Michigan District 2: District 2 Facilities

Alamo Little League
Alamo LL
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Get Map to Alamo Little League 8200 West DE Ave
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49009

Delton-Kellogg Little League
All interleague games are being played at the High School. Go around the building and the fields are on the SW side.

Get Map to Delton-Kellogg Little League 6660 Delton Road
Delton, Michigan 49046

Eastwood Little League
Eastwood LL
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Get Map to Eastwood Little League 5341 Fordham
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Gull Lake Little League
Go to the center of Richland and head South from the four corners, fields are on the leaft after the Fire Station.

Get Map to Gull Lake Little League 6800 N 32nd Street
Richland, Michigan 49083

Lakeview Little League

Get Map to Lakeview Little League 1184 S. 24th St.
Battle Creek, Michigan 49015

Milwood Little League
Milwood LL
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Get Map to Milwood Little League 3430 Lovers Lane
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001

Northwood/Plainwell Little League
Northwood-Plainwell LL
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Get Map to Northwood/Plainwell Little League 708 West G Ave
Plainwell, Michigan 49048

Parchment Little League
Parchment LL
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Get Map to Parchment Little League 398 Park Ave
Parchment, Michigan 49004

Quadcities Little League
Little League games are played at Ike Payne Park in Galesburg. For easy direction go to Map Quest and enter the cross streets Division & Hastings.

Get Map to Quadcities Little League Ike Payne Park
Galesburg, Michigan 49053

South Portage Little League
South Portage LL
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Get Map to South Portage Little League 4801 E. Center
Portage, Michigan 49002

West Portage Little League
West Portage LL
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Get Map to West Portage Little League 6475 S. 12th Stret
Portage, Michigan 49024

Westwood Little League
Westwood LL
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Get Map to Westwood Little League 3459 Grand Prairie
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49006

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