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Red Riverhawks
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Jacksonville, Florida


Friday, February 8

This website dedicated to the CBD Red Riverhawks 12 & under Baseball Team. Please check out the location folder to get directions to the field. Feel free to look around & please sign the guestbook.  

Its that time again to start looking forward to an exciting baseball season. 

Introducing the 2016 Riverhawks:  Tony Cannaday, Eddie Green, Matt Rush, Jarred Skeen, Trae Stephenson, 

Click here for maps to all schools in Florida.

Friday, April 17
Broncos Get 1st Seed

Middleburg Broncos get revenge after coach gets ejected for questioning a balk call that gave Baker County a run.  Determined to settle the score, the Broncos dug deep to defeated Baker who was aided all game by the home umpire.  This win puts Middleburg in the #1 seed position for Districts, thanks to Clay's win over Baker. 

Wednesday, March 25
Baseball Pictures

I will be posting pictures to my photobucket account.  For pictures of:

Cody -

Tony -

Josh -

Matt M -

Justin -

Taylor -

Kurtis -

Matt R -

Eddie -

 Jarred -

TJ -

Mike -

Trae -


Sunday, February 8
Sports Cleaner

After trying everything on the market, I have found a cleaner that works better than all the rest.  Check out the before & after pictures in the Albums pages.  I will let you know about the availability of "ESPRO Sports Cleaner" as I find out.

Tuesday, January 13
Class 4A District 3 Line-up

The following schools are in our District:  Baker County, Bradford, Clay, Middleburg, Ridgeview, Santa Fe, and Suwannee.  We play each team twice - once at home & once away. 

Tuesday, January 13
2009 FHSAA Baseball Championships

District Tournaments
When: Monday, April 27-Friday, May 1
Where: listing of sites (TBA)
Admission: $5.00 per session

Regional Tournaments
• Regional tournament quarterfinals – 4 p.m. or 7 p.m., Tuesday, May 5
• Regional tournament semifinals – 4 p.m. or 7 p.m., Friday, May 8
• Regional tournament finals (best-of-3 game series) – Game 1 begins at 4 pm (or 1 pm if no lights), Game 2 is 30 minutes after the completion of Game 1 on Friday, May 15
Game 3 if necessary is 1 pm on Saturday, May 16
Where: Times and sites notated on State Series brackets
Admission: $6.00 per day

FHSAA Finals
When: Wednesday, May 20-Tuesday, May 26
Where: Tradition Field, Port St.Lucie
Host: Centennial High School
Admission: $8.00 per session
• Friday, May 22 – Classes 4A, 6A semifinal games at 10 a.m., 1 p.m., 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.
• Saturday, May 23 – Class 4A championship, 4 p.m.; Class 6A championship, 7 p.m.

Tuesday, February 24
District Previews

As posted by Jacksonville Times-Union on 2/18/09

District 3-4A

Teams: Baker County, Bradford, Clay, Middleburg, Ridgeview, Alachua Santa Fe & Suwannee.

Three to watch:  Baker County SS Travis Tyson, Sr.; Middleburg 3B/P Tony Cannaday, Sr.; Suwannee SS Dalton Wigelsworth, Sr.

Outlook:  Baker County looks to make a strong push.  The Wildcats welcome back infielder Chad Schroeer, who missed last season with an injury after a standout sophomore campaign.

Tuesday, January 13
2009 FHSAA Class 4A Baseball Championship Bracket

Click on link for a copy of the Championship Bracket

Wednesday, February 18
District Race

Middleburg (10-2)- defeated Ridgeview 10-3 on 2/16, defeated Clay 8-1 on 2/20, loss to Baker County 2-3 on 2/26, defeated Suwannee 3-2 on 3/3, defeated Bradford 5-3 on 3/5, defeated Suwannee 7-1 on 3/17, defeated Ridgeview 9-0 on 3/20, defeated Bradford 13-0 on 3/24,  defeated Santa Fe 7-2 on 3/31, defeated Clay 5-2 on 4/3, loss to Santa Fe 3-7 on 4/7, defeated Baker County 3-2 on 4/17

Baker (10-2)- defeated Santa Fe 8-3 on 2/20, defeated Middleburg 3-2 on 2/26, defeated Ridgeview 9-2 on 2/27, defeated Suwannee 3-0 on 3/6, defeated Ridgeview on 3/10, defeated Santa Fe 5-1 on 3/13, defeated Bradford 10-4 on 3/14, defeated Suwannee 4-1 on 3/20, defeated Bradford on 3/23, loss to Clay 5-6 on 3/24,  defeated Clay 9-3 on 4/9, loss to Middleburg 2-3 on 4/17

