Michigan District 2: Welcome


Thank you for visiting our site!

Please remember, while we have done our best to ensure the accuracy of the brackets, mistakes do happen. Changes and corrections will be made as soon as possible and posted accordingly.

Thanks to all those many volunteers who put in countless hours during the current and past seasons. Enjoy the spirit of competition as we begin our District, State and Regional play here in Michigan District 2.

Bud Vanderberg, District Administrator                                                                                                   



Click on handout below for updated brackets.

All scores must be called in to Gilda at 348-2768 or sent to gilda.behrje@gmail.com .

Handout: 2014 District 2 Tournament Brackets & Results

National Weather Service Forecast

We have added a link to the National Weather Service as a convenience. You can check other forecasts by changing the zip code to your area.

Please remember, this is provided ONLY as a convenience and is not meant to be used by teams/managers/coaches/parents etc. to not show up for games that they are scheduled to play in. You are still responsible to show up and play games unless "officially" cancelled by the local league. 
Click here to get a current forecast.

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