!  GAME ON!!!   

Sunday, August 12
Contract Signing Date Set

All four 2012-2013 Evolution teams will sign contracts next Sunday, 19 August.  12U and 14U will sign from 2-4 pm.  The older two teams will sign from 4-6 pm.  The location is still TBD... we are shooting for Colton's but won't know its availability for sure until tomorrow.  At contract signings, parents have two options: 1)  pay all dues upfront ($250*) or 2) pay a $150 good faith deposit and then make $50 installments per month.  Dues will remain at $250 unless each team collectively wants to purchase two uniforms.  Then dues raise to $300.  Option two reserves your player's position on the roster.  Please keep in mind, all monies collected are non-refundable unless good cause is shown.  We can't wait to see everyone, take pictures and make it special for our players... it's ALL about them after all!  GAME ON!!!  

Monday, August 6
Evolution Nation Unveils the 2012-2013 Orange and Black Attack

Evolution is more than ecstatic to announce that the Orange and Black Attack v.2 is here... it's bigger, it's stronger and it's faster, and it's about to be unleashed on MO USSSA!  After two weekends of player assessments with a ton of talented players and a lot of hard decisions, we have loaded four rosters with players we are confident will carry the torch lit by The Originals! Find us on Facebook at Mid-MO Evolution Fastpitch Softball Organization, and check back here soon to see the entire roster and some planned events!  We're taking this show on the road... and we're coming back with hardware!  ANYTIME, ANYWHERE... GAME ON!!!