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Middletown Cavaliers Soccer
Middletown Cavaliers Soccer  
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Middletown Cavaliers
Coach Derrickson
Fax: 302-547-4338 (cell)
140 Mallard Way
Estates at Dove Run
Middletown, Delaware

Saturday, December 12


Several tests will be conducted the first few days of pre-season along with 1 V 1, 2 V 2, and 11 V 11 playing assessments. The following assessments will be conducted and all players are encouraged to adjust their pre-season training to perform well when assessed.

40 Yard Dash

On track, players time running a 40 yard distance for speed

Body Weight Bench Press (Boy's 2007-)
Each repetition using your body weight will result in the removal of two seconds from your 5K (3.1 mile) time on the peach festival

45lb Flat Bench Press Max Rep Test (Girl's 2008-)
Maximum number of repetitions using half of your body weight with good form

(Road course)

Place four markers in a square, ten yards apart. Place four markers in the middle of the square, equal distance apart. Athlete is positioned in one corner of the box on stomach, feet and hands in the air, arching the back. On "GO", athlete jumps to feet and sprints straight ahead to the ten yard marker (#2), runs diagnolly to middle of grid circling marker #3, perform zigzag runs around middle markers (#4-6) up and back, runs diagnolly to marker #7, and sprint through marker #8

5-60 yard shuttles on track or field in groups of four players (1 from each class until class is completed, then fill in with next class)Total distance covered will be 300 yards.
GOAL: Quickly as possible.

Intertwine fingers with hands around the back of the neck, not the head. Keep chin close to chest during the test. Lie on back bringing heels up to 12 to 18 inches from the buttocks, feet close together and on the ground. A spotter holds feet down during the test. A second spotter is positioned behind athlete with a hand on the ground, palm down, at the shoulder blades. On "GO", the athlete curls up, touches the elbows to the knees and returns to touch the spotters hands. POINT ELBOWS TOWARDS THE KNEES WHILE PERFORMING THE TEST. REST ONLY IN UP POSITION WITH ELBOWS NOT TOUCHING THE KNEE   

Assume a push-up position (arms extended) by placing hands shoulder width apart, back straight, and feet together. On "GO", athlete bends elbows, lowering body until top of arms are parallel to the ground. Return to starting position and repeat for as long as possible without breaking starting position. Once you break the position, your test is done. Rest can be done only in up or down position as long as back remains straight and hips do not "tee-pee" or hang towards the ground.   
GOAL: As many as possible

preview Big Poppa by Biggi Smalls

Middletown Cavaliers Soccer
Middletown Cavaliers Soccer
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