Bluebird Basketball: FAQs

Wednesday, July 9


1. How much will it cost? The price varies depending on the number of players on your team and the number of tournaments you enter. The fee typically ranges from $150 to $225. We have raised our fee slightly over the past couple of years to cover required insurance for all players. 

2. When does the season begin? Practices start in late September or early October. Some teams only practice once a week due to fall sports. By November, teams practice twice a week with each session lasting 90 minutes. Tournaments start in November and run through mid-March.

3. How many games will we play? We play in 10-12 tournaments so at least 30 games. Our more successful teams have played up to 50-55 games in a season.

4. Is it a lot of travel? No more than any other club and probably less. The last few years we have asked all of our coaches to find more one-day tournaments and at least 7-8 tournaments were within one hour of Middleton. It is up to the individual coach, along with input from parents, if a team plays in an overnight tournaments.

5. Are there tryouts? We did away with large-scale tryouts a few years ago. If an individual coach wants to hold tryouts to make cuts down to a certain number, they may do that. Please contact the coach at the grade your child would play to find out what their plans are for the upcoming season.

6. Is playing time equal? Playing time is up to the individual coach. However, we are not a recreational program. It is our belief that you earn your playing time by showing up for practice and going hard all the time. It is also our belief that everyone should receive meaningful minutes.

7. Anything else? To keep costs down, we hold a boys tournament and a girls tournament and we need everyone to help. We'll need help with concessions and admissions. The dates for the two tournaments in 2015 are Sunday, Feb. 1 and Sunday, Feb. 15. We haven't decided yet which date will be the boys event and which one the girls.