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Thank you for visting the Michigan District 2 Little League website.  The 2014-2015 season represents the end of an era.  A change in District Administrators is never an easy thing, but I would like to thank in advance the local leagues and the District Staff of District 2 for their support in my new role as District Admininstrator.

Furthermore, I would like to thank Bud Vanderberg for his contributions to Little League International, not only locally as we all saw, but also on a state and national level.  As District Administrator, Bud has been an integral part at all levels over the past 45 years.

As I go forward in my new position, my mission is to bring light locally to the largest community based sports organization, Little League International.  Making sure we have places where kids can grow up playing baseball and softball and where volunteers ensure the fun for many years to come. 

Bruce Scheck, District Administrator                                                                                                   



Click on handout below for updated brackets.


Handout: 2014 District 2 Tournament Brackets & Results

National Weather Service Forecast

We have added a link to the National Weather Service as a convenience. You can check other forecasts by changing the zip code to your area.

Please remember, this is provided ONLY as a convenience and is not meant to be used by teams/managers/coaches/parents etc. to not show up for games that they are scheduled to play in. You are still responsible to show up and play games unless "officially" cancelled by the local league. 
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