Bluebird Basketball: Testimonials

Wednesday, July 9

Here's what they're saying about the Bluebirds basketball program:

"The Bluebirds basketball experience is something that I have a great feeling for.  All three of my kids played for the Bluebirds and loved it.  From a coach's perspective, players that come to our program from the Bluebirds are always well prepared.  Keep up the good work."
John Boyle, Former Middleton High School boys basketball coach

 "The Bluebirds Basketball Club and its tournament play-only format was the best possible experience for our son and our family. It provided a great basketball learning format for our son, and gave our family occasional weekends off for important family time.''
- Dave Krabbenhoft, Former Bluebirds boys basketball coach

"Playing basketball for the Bluebirds was really the start of my basketball career. Up until starting with the Bluebirds in 5th grade, I had only played basketball with boys, so it was quite a change for me! The Bluebird program allowed me to play against better competition and it gave me the chance to be coached my quality coaches and really improve my game. I feel that the Bluebird experience that I had from 5th through 8th grade really helped to prepare me for high school basketball. It was a blast!"
- Angie Murphy, Middleton's all-time leading scorer and Verona girls basketball coach

"Perry does a great job teaching the fundamentals of the game, inspiring players to work hard in order to improve their overall game.  He's also a talented leader/manager/organizer, and will be excellent as the new leader of the Bluebirds."
- Ted Staege, whose son Ryan played Bluebirds