: ELS Cheerleading

Monday, April 14
2014 ELS Cheerleading


Registration:  May 10th, 17th, & 24th from 9am - 2pm. Registration will take place at Crosby Park Baseball Fields, 11500 Cedardale Rd, Middletown, KY 40223

Practices – start in the middle of July:  Practice will take place 2 days per week.  The days and times of practice are at the Cheerleading Coach’s discretion.  Practices take place on fields surrounding Eastern High School. 

Schedule: TBA

League Fee: $100 per Cheerleader

League provides:
Cheerleading uniform (shell, skirt and hair bow)
Pom Poms

Parent provides:
Tennis shoes and bloomers (briefs)

Refund Policy:
If nothing has been ordered for the cheerleader, 100% refund less $20 per cheerleader for administration of refund.