Michigan District 2: Welcome

The brackets for the 2017 All-Star season can be found at the link below. Please remember, while we have done our best to ensure the accuracy of the brackets, mistakes do happen. Changes and corrections will be made as soon as possible and posted accordingly.  

I would like to ask that upon completion of your daily games that you would please forward your game results to Ann at either 269-303-5736 or mid2.sec@gmail.com. Along with the score, please be sure to include your division, team name as listed on the brackets and site location. Once scores are received the brackets will be updated as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance and have a great All-Star season!

Play Ball!

Bruce Scheck, District Administrator 


Congratulations 2017 District 2 Champions!

8-9-10 Softball - Parchment 

10-11-12 Softball - Parchment

13-14 Softball - Delton

8-9-10 Baseball - West Portage 

9-10-11 Baseball - South Portage 

10-11-12 Baseball - West Portage

50-70 Baseball - Lakeview

13-14 Baseball - South Portage 

 14-16 Baseball - South Portage 




Click on handout below for updated brackets.


Handout: 2017 District 2 Tournament Brackets & Results

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