Clay (7-5)- defeated Bradford 10-6 on 2/17, loss to Middleburg 1-8 on 2/20, defeated Suwannee 6-1 on 2/24, loss to Ridgeview 4-3 on 3/3, defeated Bradford 16-5 on 3/16, defeated Santa Fe 6-1 on 3/20, defeated Baker 6-5 on 3/24, defeated Ridgeview on 3/27, loss to Middleburg 2-5 on 4/3, loss to Baker 3-9 on 4/9, defeated Suwannee 9-8 on 4/14, loss to Santa Fe on 4/17

Santa Fe (7-5)- loss to Baker 3-8 on 2/20, defeated Suwannee 11-0 on 2/27, defeated Bradford 11-2 on 3/3, loss to Ridgeview 5-7 on 3/6, loss to Baker 1-5 on 3/13, defeated Ridgeview 10-1 on 3/17, loss to Clay 1-6 on 3/20, loss to Middleburg 2-7 on 3/31, defeated Middleburg 7-3 on 4/7, defeated Suwannee 14-1 on 4/13, defeated Bradford on 4/14, defeated Clay on 4/17

Ridgeview (4-8)- loss to Middleburg 3-10 on 2/16, loss to Suwannee 0-6 on 2/20, loss to Bradford 3-4 on 2/24, loss to Baker 2-9 on 2/27, defeated Clay 4-3 on 3/3, defeated Santa Fe 7-5 on 3/6, loss to Baker on 3/10, defeated Suwannee 5-4 on 3/13, loss to Santa Fe 1-10 on 3/17, defeated Bradford 2-1 on 3/19, loss to Middleburg 0-9 on 3/20, loss to Clay on 3/27

Suwannee (3-9)- defeated Ridgeview 6-0 on 2/20, loss to Clay 1-6 on 2/24, loss to Santa Fe 0-11 on 2/27, loss to Middleburg 2-3 on 3/3, loss to Baker County 0-3 on 3/6, loss to Ridgeview 4-5 on 3/13, loss to Middleburg 1-7 on 3/17, loss to Baker County 1-4 on 3/20, defeated Bradford 14-0 on 3/31, defeated Bradford 15-9 on 4/3, loss to Santa Fe 1-14 on 4/13, loss to Clay 8-9 on 4/14

Bradford (1-11)- loss to Clay 6-10 on 2/17, defeated Ridgeview 4-3 on 2/24, loss to Santa Fe 2-11 on 3/3, loss to Middleburg 3-5 on 3/5, loss to Baker County on 3/14, loss to Clay 5-16 on 3/16, loss to Ridgeview 1-2 on 3/19, loss to Baker County 4-10 on 3/23, loss to Middleburg 0-13 on 3/24, loss to Suwannee 0-14 on 3/31, loss to Suwannee 9-15 on 4/3, loss to Santa Fe on 4/14   

Friday, April 10
District Tournament Seeding


(2) Seeding. The following guidelines shall be used to seed a district tournament: 

(a) The team with the most district victories shall be seeded No. 1; the second most district victories seeded No. 2, etc. In the event two or more teams are unable to play the required district games due to reasons acceptable to the FHSAA Office, all teams in that district shall be seeded according to the percentage of district games won.

Our record is 10-2, Baker is 10-2. 

(b) Two Teams Tied. When two teams are tied for a seed, the following procedure shall be used (in the following order until the tie is broken):

1. Won-loss results of head-to-head competition between the two teams;

Baker defeated Middleburg 3-2.  Middleburg defeated Baker 3-2.

2. Won-loss record of the two teams versus the highest-seeded team (and proceeding through the lowest seeded team, if necessary);  

There is a tie for #3 Seed Team with Clay & Santa Fe.  (Clay defeated Santa Fe 6-1, Santa Fe defeated Clay.  Clay is 0-2 vs Middleburg, 1-1 vs Baker.  Santa Fe is 1-1 vs Middleburg, 0-2 vs Baker) Middleburg’s record versus Clay is 2-0, Baker’s record versus Clay is 1-1.  Since Clay & Santa Fe are tied at this point and have the same win-loss record for all remaining teams, 1st place team needs to be determined before the 3rd place team can be named.  Win-loss record of Middleburg and Baker are the same for the remaining teams.  

3. Number of victories on the road in district games; Middleburg is 6-0 on the road, Baker is is 5-0 on the road.  Middleburg would be #1 seed based on this criteria.  Baker would be #2 seed based on this criteria.  As a result, Santa Fe would be the #3 seed team based on their victory over Middleburg.  Clay would be the #4 seed.   

4. Number of victories at home in district games; and 5. Coin toss by the tournament manager.

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